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Louvre: All the Paintings

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Published 15 Nov 2011
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Black Dog & Leventhal
ISBN 1579128866

An historic publishing event! Endorsed by the Louvre and for the first time ever, every painting from the world's most popular museum is available in one stunning book.

All 2,981 paintings on display in the permanent painting collection of the Louvre are presented in full color in this striking, slipcased book. Comes with an enclosed, supportive DVD-ROM

The Louvre is the world's most visited art museum, with 8.5 million visitors annually, and houses the most celebrated and important paintings of all time. For the first time ever, The Louvre: All the Paintings collects all 2,981 paintings currently on display in the permanent collection in one beautifully curated volume.

Organized and divided into the four main painting collections of the museum— the Italian School, the Northern School, the Spanish School, and the French School— the paintings are then presented chronologically by the artist's date of birth.

Four hundred of the most iconic and significant paintings are illuminated with 300-word discussions by art historians Anja Grebe and Vincent Pomarède on the key attributes of the work, what to look for when viewing the painting, the artist's inspirations and techniques, biographical information on the artist, the artist's impact on the history of art, and more.

All 2,981 paintings are fully annotated with the name of the painting and artist, the date of the work, the birth and death dates of the artist, the medium that was used, the size of the painting, the Louvre catalog number, and the room in the Louvre in which the painting is found.

The DVD-ROM is easily browsable by artist, date, school, art historical genre, or location in the Louvre. This last feature allows readers to tour the Louvre and its contents room by room, as if they were actually walking through the building.

"Louvre: All the Paintings" Reviews

Slightly Devious
Wed, 08 Jan 2014

An amazing collection; makes me want to go to Paris that much more.

- Baltimore, MD
Wed, 31 Jan 2018

Didn’t *quite* finish this enormous book before I had to return it, but I feel smarter already.

- Vero Beach, FL
Wed, 07 Dec 2011

This is one heavy book; Amazon says it weighs 9 pounds. It is over 700 glossy pages of all of the paintings in the Louvre. There is the Mona Lisa / La Giaconda and Raphael and Delacroix and JMW Turner and many more paintings by people I had never heard of. For me, the remarkable thing about this book is the paintings that are conspicuously not there. There are 2 Claude Monet paintings that I had not seen before (an icy river) but no garden nor waterlilies. There was one Degas painting. No Pablo Picasso. No Vincent Van Gogh. No Manet. No Gauguin. No Seurat. This was a cheap and comfortable way of seeing the Louvre from the comfort of my couch.

- Ashland, OR
Thu, 16 Nov 2017

Wow! This is just the most beautiful book. As a student of art history, I've seen many books on this subject, but this one is by far my favorite. Beyond gorgeous. The scope of this book is unmatched. For those paintings that are smaller, there are great resources online if a someone wants to see the painting in more detail, but I've found these prints to be sufficient. Although I am familiar with many of these paintings, I was introduced to new art here. Such a lovely book! It would be a great gift for anyone with an interest in art history.

- Lakebay, WA
Fri, 21 Feb 2014

This book is beautiful. It is like having an art museum in your home. Just open up the front cover and you are transported into an art/culture rich environment. It's tough to abandon the pages once you're in. Such brilliance.
The book itself is high quality glossed pages and mine came with a DVD. I will treasure this book always.

- Auburn, AL
Sun, 19 Jan 2014

Having lived in Europe for a time, I was a huge Museé du Louvre fan. So when my dear husband bought this for me for Christmas, I was ecstatic. It truly lives up to the hype and is, in my opinion, well worth the hefty price tag. If you love looking at some the world's most beautiful paintings done by our most revered artists, as well as getting historical background for many of them, you will enjoy this book immensely.

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