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The Patmans of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High Magna Editions #12)

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Published 01 Dec 1996
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Format Paperback
Publisher Bantam
ISBN 0553570234

The unforgettable ancestors of Bruce Patman...
In 1825, sixteen-year-old Sophie, the Duchess of Edmonton, falls in love with Henry Patman, a dashing stable hand. But Sophie's sister, Melanie, has also fallen for Henry's rugged charm. And Melanie will do anything to keep Sophie and Henry apart.
John Patman loses his heart to London actress Katherine Richmond. He's too poor to ask for her hand in marriage, so he swears he'll strike it rich in the oil fields of Texas. But how long will Katherine wait?
Dr. Cassandra Vanderhorn meets wounded soldier Spencer Light in a World War II veterans' hospital. After he recovers, they marry, and he returns to the front. Then Cassandra receives a telegram bearing terrible news . . . .
Marie Vanderhorn has found her soul mate in Hank Patman. When Marie is stricken with leukemia, she breaks off the relationship and keeps her suffering a secret. Hank vows that he'll love Marie forever. But then Alice Robertson crosses his path . . . .
Discover the epic, thrilling history of the men and women who made Bruce Patman who he is today!

"The Patmans of Sweet Valley (Sweet Valley High Magna Editions #12)" Reviews

M.M. Strawberry
Tue, 13 Nov 2012

There are four sagas in all, but I liked them all. This one focuses on Bruce Patman's ancestors. First we are introduced to Lady Sophie, a British noblewoman who falls in love with a stablehand. They want to get married, but it is not allowed because Sophie is a blue-blood and her sister betrays her while her family has the poor stablehand 'exported' to America.
However, Sophie marries and when she sees that her daughter is also unhappy, she refuses to let a repeat of history happen. The stablehand is Bruce Patman's ancestor, but so is Sophie, as the novel follows both of their descendants, and while Sophie couldn't be with the one she loved, their descendants have more opportunity than they did, though not without some struggles. Like the other Sagas, this was a lot of fun to read.

- Manila, Philippines
Sun, 06 Apr 2014

I first read this twenty something years ago and I remember liking it the most among all the Sweet Valley sagas. It would have been a swift re-read if not for real life stuff that came in between, but I'm happy I took my sweet time with it. Some plotlines and events felt vaguely familiar, and they brought back memories of my early reading life. The trademark Sweet Valley cover also contributed to the nostalgia. :-)

- The United States
Sat, 15 Sep 2012

- Caldwell, ID
Sun, 23 Jun 2013

I have read so many of these books I can't remember all of them.

- Hamilton, ON, Canada
Wed, 18 Apr 2012

Wendi (BrokenBinding)
Wed, 04 Feb 2015

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