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The Spider Goddess (Pandora English, #2)

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Published 01 Dec 2011
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Format Paperback
Publisher Pan Macmillian Australia

It's been two months since Pandora English left her small hometown to live with her mysterious great-aunt in a haunted mansion in Spektor – the fog-wreathed suburb of Manhattan that doesn't appear on any map. With the help of her great-aunt and the beautiful – but dead – Lieutenant Luke, Pandora is beginning to understand the significance of the Lucasta family heritage her late mother kept secret from her. Pandora is heir to a great gift. And with that comes frightening responsibility...
Meanwhile, she seems doomed to be forever underestimated in the mortal world. Her fashion editor boss doesn't seem to know she exists. But New York needs Pandora's special gifts. There is a new designer in town, and her ambitions extend far beyond taking over the fashion world one knit at a time...

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- Wollongong NSW, Australia
Sat, 15 Apr 2017

Another tremendous read by Tara Moss and a book that gave me a few little shivers up and down my spine but in no way was it blood-curdling or petrifying or hair-raising in the least! Which was a good thing as I needed a decent light read. I think Tara Moss must have had oodles of fun writing this novel because I had a ton of fun reading it.
Each book just gets better and better and a little more fascinating and delightful with every page that's turned. I adore the protagonist Pandora English, she is an extremely likeable character and brings the pages to life, as does the charming ghostly Lt Luke. Great -aunt Celia is her usual eccentric self with a wardrobe to die for.
In this novel the reader will encounter some creepy critters which are scarily connected to the Spider Goddess, she is a touch terrifying, so for anyone with a spider phobia, beware! Athanasia the blood thirsty sanguine (vampire) and her three sidekicks feature regularly in this story and taunt Pandora no end. I love the undead suburb of Spektor although I can't see myself living in such a place, reading about it is just fine. It was fun to revisit New York in this tale as I have been to this wonderful place and I would go back in a jiffy minus the wicked spiders, of course.
I do recommend you pick up this book for the reason that it is, not only engaging but a super(natural) good read. But I suggest reading The Blood Countess first, wouldn't want any reader missing something.

- Gunghalin, 01, Australia
Sat, 26 May 2012

I found New York City labyrinthine and intimidating when I went there for some TV interviews in 2010. My unease would have tripled had I found myself among the ghosts, ghouls and goddesses of Spektor, Manhattan’s undead district – but I’m not Pandora English.
The Spider Goddess is Tara Moss’ second paranormal thriller, and it sparkles with even more imagination and wit than its predecessor, The Blood Countess. As a plucky journalist with psychic tendencies, Pandora is instantly likeable, and her escapades make the readers laugh and their skin crawl, often simultaneously. Her romance with the long-dead soldier who haunts her apartment and her crush on a thousand-year old sanguine (“vampire” is considered an offensive term) are teasing, heart-warming and heartbreaking all at once.
With knowing jabs at the fashion industry and an encyclopaedic knowledge of myths and legends (Pandora scatters grains of uncooked rice to distract the obsessive-compulsive sanguines, who can’t help but count them) the book is also steeped in New York’s rich history. In one of the more unnerving scenes, Pandora looks up to see a burning ghost suspended in the air, who hurled herself from a window during the Triangle Shirtwaist fire of 1911 and has been plummeting ever since.
I consider myself a firm sceptic. I don’t believe in ghosts or psychics. Just the same, I expect to feel even more unsettled the next time I end up in Manhattan.

- Adelaide, SA, Australia
Mon, 21 Nov 2011

We were lucky and our rep gave us a review copy of Spider Goddess, book 2 in the Pandora English series. I really enjoyed the first book and couldn’t wait to read the second. The book picks up basically just after the end of book 1. Pandora is still working for Pandora Magazine and she is still getting picked on by the trio of vampire models. The story starts off with Pandora finding a big spider, yes a big spider and she doesn’t kill it. She puts it into a cup and takes it home. This starts off a chain of events that involve the Spider Goddess.
We find out a lot more in this book about Pandora and her family. Tara Moss weaves all the plot elements together with finesse and love. The story is well paced and you don’t want to put the book down. I think if you enjoyed the first one, you will love the second as the story only gets better. IF I had to gripe about this book, it would be that I felt it didn’t have as much action in it as the first book, but Tara makes up for that with fantastic storytelling.
Definatly a great book for paranormal/YA fans for Christmas!
Spider Goddess is out 22/11/11

- Byron Bay, 02, Australia
Sun, 30 Oct 2011

This is the 2nd book in the Pandora English series and I must say it was wonderful to return to Spector, to Great Aunt Celia, Lt Luke, the fashion industry and of course, Pandora. The writing style is fun and well paced but not superficial. There is depth running underneath the witty dialog and prose and more than a few 'grains of truth.' Tara knows how to write suspense and shiver-creepy scenes that make this a true paranormal read. I loved it!
As with the first book, The Blood Countess , TSG is well researched with gems of arachnology, ancient lore and mythology, witchcraft and that 'Madam Blavatsky' feel (I suppose Great Aunt Celia would have known her!) I particularly like how distinct and fresh feeling each character is (even the undead ones). No cliched writing here! Thank you!

- Bunbury, 08, Australia
Thu, 22 Aug 2013

There is an element of action that is still lacking in this story. Pandora's naivety gets a bit frustrating particularly when she fails to even realise that she was drunk and then hung over. Now as for the romance with her dead solider, its lucky that he's from 150 years ago and wouldn't expect anything more from her anyway, but there is just no excitement in it. It would also be really nice if Pandora learnt to borrow and outfit and return it in its original condition. Why does every vintage outfit have to get ruined. Stop borrowing them!!

- Australia
Fri, 09 Nov 2012

There are plenty of eight-legged beasties running around in this novel that follows Pandora on another adventure in exciting New York. Pandora is trying to live a normal-ish life after discovering the plethora of supernatural forces that surround her, but she’s finding it hard because designers keep going missing!
I feel like there was a lot going on the novel: Pandora’s powers and the continuing eccentricity of her great-aunt, her rivalry with Athanasia and the resulting attacks on her life by vampires, someone stealing fashion items from Pandora’s work place and the mysterious disappearances of leading designers. This meant that every time I thought I knew what was going on, I was led in a different direction, but I ultimately like this because it kept me guessing. The plot is well paced and always engaging, and I love the balance of the supernatural and fashion worlds with Pandora’s own growth.
The Spider Goddess is a light, fun read, and I liked the hints of romance it has between Pandora and the ghostly Luke. He goes through some development in the book, which I liked. I think that while it is important that the series has such great female characters, but I have been disappointed that the only male characters the book features are either love interests or cameos. I hope Luke has an expanded role in future books I also really want to know more about Celia – this book has some interesting reveals but I think there is a lot more to learn about her.
I really liked this sequel, and it seems that there are many more Pandora English books to come in the future, so I’m quite excited. I think these are the perfect books for someone looking for a break from other, weightier books, and am interested in reading Tara Moss’ Makedde Vanderwall series (about non-supernatural crimes in the fashion world) some time.
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