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My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

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Published 01 Mar 2011
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Format Audio CD
Publisher Orion Publishing Group
ISBN 1409132889

Ten-year-old Jamie hasn't cried since it happened. He knows he should have—Jasmine cried, Mum cried, Dad still cries. Roger didn't, but then he is just a cat and didn't know Rose that well, really.
Everyone kept saying it would get better with time, but that's just one of those lies that grown-ups tell in awkward situations. Five years on, it's worse than ever: Dad drinks, Mum's gone and Jamie's left with questions that he must answer for himself.
This is his story, an unflinchingly real yet heart-warming account of a young boy's struggle to make sense of the loss that tore his family apart.

"My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece" Reviews

- Canada
Sat, 17 Mar 2012

I’ve been sitting here for a bit trying to collect my thoughts enough that I can write the kind of coherent review this book deserves. There are so many things I want to speak about and discuss but at the same time, I wonder if it wouldn’t be more appropriate to just ask you to please read this book. It might be the best one you read this year.
The novel has the same poignant flavor as Tabitha Suzuma’s Forbidden. The same sort of intricate family politics and themes of self-discovery and friendship but I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe the synopsis (or perhaps the title) tipped you off but the book deals with the way a family copes after one of its members is killed in the horrible terrorist attack in London when bombs went off in trash cans in the city.
The narrator of the story is a ten year old boy and if you think the complexity is compromised by the young age of the narrator and protagonist, please think again. The best thing about using such young mediums to tell a grown up story is that there are so many chances of saying the profoundest of things in the simplest of ways. You know the saying…”from the mouths of babes…?” Yeah. Jamie’s portrayal of his life, of his longing for his mother, of his inability to steer through the shark infested waters that is elementary school rife with bullies and biased teachers is so on the point that you cannot help but be drawn immediately into the story. His voice is fresh, wondering and perhaps, a little intentionally, cheeky. His observations are pertinent and at times may, again unintentionally, make you snort out with laughter. His relationships with his parents and his remaining sister are also shown in a beautiful manner.
I am Muslim and often times I have felt uncomfortable reading books that deal with Muslim terrorists simply because I feel that all Muslims are tarred with the same brush whether we deserve it or not. That is why I appreciate the exquisite way in which Pitcher handles the whole issue. I love how she doesn’t demonize or canonize any character. Even those you would happily cast in a black hue are given gray shades and juxtaposed in interesting ways that end up showing their humanity. Sunya and Jamie’s relationship is also one of the strong points in a book that really had nothing but strong points. And I loved the delicate way in which Pitcher made her point about racism and blind hatred.
There is also a cat in this novel and though it does not talk, it has as much presence (if not more) than a person. You have to admire authors who can make you react that way to an animal that is presented throughout the whole novel through someone else’s eyes.
The manner in which Jamie’s family deals with death, the journey to, if not absolution then, acceptance of circumstances. There is as much a warning in here as there is hope. The writing is beautiful and Pitcher again utilizes Jamie’s age to write the most beautiful descriptions in the simplest of ways. Here’s an example:

The leaves in the puddle look like dead goldfish. And all the green as turned brown and purple, as if the hills have got bruises. I like the world this way. Summer’s a bit too bright for me. A bit too happy. Flowers dancing and birds singing like nature’s having a big party. Autumn’s better. Everything’s a bit more droopy and you don’t feel left out of all the fun.

In conclusion, I reiterate: Read this book. You will not regret it. (You might cry though.)

- Commerce Township, MI
Thu, 06 Dec 2018

Five years ago, Jamie’s older sister was blown up by terrorists in an attack in Trafalgar Square. The terrorists also, unknowingly, blew up Jamie’s family. His father worships the urn that holds Rose’s remains, while drinking himself senseless to numb the pain. Rose’s twin sister apparently has an eating disorder. And Jamie’s mother? She abandoned the family altogether.
Jamie’s dad moved the family away from the city is an attempt to distance his family from his memories of the event that he blames on ‘all’ Muslims. So who should become Jamie’s only friend in his new school? Sunya—a charming, smart little girl who also happens to be Muslim!
Pitcher handles the issues of alcoholism, racism, and bullying with sensitivity. Jamie and Jasmine (the twin sister who remains) come to terms with their grief and loss. The narration by David Tennant is excellent. Recommend this heartwarming young adult novel.

Sat, 09 Dec 2017

Me ha gustado mucho. Me ha hecho reír, llorar y pensar. Lo termino con un nudo en en el pecho y con una tímida sonrisa. Uno de los libros que más me ha llegado este año, sin duda. ❤❤

- Morpeth, The United Kingdom
Sat, 04 Jun 2011

A really easy, quick and enjoyable read. The title of this book is what attracted me to it - It sounds really intriguing and it gave me high expectations. The premise of the book was fantastic. The book actually deals with quite a few issues (racism, alcohol abuse, grief, family break-ups) through they weren't all so obvious. I found it a little difficult to get into the childish nature of the writing (The narrator is 10 year old Jamie), but after I got more used to it, I found it quite charming and the humour was wonderful. This novel is all about seeing problems and prejudices through a childs eyes and in this, it succeeds. A rather simple yet effective book.

- Tel Aviv, 05, Israel
Sat, 21 Jan 2017

"אמא שיקרה שוב. היא אמרה שעם ציונים טובים אפשר להשיג כל מה שרוצים. אבל מה שרציתי
היה שהיא תהיה בערב הורים, והיא לא היתה."
ג'יימי בן ה 10 עובר עם אחותו ג'ס ואביו למנצ'סטר. אחותו רוז נהרגה בפיגוע של קיצונים מוסלמים בלונדון וכל מה שנותר ממנה הוא אפר בכד מוזהב על מדף בסלון. אביו שוקע במצולות המרה השחורה ואימו נוטשת אותם כדי לחיות עם גבר אחר -נייג'ל -חבר בקבוצת תמיכה.
ג'יימי בן ה 10 מתמודד עם שורת אכזבות, מצוקות, חלומות ומאבקים למצב את עצמו בחברה ובמציאות אותה הוא לא תמיד מבין עד הסוף. לצידו עומדת סוניה, ילדה פקיסטנית עוטה חיג'ב שבאומץ בלתי יתואר עוזרת לו להתמודד עם המציאות הלא פשוטה בה הוא חי.
ג'יימי נקרע בין אהבתו לסוניה ובין נאמנותו לאביו שרוב הזמן שיכור. אביו שמסרב לראות שיש גם מוסלמים אחרים.
ג'יימי גם מסרב להשלים עם הנטישה של אמו וכשהוא מקבל חולצת ספיידרמן ליום הולדתו הוא מסרב להוריד אותה במשך שבועות רבים אבל בה ובנעלים הקטנות מידי שקיבל ליום הולדתו הוא מוביל את הנבחרת של בית ספרו לניצחון.
זה ספר עצוב, מעצבן וכואב שמסופר בקולו של ג'יימי על משפחה דיספונקציונלית, על אם גועלית שנטשה את ילדיה, על אומץ, חברות אמת ועל אהבת אחים אמיתית. זה סיפור על התמודדות והקושי להתמודד במקום לברוח. ראיתי במקומות מסויימים שהוא מוגדר ספר לילדים, לדעתי ממש לא!
גם אם הסאב טקסט של הספר עוסק באומץ וחברות והתמודדות עם אובדן ואכזבה, וגם אם בסופו של דבר המשפחה הדיספונקציונלית הזו מקבל "מספיק" וזה בסדר מבחינת ג'יימי, ספר שהטקסט הישיר שלו עוסק בנטישה, אכזבה ובגידה של האם בילדים שלה, ועוסק באב אלכוהליסט הוא לדעתי לא ספר לילדים.

- Brno, 78, Czech Republic
Mon, 20 Nov 2017

Lidi... Tahle kniha není dokonalá. Není to ani bestseller. Ale víte co? Je úžasná svým jedinečným způsobem (a taky mnohem lepší než Kečupová mračna, věřte mi). Čekal jsem průměrné a oddechové vyprávění, místo toho jsem dostal něco, co mě uhranulo a vyrazilo mi dech. Možná je to právě tím, jak je příběh přímočarý a že si na nic nehraje. Nebo je to zkrátka tím, že vám Jamie jako správný mladý hrdina sedne. Nekompromisně boží.

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