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Multiplying Missional Leaders

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Published 01 Jan 2012
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Format Hardcover
Publisher 3dm
ISBN 0984664319

As set forth in the introduction, this book serves as part two to Breen's earlier book, "Building a Discipling Culture."

"Multiplying Missional Leaders" Reviews

- Stockholm, Sweden
Fri, 10 Jun 2016

Over the past few years I've read an increasing number of books from the 'missional' tribe of the church. The latest is Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen.
The raising up of leaders is a constant issue for most church leaders that I've ever met (myself included) and so most are always willing to read and engage with new ideas on how to do that. There's the usual dissatisfaction with the rate of progress and development of the current crop.
But no need to fear, Mike Breen to the rescue. All you need to do is develop your leadership pipeline, know the difference between your training triangle, learning circle and your leadership square so that you can build your rotary leadership engine. Then you get your L50 leaders and huddle them and get them to find their oikos and to know their up and their ins from their outs.
Actually that's my biggest issue with this book, it is absolutely chock full of jargon that I just found silly and plays to the management consultant lurking inside each church leader. Although I guess he could argue that he has at least made his illustrations memorable.
On the upside the book is also full of wisdom, tested by experience and grounded in authentic missional church life. Some of the points are ones developed elsewhere - so there's not lots of difference here between Bill Hybels calling for character, competence and chemistry in a leadership team and Breen looking for character, capacity, chemistry & calling even though their models of church are completely different.
Breen is helpful in articulating the leadership process of train, deploy and review, reminding us that it takes time, reminding us that prospective leaders need to see their leaders do the stuff too and that releasing leadership into what God is calling them is an incredibly powerful kingdom weapon. As opposed to releasing them to help you do what God has called you to do.
I'm unconvinced by his articulation of the fivefold ministries and in places it was a bit theologically lite (or at least making much bolder statements than the evidence supports) but I found it time and time again a stimulating and provocative read. One that in many places I found convicting and practical. It is a book that helped me think, 'we could do that.'
It's a book, that despite the fact that it creaks under the weight of its jargon, I would definitely recommend to any church team that wants to think through their leadership training process. This will provoke helpful discussion and I think will lead to a more effective outcome and that is a mark of a good book.

- Kansas City, KS
Thu, 28 Jun 2012

Multiplying Missional Leaders
by Mike Breen
Initial Question:
Does Breen provide guidance that leans more toward disciples who fully intent to listen to and live like Jesus or does Breen use "discipleship" to try to preserve some form of western culture "church?"
It's foggy for me and I'm a fence rider with Breen. I love his contagious language and would enjoy more dialog with others on this and other Breen books, but there's still something about the last pages… a hook seems to be there to attract an American (or western) pastor conscience, a conscience that will chase any allure that flashes some promise of numerical or legacy-engendering success.
At the heart, I believe Breen and his material are excellent guides to begin a practice of intentional life as disciples who make disciples. Again: excellent.
I would like to go back and read elements about discipleship and mission (I don't remember if or what Breen said). Sometimes I felt (in hindsight) that Breen pitched discipleship as a big missional adventure - and that was exciting to hear. However, I don't want our hearts to see discipleship as something we do "out there" on the "mission front" but right in the middle of our ordinary life rhythms as we listen to the words of Jesus and carry them out within out Christian communities.

- Vincennes, IN
Sun, 20 May 2012

A concise and well worded expansion of Breen's recent 3DM learning community teachings, with an obvious and necessary focus on developing leaders of mission. The book is quite readable and well organized. More importantly, it is compelling in its immediate applicability to leaders - disciples making disciples. Here Breen provides useable information and shares personal experiences with imitatable wisdom. It is our challenge and Spirit led responsibility to innovate what we have been taught so that we show forth Jesus Christ to a world that so needs the breath of God.

- Dublin, Ireland
Mon, 10 Jun 2013

Inspiring, helpful and thought provoking. I had to keep putting it down to go share what I'd read or begin thinking how this applied to my context.

- Atlanta, GA
Sat, 19 Apr 2014

Every pastor or church leader I know should read this book.

- Ballwin, MO
Tue, 08 Sep 2015