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Shifting Sands

3.81436 votes • 37 reviews
Published 26 Sep 2010
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Format ebook
Publisher MLR Press
ISBN 1608200256

The wrath of a woman scorned is bad, but a witch’s wrath is hell on earth. No one knows this better than the six men of Shifting Sands Ranch. When the owner’s witch of a wife flees the ranch, she takes with her one of the cowboys and leaves behind a curse that dooms the remaining inhabitants to a life that is anything but normal. Now, every month when the moon comes full, each man takes on the form of an animal.
Witches, shifters and ancient curses, such is life on the Shifting Sands.

"Shifting Sands" Reviews

- Tonawanda, NY
Wed, 10 Nov 2010

GET THIS BOOK!!! Oh-my-gosh good, funny and sexy and jeez, just hurry up and get the feckin' book and start readin' it!!

- The United States
Sun, 21 Nov 2010

I liked this a lot. The concept was a great idea and I liked that all the stories tie in together instead of just having a common theme. The stories were fun, sweet, and romantic. Some where more predictable than others, but were very entertaining throughout.
I think Snake Charmer by Kimberly Gardner is my favorite. Being first, it had the freshest material.
Cock Of the Walk by Willa Okati was the funnest because of Zan, a character that pairs up with one of the existing ranchers. The only thing about this one is that the animal he turns into was so obviously hinted at nearly non-stop. I preferred the subtly of the other stories, in that regard.
Lost and Found by JL Langly was the one that confused me the most. It is a really good story on it’s own, and within this collection. Aside from the 1st story, where everything was new, this one had the most new direction. The problem I had is that I’m used to her stories being great. Depending on how much control she had in the developing of the overall storyline, and her individual couple, may have a lot to do with why this one is only good, not great. And she telegraphed Shay’s animal, too. Had this story been written by almost anyone else, the obvious animal and the mate concept would have been my only comments. Unfortunately, I was expecting more so I was a little disappointed.
The other stories were nice additions. I enjoyed the ones who overlapped the characters the most. It was great to see them happy and active in the ranch instead of after thoughts. The ending Epilogue wraps up all the stories nicely.

- The United States
Sat, 02 Oct 2010

Finished Shifting Sands and liked it just as much as i thought i would. The stories are great, but most of all the idea of the book is terrific. The fact that all the authors have gotten together to tell a single story in an anthology is very creative. And using the Chinese zodiac to tie it all together was a great plot device. If you're familiar with the Chinese zodiac, you'll find yourself guessing which animal comes next. All the stories are sweet and sexy, and each author introduces her own complications to her story (on top of the fact that they all turn into animals once a month!)Grab this book. It's great fun.

- The United States
Fri, 22 Jul 2011

Wow. The villain of this anthology was a straight-up dragon lady, time-traveling from 1940. Her English was broken, I don't think she could make noises besides screeching, and her entire character was spitefully, petty, and vicious, with a dash of mystery to give it that Orientalism flare. Was there romance between shapeshifting cowboys? Yeah, probably, but unfortunately I just couldn't see beyond the baffling-- and rather old-fashioned-- stereotype.

- The United States
Thu, 21 Apr 2011

This books is pretty decent for what it is. Some of the pros: the men are likable, the sex is hot, the premise is interesting and different, the love stories are sweet. For a collection of interconnected short stories - that's a pretty good deal.
I can guess why the average rating is so low due to the possible cons: The love seems to happen too fast, there isn't enough sex, the premise is ridiculous and unrealistic, the ending was too simple, the characters aren't fully developed, etc. Well, my response is - of course that's all true, it's a collection of short stories in the paranormal realm. If you can enjoy short sexy stories for what they are, these are fine. Short stories by default mean the love happens fast, the characters can't be too developed, etc.
So all in all, a decent read for what it is! As a note: Even though it does deal a bit with the paranormal aspect, all the sex is "vanilla" with no paranormal sex. It's all human, FYI!

- Lisboa, Portugal
Mon, 04 Apr 2011

That was one of teh funniest book I ever read. Please read it...Highly recommended

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