Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff Book Pdf ePub

Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff

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Published 07 Aug 2012
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0375968512

Part graphic novel, part scrapbook and altogether original—New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Holm's Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is just right for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries and Babymouse!
Ginny has big plans for eighth grade. She's going to try out for cheerleading, join Virtual Vampire Vixens, and maybe even fall in love. But middle school is more of a roller-coaster ride than Ginny could have ever predicted. Her family has just moved into a fancy new house when Ginny's stepdad loses his job. (Can worrying about money make you sick?). Ginny's big brother keeps getting into trouble. And there's a new baby on the way. (Living proof that Ginny's mom and stepdad are having sex. Just what she needs.) Filled with Post-its, journal entries, grocery lists, hand-drawn comic strips, report cards, IMs, notes, and more, Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick is the sometimes poignant, often hilarious, always relatable look at a year in the life of one girl, told entirely through her stuff.
From the Hardcover edition.

"Eighth Grade Is Making Me Sick: Ginny Davis's Year In Stuff" Reviews

- Northbridge, MA
Sat, 11 Aug 2012

I am a big fan of Jennifer Holm, Matt Holm and Babymouse, so I was thrilled to see the latest novel from Jennifer Holm. This book was clearly a collaboration between the author and the illustrator, Elicia Castaldi. It was amazing and the photos/illustrations are essential to the story. I kept telling Liv, "You have got to read this." It reminded a great deal of Chopsticks, by Jessica Anthony because of the photos, but the text really enriched the story. Each page is very stimulating visually, and I enjoyed being forced to slow down to take everything in, in order to appreciate the story. There has to be a sequel, there just has to be. What will happen to Ginny in California? This book is for my middle school and high school friends who haven't read a graphic novel in a while and want a story that they relate to in many ways. Just make sure you go slow and ENJOY each page. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

- Granger, IN
Sun, 09 Sep 2012

Things I loved about this book
1. Grandpa Joe (Charlie and the choc factory reference?)
2. Mixed media
3. Henry
4. The books!
5. Library twice a week!
6. Kirby Larson's email answers!!

- Niagara, ON, Canada
Mon, 24 Dec 2018

This is the sequel to Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf. The subtitle pretty much sums up the style of this book: Ginny Davis's Year in Stuff. And it's surprising how much plot we get from just reading report cards, notes from mom, bank statements, etc. This book picks up where the last one left off and Ginny's life proves to be as interesting as ever.
I will say that the title of this book is actually quite plot-relevant (as opposed to the Meatloaf title; I don't remember meatloaf factoring into the plot of the first book.)

Natalie (Natflix&Books)
- The United States
Wed, 12 Dec 2018

I wish there were a hundred of these little books of delight. I'm such a fan of unconventional story-telling. This one is told in poems and notes and bank statements and IMs (it's a few years old). I'm also such a fan of following a teen through consecutive years of school (currently looooving the Chloe Snow Diaries). I'm seriously super bummed that there are only two of these books, especially because they are old enough that I cannot reasonable expect a third. Definitely recommend.

Sun, 03 Dec 2017

1. Awards the book has received: No awards
2. Appropriate grade level: 6th grade and up
3. Original 3-line summary: Ginny has big plans for eighth grade but life just gets in the way. Her family has just moved into a fancy new house when her stepdad loses his job, her brother keeps on getting into trouble, and there is a new baby on the way. Eighth grade is starting to make her sick!
4. Original 3-line review: This book is really relatable. From being in middle school to real life. It perfectly portrays how it feels to be a preteen and what middle school is like.
5. 2-3 possible in-class uses: Children can write about how they feel about school and draw a picture to go along with it. The teacher can also pair students together and have them read it together and share their opinions on it.

- Fort Worth, TX
Mon, 05 Dec 2016

This book was about this girl that is in eight grade.She say that her life is misabral.The homework is too much,her family is short on money,has family problems,and her mom is pregnant so she has to take care of more than 2 babys.It made me feel like i dont want to go to 8th grade beacuse it seams like too much woek.I learned that eight gradee mixed with a large family is not a good combination.I would recomened this book to students who are under 8th grade like 5th,6th,and 7th graders because they would have a clue what it is like to be in 8th grade.

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