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Jesus Lied - He Was Only Human: Debunking the New Testament

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Published 11 Sep 2010
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Format Paperback
Publisher Dangerous Little Books
ISBN 0956427618

'Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human' is arguably the most comprehensive and exhaustive debunking of the Christian myth on bookshelves today. Like a forensic accountant, Werleman meticulously pulls apart the New Testament thread-by-thread until the greatest lie ever told is exposed for all to see. Werleman not only reveals the suffering Jesus caused his early followers, he cleverly demonstrates that the New Testament is brim full with contradictory views, conflicting accounts, historical flaws, and irreconcilable discrepancies. Comprehensive. Funny. Entertaining. Engaging. A must read for anyone who wants to silence their evangelical friend. "C.J. Werleman is a warrior for truth and a liberator against superstition. Jesus Lied is his slap across the face of biblical literalism." -Sean Hoade 'Darwin's Dreams' "This book is an all out undermining assault on an old cult that needs to exit stage left. Werleman lights a fire underneath a historically flawed religion. A must read." - Alex Wilhelm 'In Praise of Christopher Hitchens' "With this book, CJ has rightfully earned the title of atheism's preeminent 'blue collar intellectual'. No one has successfully brought down a religious faith as comprehensively and meticulously as he." - Tim Hawken 'Hellbound'

"Jesus Lied - He Was Only Human: Debunking the New Testament" Reviews

- Phoenix, AZ
Wed, 11 Apr 2012

If the bible were true C.J. Werleman would assuredly be headed to hell for his irreverent blasphemy ... but, as he so effectively demonstrates, the inerrant word of god is a confused mess of contradictions, fairy-tales, errors and falsehoods. In Jesus Lied - He Was Only Human: Debunking the New Testament Werleman takes a perverse pleasure in pointing out all the ways the new testament makes absolutely no sense, and as befits a solemn work of antiquity, he does so with scathing sarcasm and humor.
Despite the apparent lack of seriousness, Werleman has an excellent understanding of the material and uses his knowledge to turn the words of the bible against itself to devastating effect.

- Elk Grove, CA
Mon, 22 Sep 2014

I haven’t read the Bible in several years — and probably won't do so anytime soon —, but CJ Werleman’s Jesus Lied provides the type of close reading of the Synoptic Gospels that I never got when reading the Bible in my early college days.
With humor and critical scholarship (not of the dry kind), Werleman explains the contradictions, fallacies, and varying interpretations of Jesus's so-called life, and most importantly how the Gospels were far from harmonized. For example he shows how the more than 70 anti-Semitic references in the Book of John are the root cause of anti-Semitism throughout history, which is information and analysis I quite honestly was never aware of, but should have been. He shows how odd it is that the founder of the Christian church, Paul, had little or nothing to say about Jesus's life, though he possibly was a contemporary of Jesus, and scholarship shows that he actually wrote his biblical texts before Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John.
More importantly Werleman shows that if Jesus did in indeed exist, his ministry and prophecies are based on an apocalyptic cult, in which he constantly talked about people living in internal damnation (one of many examples: “Death is just the commencement of true suffering should you not heed the bullshit frothing from my mouth.”–haha, Werleman’s paraphrasing.) if they did not believe in him, and his equally barbaric godfather.
My review can't even do justice to the scholarship and analysis that Werleman provides in his book. Interestingly much of this history and analysis is also provided in Bert Ehrman’s How Jesus Became God, but Ehrman can't decide if he believes in Jesus or not — he’s agnostic when it comes to God. I found it very frustrating to read Ehrman’s book, and thus couldn’t wait to get my hands on Jesus Lied — this based on my previous reading of Werelman’s first book, God Hates You, Hate Him Back.
If you read Jesus Lied, pay particular attention to chapter 13, “The Gospels on Why Jesus Had to Die.” I've been asking the question for years, what difference did it make that Jesus died and rose from the dead? His death and resurrection doesn't seem to have changed much of anything, and as miraculous as it was supposed to be, there are no other sources outside of the Bible that mention the event. Human beings are no better off because of his suppose it sacrifice, which also begs the question, why did he have to be sacrificed? If he was sent it to “pay the price of our sins,” then who in the hell was the price being paid to? Why does God, the author of the entire fucking universe, need his “only begotten son” to die a bloody damn death on the cross? That kind of death and sacrifice doesn't in any way compare to the creation and complexities of the universe. The two events are trillions of miles apart in comparison. The notion of a sacrifice, if it ever happened should be utterly embarrassing to the so-called creator.
The reason I will probably never reread the Bible is because it is mostly a bunch of ancient, mythological stories propagated by god-fearing, ethnocentric, so-called prophets and ministers. Like most religious doctrines, the whole-life after-death scenario is used to scare people into living a righteous life, and supporting religious leaders and demagogues. It's utterly embarrassing that we have allowed these religious texts to have such a deep influence over our culture and sense of humanity. Enough this bullshit, it’s time to grow up.
If you're an atheist, you owe it to yourself to read this book, because it provides the type of arguments you want to use when discussing religious text with Jesus believers. If you are believer, you should also read this book to see if you can counter the analysis that Werleman makes. He should definitely have you going back to the Bible and reading the Gospels more carefully. If you're not willing to do that, you honestly don't have any knowledge of what you believe in.
One last point I want to make is that Werleman closes his book with a chapter titled, “Did Jesus Exist?”, which I think is a question Ehrman should reconsider. Werleman finds the question difficult to answer, but he at least raises it, and he points to sources that attempt to answer the question. The more I read and think on this question, I’m beginning to conclude that Jesus was quite possibly a fictional character, or if he did exist, the reports about him are so saturated with myth, as Werleman’s book points out, that it’s difficult to draw any factual evidence and conclusion about his life. Many of us do know however, that Jesus certainly was no god in flesh, and his dead ass won’t ever be returning to earth “riding atop a white fluffy cloud (really!) in order to bring judgement upon mankind.”

Tieu uyen
- Saigon, 44, Viet Nam
Mon, 15 Apr 2013

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Thu, 18 May 2017

Do you have your doubt about religion? Well this is the book for you. It will surely clear things up.

- Arnold, NE
Mon, 27 Nov 2017

Delightfully irreverent look at Christianity and Biblical sayings.

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Sun, 02 Jul 2017

Derivative and at times, unfortunately juvenile. Certainly, an interesting topic, but the merits are outweighed by the shortcomings.
For those who like to read on the toilet, this is ideal. For others, pick up works by someone more professional, such as Bart Ehrman.

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