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Dark Goddess (Devil's Kiss, #2)

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Published 25 Jan 2011
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Hyperion Book
ISBN 1423127595

Still reeling from the death of her best friend, Kay, Billi's thrust back into action when the Templars are called to investigate werewolf activity. But these werewolves are like nothing Bilil's ever seen.
They call themselves the Polenitsy: man killers. The ancient warrior women of Eastern Europe, supposedly wiped out centuries ago. But now they've come out of hiding and are on the hunt for a Spring
Child - an Oracle powerful enough to blow the volcano at Yellowstone - and start a Fimbulwinter that will wipe out humankind for good.
The Templars follow the stolen Spring Child to Russia, and the only people there who can fight the supernatural are the Bogatyrs, longtime enemies of the Templars. To reclaim the Spring Child and save the world, Billi needs to earn the trust of Ivan Romanov, a young Russian soldier whose suspicious of people in general, and of Billi in particular.
Dark Goddess is a page-turning, action-packed sequel that spans continents, from England to the Russian underworld and back. This is an adventure of folklore and myth become darkly real. Of the world running out of time. And of Billi SanGreal, the only one who can save it.

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Fri, 25 Feb 2011

Chadda, S. (2010). Dark Goddess. New York:
Appetizer: Set three months after the events of Devil's Kiss, Billi has not really recovered from the death of *someone* (to avoid a major spoiler) she cares about. She feels nothing, and while committed to her duties as a Knight Templar, she does not really want to help nine-year-old Vasilisa, a Russian girl who is a possible oracle whose family was killed by werewolves who hope to sacrifice her to an ancient goddess.
Vasilisa is too much like Billi, who also has lost people she loved and found herself committed to the Knights Templar with little choice in the matter. To try to keep the young girl safe, they will have to go to Russia and partner with the equally secret group, the Bogatyrs.
After I began reading Dark Goddess, I quickly realized I was enjoying this book more than its predecessor, Devil's Kiss. I liked the foil between Billi's past and Vasilisa's initial concerns. I liked Ivan (one of Billi's new Russian friends in the Bogatyrs) as a love interest. I understood the tensions Billi had with him more more easily than I'd ever understood what was going on between Billi and Kay.
Generally, it was easier easier to get into Dark Goddess than I did Devil's Kiss. In this book, I already knew where the characters stood with one another, so it was easier to ease into the drama and adventure.
I did have a little trouble with Billi's redefined relationship with her father. In the first book, their difficult relationship was at the heart of the novel. Toward the end of that book, I learned more about why their relationship was so pained. Devil's Kiss did leave the possibility of some resolution. My issue with Dark Goddess was that from the beginning of the sequel, Billi and her father seemed *so* much better. The narration doesn't address their past conflicts. I really wanted the book to address that they had changed, that Billi was adjusting to her kinder, more humorous dad.
Dinner Conversation:
"The rottweiler's head lay in a bush, just off the snow-sprinkled path. The boy was several yards farther, its chest carved open so the ribs stuck out of the skin like a row of gruesome lollipops.
Billi covered her face with her sleeve. The cold night air was fresh with January frost, but the corpse stank of spilt intestines. The dog was, had been, brutishly big, but its size had not saved it from being torn apart" (p. 1).
"They'd been hunting the werewolf for over four months, following its bloody trail from Cornwall, Devon, through the southeast, all the way to here--Thetford Forest in East Anglia. Thirteen dead across five counties. Werewolves were territorial and only went off reservation if they were hunting something, or someone, very special" (p. 3).
"The werewolves would call her a Spring Child. They believe the goddess will reward them with a good spring and bountiful hunting if they sacrifice Oracles to her during the full moon. The spirit of the child is taken by the goddess, renewing her, and the body is eaten by the pack.
Good God," whispered Mordred.
"They're called the Unholy for a reason," replied Billi" (pp. 35-36).
"Billi knew she should feel differently by now. But there was a hollowness inside her that nothing filled. No matter how much she trained, how hard she fought, the emptiness only seemed to grow. She'd cared too much, and only realized how she felt after he'd gone.
Never again.
She sat in the kitchen, looking at the tray Lance had left.
Elaine was too soft. But then she could afford to be: she wasn't a Templar.
Billi had her priorities, and looking after a little girl was way, way down on the list. Her job was to fight the Bataille Tenebreuse, the Dark Conflict. There was no room for weakness" (p. 41)

Sat, 24 Dec 2016

I enjoy Chadda's revision of the Templars and how he mixes Arthurian legend with them. However, Billi seems to be a little to whiney for me. I made it through this one because it was on my to read list. The use of the Baba Yaga was fascinating. What keeps me in Chadda's stories is the world and the way he uses mythos.

- Kerry, 00, Ireland
Tue, 27 Mar 2012

I won't go lower than 3 stars with this book, but reading Dark Goddess after Devil's Kiss, it was all rather anti-climatic. I know. Possible apocalypse and scary all-powerful psychic witch, anti-climatic??
But yeah, it was. I felt like the first book had so much emotional depth with sacrificing of Kay, the many twists and turns, this second installment wasn't that great. The wonderful thing about Devil's Kiss was it's ability to get under your skin and really make you feel. Dark Promise didn't really make me care all that much at all. Vasilisa was a boring mere irritation and honestly, I didn't give a crap about whether [spoilers removed] What I really want was more relationship development, as a reader, I cared more about how Billi moved on after Kay, than the predictable plotline with 2D villains. So the world might end? Boring. Heard that one before. Gee, I wonder if Billi will save it in time?? With the whole world ending plot, readers already know the world ain't gonna end and somehow our heroine's gonna save the day, what we really want to know about the development and relationships along the journey. We don't care about a stupid child added in as a plot device. There wasn't much to her except that she was childish, and scared of everything, the moment she was introduced I was already groaning with aggravation anticipating the looming dragg-iness she was going to bring.
Stuff I saw coming:
-Losing Vasilisa. Check.
-Billi going on a long search for her. Check.
-Other minor villains in the way. Check.
-Defeating minor villains. Check.
-Billi finding the annoying child. Check.
-Billi facing the bigger threat. Check.
-Billi struggling against all odds but gets through it all. Check.
-The witch is 'dead'. And again, check.
Another sidenote, all Billi's dreams were freaking meaningless. Nothing was confirmed, they just seemed slot in for an 'air of mystery', and to fill up the pages. Not for any purpose but to highlight Billi's inner pain I suppose.
The hardening and sense of duty Billi felt was truly realistic and I appreciated the development in her character, but... well, I'm sorry but nothing else really happened. It never really carried through.
Argh!! What more is there to say?? It just paled in comparison to the first. It wasn't worth the read.

Brenda cuevas
- The United States
Sat, 14 Jul 2018

To continue with war with the unholy, the setting changes and type of unholy changes so smoothly you almost don't catch it your just there. Much more blood and guts another boyfriend and a strange twist toward the end I didn't expect. I enjoy this book as much as the first.

- Yogyakarta, 10, Indonesia
Thu, 27 Oct 2011

Pengabungan antara fiksi-fantasi dengan tema-tema kontroversi dalam historika dunia, itulah yang mungkin hendak disampaikan oleh Sarwat Chadda dalam Dark Goddess. Novel Dark fantasy yang merupakan sekuel dari novel pertamanya, Devil Kiss, ini memungut topik-topik menarik dalam sejarah dan geografis dunia, untuk kemudian dipadukan dengan tren fiksi bertema vampire dan manusia serigala yang saat ini sedang booming pasca meledaknya Twilligt dan Vampire Diaries. Dalam novel ini, penulis menggunakan kelompok Ordo kesatria Templar sebagai kelompok pejuang utama. Ordo yang pernah menjadi begitu populer lewat The Da Vinci’s Code ini dimunculkan kembali dalam bentuk yang lain, yang lebih fantastis. Jika dalam sejarah, ordo ini dibentuk sebagai pasukan pelindung Yerusalem semasa Perang Salib, maka dalam buku ini mereka dipersiapkan untuk menghadapi perang yang sebenarnya—perang melawan iblis dan kegelapan yang diwakili oleh Makhluk Tidak Kudus (vampire, ghoul, manusia serigala)
Adalah Billi atau Bilqis Sangreal, anak dari ketua Ordo Ksatria Templar yang menjadi inti cerita dalam novel ini. Gadis yang baru berusia 15 tahun ini terpaksa harus menjalani berbagai latihan keras dan beragam pertempuran karena tanggung jawabnya sebagai salah satu dari Ksatria Templar. Dalam kisah di buku pertama, Billi dikisahkan melawan Malaikat Michael yang hendak menghancurkan dunia, sementara dalam buku kedua ini, Billi dan Ksatria Templar harus menghadapi seorang dewi Bumi dari Rusia, sang Baba Yaga, sang Ibu Rusia. Dewi purba yang kekuatannya terikat pada elemen alam ini membutuhkan roh seorang Anak Musim Semi, atau anak yang memiliki kekuatan khusus—mungkin mirip dengan anak indingo. Untuk tetap bertahan, Baba Yaga harus menelan seorang Anak Musim Semi, dan Billilah yang kali ini harus melindungi si anak tak berdosa itu dari serbuan para manusia serigala yang merupakan anak buah sang dewi.
Masalah semakin rumit ketika Billi dan Ksatria Templar menemukan fakta bahwa Anak Musim Semi yang mereka lindungi adalah juga seorang Avatar—kekuatannya hampir serupa dengan Baba Yaga. Gadis kecil itu mampu mengendalikan letusan Gunung Vesuvius yang mengubur kota Naples, Italia. Dan, Baba Yaba hendak menggunakan kekuatan itu untuk kembali meletuskan gunung berapi super Yellowstone untuk menimbulkan zaman es atau fimbulwinter.. Kali ini, pertaruhannya adalah seluruh umat manusia yang hendak dimusnahkan oleh Baba Yaga. Dan, ketika akhirnya kawanan manusia serigala itu mampu merebut si anak musim panas, Billi dan para Ksatria Templar harus berkejaran dengan waktu untuk merebut kembali si Anak Musim Semi. Mereka mendatangi Rusia, rumah bagi Baba Yaga sekaligus bertemu dengan ksatria Templar ala Rusia, yakni Bogatyr. Dan, pertempuran dan perkelahian pun tidak bisa dielakkan lagi.
Sepanjang 480 halaman, pembaca akan disuguhi perang berdarah, cabikan cakar serigala, sayatan pedang, hingga tembakan pistol. Namun, penulis dengan lihai juga mampu menyisipkan benih-benih romantisme dalam kadar yang tidak terlalu berlebihan. Inilah yang membuat novel aksi ini tidak membosankan untuk dibaca, karena efek aksinya dapat, bumbu-bumbu romannya juga ada—berselang-seling seperti hutan pinus dan hutan cemara di Rusia. Keunikan dari novel ini terletak pada kepiawaian sang penulis dalam meramu unsur mitologi dengan peristiwa-peristiwa dan tempat-tempat nyata dalam sejarah. Kota-kota dan bangunan-bangunan di Rusia pun mampu ia deskripsikan dengan begitu nyata, sehingga membuat pembaca diajak mengunjungi sebuah tempat yang begitu eksotis di luar Eropa dan Amerika.
Menarik juga mengamati bahwa penulis tampaknya hendak mengangkat isu lingkungan melalui Baba Yaga. Gunung Vesuvius, Super Volcano Yellowstone, Hutan Tuguska, Siberia, Bencana Chernobyl, hingga zaman es akbar yang menjadi simpul-simpul penggerak cerita menjadi indikasi bahwa novel ini menawarkan sesuatu yang lebih. Permainan psikologis dengan karakter yang abu-abu di dalamnya juga menjadikan novel ini begitu kompleks, namun tetap simpel. Melalui sang manusia serigala, kita terpaksa meninjau ulang apa peran dan posisi manusia di muka bumi ini.
“Kalian memerkosa dan menjarah. Kalian menyedot Bumi hingga kering dan membunuh sesama kalian. Spesies apa yang menjadi sejahtera di bawah dominasi manusia? Tidak ada satu pun. Bumi ini bukan milik kalian. Kekayaan planet ini seharusnya dinikmati oleh semua, bukan cuma dilahap oleh satu spesies yang mengaku bahwa mereka telah diberi hak oleh Yang Maha Kuasa.” (hlm 364) #jleb!
Walau mengangkat isu lingkungan, novel ini tidak kehilangan gregetnya sebagai novel fantasi. Pertempuran berdarah yang disuguhkan di dalamnya dijamin akan memuaskan para pecinta karya aksi. Pertautan yang digunakan penulis juga cukup logis dan masuk akal, sehingga pembaca digiring pada pemahaman bahwa mungkin saja ada kekuatan-kekuatan misterius yang senantiasa mengintai manusia di balik kegelapan, termasuk dalam hal ini adalah kekuatan Alam. Lalu, bagaimana akhir dari pertempuran Billy melawan para manusia serigala itu? Siapakah pengkhianat yang sebenarnya? Dan, apakah Billi akan jatuh cinta dengan seorang pangeran muda dari Rusia? Pokoknya silakan dibaca sendiri dan rasakan ketegangannya. Satu catatan kecil, catatan di cover belakang mungkin sedikit agak menyesatkan hehehe jadi lebih baik menikmati bab demi bab dalam novel ini dan jangan terpaku pada kalimat “melawan binatang buas dalam diri sendiri” karena Billi akan lebih banyak bertarung melawan serigala jadi-jadian itu secara fisik.
“Alam akan selalu menang” Vasilia memaki kembali mahkota itu. “Chernobyl adalah buktinya.” (halaman 479). Mari kita jaga Bumi!

- Las Vegas, NV
Thu, 15 Jun 2017

Honestly way better than I expected it to be. Oh who am I kidding it was GREAT. Honestly, this isn't a series that continuously follows each other, but I love bookS with big plots that can stand on their own and this was definitely one of them. If you're looking for action from start to finish, I would totally recommend this book.

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