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Too Much Temptation (Brava Brothers, #1)

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Published 01 Dec 2007
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Zebra Books

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He Made Her Feel Beautiful
Awkward, insecure Grace Jenkins has had little experience with men. But that hasn't stopped her from dreaming hard about Noah Harper. Gorgeous, strong and darkly sexy, Noah has a rough edge beneath his polish that promises no mercy in the bedroom. When Grace learns Noah's engagement has ended in scandal, she shyly offers him her support and her friendship. But Noah's looking for something extra . . .
Noah wants Grace--badly. He wants to possess those curves that go on forever, to savor her sweet innocence, to take her to the limits of white-hot desire . . . again and again. What he doesn't want is anything more complicated than that, and he knows Grace is a woman who deserves better. Grace, however, knows exactly what she wants--the kind of ecstasy only Noah can give her. Brazenly, she accepts, and Noah promises to make all her secret fantasies come true . . .

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- Dominican Republic
Fri, 18 Feb 2011

I can understand why some people love this book - it was probably one of the first romances with a plus size heroine - but the romance didn't do it for me. I thought it was too rushed on his part. The author didn't establish that he had been attracted to Grace before, so when he comes on to her while drunk, I got the feeling he just needed a warm body in bed instead of really liking her.
A lot of his background didn't make much sense: why did he let his grandma pick his bride, one he wasn't even particularly attracted to? He didn't seem the sort of man to settle for that.
Even Grace's character didn't match with how she was described. She was supposedly shy but then she goes to work in a bar and becomes the life of the party. Yes, she was very self conscious about her weight -like REALLY self conscious - and Noah's attentions really helped with her confidence but people don't go from shy to outgoing no matter how confident they are with their looks.
That said, I liked that there were no weight loss or makeovers. Grace's size wasn't even mentioned so you have no clue if she's size 16 or 26. But then I realized it didn't matter because women can feel fat no matter their size.
Jim Frangione wasn't terrible as the narrator but I don't know that I liked his male voices that much to look out for him in other audios.

- Rosedale, MD
Sat, 29 Dec 2012

This was really good. I haven't read too many of Lori Fosters books but after this one I'll definitely be on the lookout for more.

- San Francisco, CA
Sun, 08 Jan 2017

DNF 22%
Oh my god, this was so bad. Pure cringeworthy!

- Phoenix, AZ
Tue, 08 Apr 2008

I really thought I was going to thoroughly enjoy Too Much Temptation, but in the end it just didn't grab my attention and engage my emotions the way I had hoped. In my opinion, the story was pretty light on the plot and the characters were underdeveloped and inconsistent. All of the characters seemed to have thoughts, feelings and actions that were as changeable as the weather, making it very difficult for me to fully grasp anyone's motives. There were quite a few scenes that were written from the point-of-view of secondary characters which I could have done without, in favor of better development of the hero and heroine. This was a pretty light story that I think was supposed to be humorous at times, but even though I consider myself to have a good sense of humor, I rarely found anything to be truly funny. I also thought that some of the author's word choices could have been better, as I was often jolted out of the story by words and phrases that just didn't seem to fit. This is really more of a personal thing, but overall I simply didn't feel that the narrative had the polished flow of many others I have read.
Grace and Noah were nice people, and although I didn't have any real problems with them, I couldn't honestly say that they stood out to me either. I do commend the author for writing a heroine who is fuller-figured and a hero who loves her unconditionally. I also thought that Grace's loyalty and protectiveness of Noah was very sweet and charming. I liked that Noah had an angst-ridden background, but it just never seemed to go anywhere and didn't have nearly the emotional bite as many other stories with the same theme. I really felt like the author was just rattling off a list of facts about his past, but gave me few clues about his feelings. Most of the time I found Noah's grandmother to be thoroughly manipulative and his ex-fiancee to be weak and whiny, and both of them seemed fairly shallow. I don't think I was supposed to dislike them all the time, but I couldn't seem to muster much liking for them even when they were being a little more decent. The only supporting player I really liked was Noah's brother, Ben. He was a nice, down-to-earth guy, who made me feel like cheering when he put his grandmother in her place. I'm happy to say that he gets to be the hero of the next book in the series.
Overall, Too Much Temptation didn't completely wow me, but one thing I can say is that the love scenes were fairly frequent, hot and creative, pushing the envelope a bit without crossing into the erotic. For readers who enjoy lots of steam, but don't mind a story that is a little light on plot, this would definitely be a worthwhile read. This was my first book by Lori Foster, and even though I thought it could have been better, I will likely read the rest of the series at some point and keep an open mind about reading her other works in the future.

Tue, 01 Dec 2015

For the past few days I read few books but closed them becouse my mood wasnt into it... (you know that mood when every book you read missing something but you dont know what?) SO I read the synopsis and thaought this is abit like Perfection by R. L. Mathewson (which is my FAVORITE Contemporary Romance book)
I started reading this book with no hope of like in it... but boy wasnt I wrong. I couldnt put it down, didnt even sleep till i finished it. The book was a bit like Perfection but not 100% it had only the plus size girl which is strong,loyal, witty girl with big heart but less self esteem and I loved Grace she's officially one of my favorite heroine of all time.
Noah... Noah was a bit different from the typical hero's for me, I didnt read a character like him.. yet and I enjoyed his thoughts and personality, I loved him. He and Grace were perfect for each other, with great chemistry.
The book writing is amazing and captive and just what I needed. The stroy was amazing with humor and wit and HOT love scenes. SO do I think you should try and read this book? Hell yeah. This is one of this book you reread over and over again and still enjoy every sec of it.

Thu, 28 Sep 2017

I love these brothers. Noah and Ben are a pleasure to read. I loved Grace as well.

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