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Forbidden Falls (Virgin River, #8)

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Published 29 Dec 2009
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Format Mass Market Paperback
Publisher Mira
ISBN 0778327493

Noah Kincaid arrives ready to roll up his sleeves and revitalize his new purchase, but he's going to need some help. An ad in the local paper brings and improbably candidate his way.
"Pastor's assistant" is not a phrase that springs to mind when Noah meets brassy, beautiful Ellie Baldwin. With her colorful clothes and even more colorful past, Ellie needs a respectable job so she can regain custody of her children. Noah can't help but admire her spunk and determination, and she may just be the breath of fresh air he needs.
The unlikely duo may come from two different worlds, but they have more in common than anyone would have expected. And in Virgin River lasting happiness is never out of the question.

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- The United States
Fri, 13 Mar 2015

4.5 stars!

♡Karlyn P♡
- The United States
Tue, 07 Jul 2009

One of the best in the series yet. And surprisingly, this one could be read as a stand-alone as there were no story arc's playing out in this book. Best yet, we get plenty of time with Noah and Ellie. I think they got 80% of the book. I also have to give this book credit for one of my favorite marriage proposals. Lets just say funny and touching!
Forbidden Falls is a wonderful romantic story of a young single paster in a new town who finds love with a woman from the other side of the tracks (so to speak.) Ellie, a former dancer at a strip club, needs respectable work in order to beat a custody battle over her two young children. She applies for the position of paster's assistant in Virgin River at a church under renovation. Despite first appearances, Ellie turns out to be a great assistant for Noah, who comes to depend and care for her deeply.
There is a secondary story that plays out with a past hero/heroine duo. Paul and Vanessa has a heart-tugging change of events brought into their lives. You don't need to read their story to understand what is happening in this book. However, you may want to go backwards before going any further forward in the series as most books do have a story arc -- and there are still several unresolved that I believe will play heavily into the next couple of books.

- Austin, TX
Sat, 18 Apr 2009

5 stars – Contemporary Romance
Sitting down with a Virgin River novel is like eating your mom’s or grandma’s home cooking.....just pure comfort food for the soul!
I’m a huge fan of this series, but I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t too keen on a story with a minister for a romantic hero. I was worried that Carr might lean too heavily on the religious element...ala Catherine Anderson, which isn’t really my preference when reading romance books. Well, I’m happy to say that Carr blew me away yet again with this sweet, touching, romantic tale of a widowed pastor and a single mother ex-stripper, both of whom defy assumptions and stereotypes, who develop a deep bond of friendship that turns to passion, and of course, leads to love.
Fancy me super surprised by the fact that I found minister Noah Kincaid such an incredibly tenderhearted, yet sexy as all get out, romantic hero! Ellie Baldwin is a spirited, funny, glass-half-full heroine who maintains an affectionate, generous, positive, and upbeat attitude, despite having a painful past and a hard life filled with bitter disappointments. I loved their witty, sarcastic, spicy banter, and when they finally took things to a “romantic” level?!...Yowza!
It’s an emotionally moving read and another wonderful addition to the extraordinary Virgin River series! 5 stars!

- Webster, NY
Tue, 09 Nov 2010

Forbidden Falls
Robyn Carr
FORBIDDEN FALLS is book 8 in the Virgin River series.
Noah Kincaid has just arrived in Virgin River after he purchased a run down church on Ebay. Virgin River is in need of a pastor and Noah is in need of a congregation. He decides to buy the church, fix it up, and help the good people in this small California town. But first he needs an assistant so he places an ad in the paper. This is how he meets Ellie, a single mom of two small children who basically comes from the other side of the tracks. She is filled with sass, isn't one to hold back on saying what she wants to, and is exactly what Noah needs although he doesn't know it yet. Ellie is a former stripper at a respectable club who needs a stable job to regain custody of her kids. That story in itself will blow you away.
Also dealing with some life changing issues are Paul and Vanni. Paul's ex girlfriend, a woman he only dated a few times, has passed away and has left custody of her small daughter, Hannah to Paul. He is not the father but cannot walk away from Hannah so he brings her home and totally blindsides Vanni with the news. Vanni is torn with this because she has a hard time accepting the fact that Paul wants to raise his ex girlfriends child. What happens if she can't bond with Hannah? Will she ever be able to let go of the jealousy that she has for this child's mother? FORBIDDEN FALLS had me up late reading, worried about what was going to happen to all of these wonderful people.
Every time I read a story from the Virgin River series I want to kick myself for not reading it sooner. FORBIDDEN FALLS is exactly why I love Robyn Carr. It's no secret that she has been a fovorite author of mine for many years. This story is filled with twists and turns that kept me flipping the pages like a crazy woman. The characters are not perfect, always flawed and you wont be able to help yourself from falling in love with them all. If Virgin River were a real town, I would have packed my bags years ago and moved there. All of its residents feel like old friends to me and it's always great to catch up with them with each book in the series. The only thing I can't understand is why this series was never turned in to movies or a television series. It would be perfect. I'm so excited to continue reading The Virgin River series.

- Richlandtown, PA
Sun, 01 Mar 2009

Rating: 4.5 / 5
I liked this book a lot, but I'm not quite sure I 5-star-LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT like a few of my GR friends. It was definitely an enjoyable book, though, and a great addition to the Virgin River series.
This book is the 9th story in the Virgin River series. This book could *probably* be read as a standalone without much trouble. The storyline is fairly independent in and of itself and what continuing storylines there are make sense without having read past books. BUT...this is a fantastic series and I'd definitely recommend starting from the beginning and reading them in order.
Noah Kincaid has recently become an ordained minister and is waiting for the church to give him an assignment when he sees a listing for a church on eBay. He's intrigued and investigates. It isn't long before the church is bought and Noah is moving to Virgin River to help with the extensive renovations that are needed. Noah is ecstatic. Virgin River is exactly his kind of place. He feels right at home.
When he decides to hire a pastor's assistant, Noah meets down on her luck Ellie Baldwin. Ellie desperately needs a respectable job to show a backwards judge she deserves custody of her kids. And a church job fits the bill. Noah is reluctant because Ellie is drop dead sexy and hardly seems like the pastor's assistant type, but her sad eyes convince him to give her a chance. It's the best decision he'll ever make. Ellie works hard and her brash, quirky personality draws Noah like flies on sugar. Soon, he's fully involved in her life, helping her try to get her kids back, and trying to ignore his attraction to her. For her part, Ellie has no desire to get involved with a man again after 3 disastrous relationship, but she can't stay away from Noah. He's everything she ever wanted, and someone she thinks she can never truly have.
While all that is happening, Paul and Vanessa (from past books) must face a serious challenge to their relationship. It will test them in ways they hadn't imagined.
I don't think anyone who has read and enjoyed the Virgin River series could read this book and find it lack in any serious ways. It's very much a classic Virgin River tale, and I would say is a bit more focused on the main romance than some past books (a plus, in my opinion). So if you are a fan of this series, then this is definitely a winner.
Noah and Ellie were fun to read about. They are both kind and generous characters, and I loved the fact that Ellie was more atypical than typical. She was brash, saucy and irreverent, yet at the same time, she had a sweet, sensitive side. Her dedication to her kids and making a decent life for them is heartwarming.
And Noah...well, I had some reservations about him going in to this story because he was a religious figure. I'm not a religious person in any sense and I'm not a fan of religious storylines. So I wasn't sure how much I'd be able to relate to his character. But Carr made more of a man with a deep spiritual side instead of a bible-thumping preacher. I liked that. Plus, he sounded like a hot guy ;) And he and Ellie had some sexy scenes together. They were two characters who really seemed to fit together.
There's a very mild suspense plot to the story - about Ellie's freaky ex-husband and the custody battle - that helps flesh the story out and keep it from being too mundane. I thought Carr took a pretty plain story hook (a custody issue) and made it unique and fitting to the story. It kept me reading to see how things would work out.
One of my favorites parts of this book, though, was how Carr revisited Paul and Vanessa and gave them a serious challenge to get through. Out of everything in the book, I think this sub-story tugged at my heartstrings most. I was totally sucked in to this part of the book and thought Carr wrote it beautifully.
Oh...and I also LOVED how Carr tied a part of this book into the storyline from her novella in That Holiday Feeling. It was a perfect addition to the story.
On top of that, you get to catch up a little with other Virgin River mainstays: Jack, Mel, Preacher, Paige, Dan Brady, Cameron, Walt, Luke, Shelby and others. Always nice to visit with them!
What didn't I like about the book? Hmm...there wasn't really anything I had major problems with. I did feel like Ellie spouted a few too many of her gramma's life sayings. And to be honest, the whole religion thing, even though it was fairly mild in the book, was still a bit of a turn-off for an atheist like me. That's just the way I am.
Maybe the only area where I thought the book could have been written a little better was in the build-up and progression of the relationship between Ellie and Noah. Maybe it's just me, but something about their relationship felt a bit sudden when it moved from employee/employer/friends to romantic interests. Especially from Ellie's end. But that's a minor thing, really, and probably a little nit-picky.
On the whole, though, this was a great book. I love the whole Virgin River series and am so glad it's going to continue on for a while yet.

- Toledo, Spain
Sun, 21 Feb 2016

3'5 En realidad. Una novela bastante sencillita y con su punto de tensión. Me ha gustado, pero no he dejado de notar ése parecido que ha podido tener con algunas películas de serie B que te echan en Antena 3 un domingo por la tarde. Una historia interesante, pero sin muchas pretensiones. Creo que el gran eje de todo el libro ha sido el personaje de Ellie y la recuperación de sus hijos. La historia romántica en sí no ha dado mucho de sí, bonita, tierna, pero me ha costado ver a los protagonistas enamorados, ha sido más deseo que amor. Aún así, ha sido una historia que me ha hecho soltar más de una lagrimilla.
Es el primer libro que leo de Robyn Carr, pero tampoco me he perdido demasiado con las parejas secundarias que imagino ya han tenido libro anteriormente. No descarto volver a leer otra historia de ésta autora en el futuro.

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