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Everlasting (Everlasting, #1)

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Published 01 Jun 2010
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Scholastic Press
ISBN 054511473X

Sailing aboard her father's ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a lady in 1855 San Francisco, her future is set: marry a man she doesn't love in order to preseve her social standing. On her last voyage before the wedding, Camille learns the mother she has always believed dead is in fact alive and in Australia. When their Sydney-bound ship goes down in a gale, and her father dies, Camille sets out to find her mother and a map in her possession - a map believed to lead to a stone that once belonged to a legendary civilization...

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- Troy, NH
Mon, 17 Aug 2009

I really don't need to read this book again...considering I have it practically memorized at this point :-) Just wanted to celebrate it's appearance on Goodreads!

- Seattle, WA
Sat, 04 Dec 2010

A hidden gem! Adventure and romance combine for an historical fiction thrill ride!
This is a hidden gem of a book. Why haven't we heard more about this one? It combines adventure, romance, and a touch of mysticism into a meticulously researched historical fiction thrill ride. I LOVED IT.
I picked up this book on a whim at the library. I was so intrigued by the jacket flap that I found myself glancing through the pages at the red light by the library's parking lot and every red light thereafter. I couldn't put it down! (Yes, I know--totally not safe.) I couldn't wait to get home and immerse myself in this book. This was another "I read it in one night because it was THAT good!" book. IEverlasting felt unique and refreshing. I wish it had a different title to reflect just how special this tale was. The title "Everlasting" makes it seem so generic--too much like every other teen book published this year with all of these "ever" and "never" and "forever" type titles (I can't keep them straight!). This book was anything but generic--it had a riveting plot, steal-your-breath romance, and exceptional characterization.
Angie Frazier's writing and research shine throughout this brilliant novel. Her cast of characters is delightful, from the dashing Oscar with his charm and loyalty to the loveable con-man Ira with his wit and humor. Her settings are lush and enthralling, from the high seas to the Australian Outback. Unlike so many other novels with their "I loved you for no reason the moment I saw you," Angie creates a simmering romance between Camille and Oscar that gradually intensifies throughout the novel. I was enthralled as I watched the romance unfold--the tender moments and little touches and longing looks had me hooked! I love that Angie let the love simmer--it creates so much delicious romantic tension as a companion for all of the adventure.
With equal parts adventure and romance, Everlasting is sensational! This novel is bursting with plot and adventure with just the right amount of romance to spice things up. I felt like I was reading Romancing the Stone and Pirates of the Caribbean mashed into one enrapturing historical fiction gem.

- Granite City, IL
Wed, 24 Mar 2010

Everlasting is a comfort read. It’s kind of like having cake for dinner. It’s really sweet and a little silly, but sometimes it hits the spot.
Camille Rowen is a young girl living in 1850s San Francisco, but she’s not like other young girls. She’d rather go adventuring with her sea captain father than hang around the city being a proper lady. But Camille’s adventuring days seem numbered. She’s engaged to Randall Jackson, a wealthy young man, and their wedding is scheduled to take place in just a few months. Right after Camille and her father get back from that one last trip to Australia.
Unsurprisingly, the voyage to Australia goes anything but smoothly. Storms at sea, heartbreaking loss, rumors of a hidden magical treasure, forbidden love, a dangerous journey through harsh terrain with enemies in hot pursuit — Angie Frazier packs all the elements of a tale of high adventure into Everlasting. The plot is a little reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean and a little reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie, but it’s a lot of fun and would probably make a good movie itself. The twists are sometimes predictable and the villains a bit bumbling (when notorious murderers capture you in Frazier’s world, they just tie you up and go on about their business). These factors make the story feel more cinematic and less gritty, but don’t dampen the fun much. Like I said, a comfort read.
I appreciate Frazier’s unusual choice of a setting (the Australian outback) and the feistiness of Everlasting’s heroine. I wish I could bottle up some of Camille’s headstrong personality and distribute it to a few of the other young-adult heroines I’ve read in the past few years.
Everlasting is probably not going to stick with me forever, but it was enjoyable while I was reading it, and I recommend it to preteen or teen readers who are fans of the movies mentioned above. It’s a good book to curl up with when the weather is nasty and you’ve had a rough day. Make some hot cocoa and let Angie Frazier take you away on a grand adventure.
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- Germany
Wed, 21 Sep 2016

Actual rating 2.5!
I really liked the idea of this book, the premise was definitely interesting.
Unfortunately, it wasn't done very well.
The characters, although charismatic, felt rather flat. I didn't feel connected to them at all.
The world needed more development as well, it was very easy to forget what time period the story was supposed to take place in.
In the end, many important scenes were done too fast, which led me to be confused at some points.
(I also knew what would happen about halfway through the book, there was no suspense at all.)
Overall, I liked that the book had more to offer than a simple love story, but the whole thing could have been written so much better and more exciting.
I have absolutely no desire to read the sequel.

- Leland, NC
Tue, 16 Nov 2010

In today's world of Young Adult novels, there's no shortage of the supernatural. Oftentimes the same basic storyline displays itself across the shelves of our local bookstores. The names have been changed, but the story remains the same: normal teenage girl falls for otherworldly beautiful boy. Vampires, werewolves and witches run rampant across every aisle (not that there's anything wrong with that). ;)
And then there's this story.
Too beautiful to give it the same normal title as "book", this tale weaves itself into an amazing adventure, with so many twists and turns and beautiful characters, that before you've gotten to the ninth chapter, you've found that its wound its way directly into your heart.
Angie Frazier has created a tender, romantic, thrilling, fun, heart-wrenching novel.
This is the type of book that you yearn for as you search through shelves upon shelves of selections at the library. This is the type of book that began your desire to read fiction in the first place. Everlasting is a charming, overwhelmingly emotional journey through the life of, yes, a teenage girl. And that is where he similarities with all the other supernatural novels ends.
Camille has but two loves: her father and the sea. Now, at the age of seventeen, and with an impending wedding coming up, she is faced with the difficult choice of letting one of those go. With her last and final voyage with her father, Camille feels she is ready to come to terms with what her new adult life will hold. But can she truly say goodbye to the thrill of the open sea, or to her friendship with Oscar, the young man who her father rescued from the streets years before?
As it turns out, Camille learns that sometimes in life, the important decisions are made for you. And with everything else, you just have to let your heart be your guide.
Camille is a strong, brave, unselfish, headstrong heroine. Her every action revolves around how it will affect others around her. She's caring and loving - but isn't afraid to fight for what she believes in. I loved her from the first page. The supporting characters are just as complex and beautiful.
As far as plot, I will not reveal a thing - I don't want to ruin it - but trust me, this story is brilliant. And it's filled with all the supernatural goodness we've come to love. I cannot wait for the second installment.

- Brooklyn, NY
Tue, 06 Apr 2010

Seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has always loved adventure. That’s why she enjoys sailing on her father’s ships so much—and dreads her upcoming marriage. To Camille, marrying a wealthy man for the sake of society means losing her freedom, even if it could save her father and herself from economic ruin. So Camille makes her choice, but on her final voyage, confronted by family secrets and betrayals, she starts to reconsider that choice. It helps that her father’s handsome first mate Oscar is always around, an unconscious comfort to her. When Camille’s father dies in a terrible storm at sea and she and Oscar are left among the few survivors, Camille is presented when another set of choices: return home to San Francisco and save her father’s business or run off to Australia to pursue her father’s secrets and an ancient magic that could bring her father back from his watery grave. Camille’s choice is the beginning of a perilous journey in which she’ll learn about life, love, and what truly matters most.
Everlasting has all the makings of a great pirate or perhaps Wild West tale with threats around every turn—minus the pirates and outlaws. But that’s probably what makes this novel so memorable. This story is one of adventure, both on the high seas and across rugged terrain, all set in 1855. The historical angle of this novel adds so much to the story, especially in the way of societal standards and gender roles. All this combined with some rather vivid sailors’ myths defines this wonderful story. The effect is quite incredible. Female readers in particular will be able to appreciate heroine Camille’s struggle between duty and a desire for adventure, but everyone will be swept up in this imaginative and enthralling tale of myth, magic, and romance. I have to admit that I’m quite smitten with Everlasting and definitely hope there will be more to Camille’s story.
This lovely debut should not be missed by fans of The Dust of 100 Dogs by A.S. King, To Catch a Pirate by Jade Parker, and Raiders’ Ransom by Emily Diamand. I greatly look forward to more from Frazier.
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