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Tango: The Tale of an Island Dog

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Published 01 Jun 2010
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Format Paperback
Publisher Bloomsbury Children's Books
ISBN 1599904853

Tango lives the good life-a silver charm for his dog collar, a luxurious doggy bed, even tailor-made booties for walks in Central Park. Then, when his owners sail into stormy waters, the little Yorkie goes overboard! Washing up on an island far from home, Tango learns that sometimes it takes getting lost to find what matters most. This wonderfully fresh novel is perfect for fans of E. B. White and other classic animal stories.

"Tango: The Tale of an Island Dog" Reviews

- Orrington, ME
Fri, 04 Mar 2016

This is a great book with a nice ending. There are some loose ends that aren't answered in the epilogue and I have questions about that. I loved every second of this book. I would recommend this to everyone like I do every book.

Tue, 19 Mar 2019

Tango led a charmed life with his Manhattan socialite owner, Marcellina, enjoying every luxury imaginable, from a silver collar to a pearl-studded leash. But when the little Yorkshire terrier is washed overboard during a yachting trip, he eventually finds himself on Canada's Prince Edward Island, where a new life awaits him. Taken in by the widowed Augusta - known to the locals as Miss Gustie - Tango is determined to return to his old life, but unsure of how to do so. Meanwhile, there are other newcomers in the village of Victoria-by-the-Sea, from orphaned twelve-year-old McKenna Skye, on the run from an abusive foster-care home, to the mysterious Beau Fox, an elderly vulpine figure who has watched over McKenna since she was an infant. Added to the mix are Nigel the three-legged cat, a friendless feline who has taken up with a sinister gang of cats living in an abandoned house, and Malachi the mad rat, driven insane by human experimentation, and darkly plotting his revenge against the world. All their stories collide, as Tango embarks on a journey of discovery, in which he learns just where he belongs...
Published in 2009, Tango is author Eileen Beha's debut novel for children. It offers a fairly engaging tale, one populated by a number of interesting characters, both animal and human. That said, I sometimes felt that not all of the characters' stories worked well together, and that the narrative focus was too divided. As someone with an interest in the figure of the fox in children's literature - I tracked down a copy of the book specifically because it contained the character of Beau Fox - it probably isn't surprising that I enjoyed the story of Beau's faithful devotion to McKenna the best, out of all the various narrative strands in the book. I also appreciated the guidance Beau offered to his canine cousin, Tango, and thought that these two story strands - Tango's involuntary adoption by Miss Gustie, and McKenna's search for a true home - worked together very well, both thematically and structurally. The story strands involving Nigel and the other cats who live in Pitiful Place, and Malachi the deranged rat, on the other hand, seemed unnecessary, and sometimes even a little distasteful. Beha didn't really devote enough time to fully exploring the issues raised by Nigel's character flaws - he has a conscience, but has trouble following it - or by the implicit human betrayal of animalkind that created a place such as Pitiful Place, and its residents. Nigel himself reflects, at one point, that no one took him in - a cat injured by human traps - when he needed help, but Beha never raises the matter again. By the same token, Malachi is meant to be the sole survivor of some kind of experiment (as well as a later purge of the rodents taken in by Old Ada Phillips), but the significance of this fact (and its potential power as a means of provoking reflection) is mostly lost, given the relatively little attention the character is given, in the narrative. Never fully explored, these characters and their stories feel like nothing so much as an intrusion upon the 'real' tale of Tango, Miss Gustie, McKenna and Beau. Still, despite these flaws, I did enjoy the book, both as an animal story and as an orphan tale. The latter struck me as particularly appropriate, given that Prince Edward Island's most famous daughter, the author L.M. Montgomery, was renowned for her tales of orphans finding a home...

- Greenfield, IN
Sat, 25 May 2013

i thought it was a very good book. it was about well let me just go through it.it was a litter of yorkie puppies born fore of them three girls and one boy. the puppies had golden and black fur lethery black noses. there eyes where as dark as pich black darkness. they wher one of sadies finest litters sadie is the moms name. they wher taken away to be sold the girls where all sold on the frist day. but the next morning the boy was sold. the woman was named marcellena and the husbans name was diego. they came in and marcellena fell in love with him so diego had said yes he paid the store owner and left then they got him a little coler and heart shaped idenfacation tag they decided his name was tango. then a few weeks later they went on a boat to a far away place they got caut in a storm and tango fell over bourd and some how got tangled up in a lobster trap and when fisher men pulled him out of the sea they thought he was a rat. when they relized it was a dog a lady named agusta said i will take the dog in and care for him and nures him back to helth then tango did not know his coller was gone. mikenna found a silver chain in the sand and nigle the cat found the heart. in the end there was soppose to be a fight but in the middle of it the place started to flud the rat got away that tango was to fight and tango got his heart back and then he gave it to mikenna and she showed agusta and she said i know the right thing to do and before morning tango took the heart and burried it in th back yard becuse he wanted to stay there with agusta and he did and lived hapliey.

- Parker, CO
Tue, 07 Jul 2009

I'm a sucker for a dog story, and this one is delightfully unusual.
Four paws up for this wonderful first-time author who pulled off a
tale of talking animals, with multiple points of view.

- Stafford, VA
Fri, 03 Mar 2017

The only good thing about this book is that it wasn’t as bad as the bronze bow.

- Aberdeen, SD
Sun, 14 Oct 2012

I read TANGO by Eileen Beha. This is a story about a yorkie puppy who got adopted by a rich couple and had lots of charms on his silver and dimond collar. His owners got married and bought a boat to take on their honeymoon. They didn't know it was going to storm. Tango the dog went over board and was washed up onto the shore of some island. It wasn't deserted though it was like a small independent town. A girl found him and saved him and he now lived with a girl named McKenna. McKenna took care of Tango and made him her own. Her family owned a candle shop called Enchanted Candles and she worked there. Tango was mostly there, but sometimes he would wander off and get into trouble. He wasn't the smartest when it came to island smarts, though.
He climed a light tower and found a big scary rat. His friends told him to stay away from the rat and the tower, but as you could have suspected, he didn't listen. He went back to the tower and was challenged. He was challenged to to a fight. The fight was him vs. the rat and it was a fight to the death. If he didn't show up to it the rats said they would her McKenna. He wouldn't let that happen. He went and he fought the rat, but he didn't win. Though in my opinion neither did the rat. Now Tango lay there in pain with no one there to help him.
His friends came and got him and dragged him to McKenna and McKenna was terrified. She had thought that the rodents who were Tango's friends had hurt Tango. She shood them away and got Tango. McKenna started crying because she thought Tango had died. Tango lifted his head and she was thrilled but still sad because he was severely injured. She took him to the island vet and the vet said it didn't look good. McKenna was sad, but the vet said he would do the best he could to save him. He saved Tango and instaid to getting back to his original owner, Marcellina, whom he loved, he stayed ont the island with McKenna and his new friends, who he loved even more.

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