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A Stolen Season

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Published 23 Feb 2015
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Publisher Entangled Publishing, LLC (Select Historical)

One small mistake in the past will change everything about her future...
Archaeologist Sarah Baxter just broke one of the biggest rules of time travel: leaving a piece of 21st­century equipment in 19th century Regency England. Unfortunately, when she goes back to retrieve it, she makes an even bigger mess of things—resulting in the death of an English Earl. Now his brother is not only out for revenge, but he also has Sarah's device. Which means an entirely different approach is needed.
It doesn't occur to the new Earl of Earnston that his charming acquaintance is responsible for his brother's death. He is merely swept away by a passion that threatens his very reputation. Yet he gets the distinct impression that Miss Baxter is hiding something from him. Now Sarah must find a way to steal back her device, hide the truth about the earl's brother and—most importantly— not fall in love...

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- Australia
Wed, 18 Jul 2012

This time travel romance grabs you by the throat from the first line and pulls you into the dangerous and exciting world of Sarah Baxter, an archaeologist who has committed the unforgivable sin of the Time Traveller: she has made a blunder and changed the future. Her father owns a company – TimeArch - which has revolutionized archaeological discovery. Instead of determining information from artifacts found in modern times, he has developed a device which takes the archaeologists back to when the site was active. Sarah has lost the device and her father forces her to return to find it. To do so she must form an intimate relationship with Lord Earnston, who has the device, to enable her to gain access to his personal belongings. Lord Earnston is attracted to the unusual young woman but is also bent on finding the person responsible for the death of his older brother two years previously. When he finds her he will have his revenge. He is unaware she is under his nose and is the object of his growing affection. This story has everything: a clever setting, murder, intrigue and a passionate love between two people born 200 years apart. Tamara Gill is a wonderful storyteller and has created characters who are both wonderful and flawed, like any other human being. The heart- warming ending brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my lips.

- Australia
Mon, 03 Sep 2012

An archeologist is sent back to the 1800's to find a fragment of the Time Arch. The story starts immediately in a tense scene with a lot of stake and a sense of urgency. The antagonist is hard and unsympathetic which made me feel sorry for Sarah. There were some great sensory details that pulled me into the scenes. The pace was good throughout and the style engaging. The time shifts were dealt with very well and the period was obviously well researched. The story came to life with a deft handling of language and tone.
The plot turns were convincing and the sexual tension between Sarah and Eric was realistic and emotional.
Overall, I found this well written and engaging and recommend it to anyone seeking a well-written time travel romance.

- The United States
Sat, 18 Aug 2012

The time travel romance genre has a new star! A STOLEN SEASON is a wonderful novel. Beautifully written and well plotted, Ms. Gill has created a breathtaking adventure. I "devoured" this novel, loving every minute of Sarah and Eric's story. Ms. Gill followed one of the unwritten rules of time travel fiction; don't give detailed explanations of the actual time travel machine or mechanism. She also had a great hook at the end, that speaks to the "what ifs" of good time travel stories. I don't want to put a spoiler in the review, so I'll be vague here - I just LOVED Eric's final message to Sarah, which she finds after she returns to her time. I look forward to reading Ms. Gill's novels in the future, especially the forthcoming DEFIANT SURRENDER.

- Sydney, 02, Australia
Mon, 08 Oct 2012

As a lover of historical romance, 'A Stolen Season' offered me a tale with a twist. The story was delightfully unpredictable and the chemistry between the hero and heroine fairly sizzled on the page.
I enjoyed the fast pace of the writing and found myself finishing the entire book in just two evenings! It had me wishing there was more...in fact, a sequel would not go astray.
If you're looking for a fabulous romance spiced up with a little intrigue and time travel, then 'A Stolen Season' is for you.

Les Romantiques
- France
Sat, 07 Feb 2015

Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du site
Reviewed by Rinou
Review Copy from the Publisher
A story about a time traveler who must fix an error done during a previous travel, that looked promising. A Stolen Season is a republication, and if I had done a bit more search I would have found the review posted in 2012 on the website Smart Bitches which sums up my opinion, with much more details (okay, so it’s not a summary, but you understand what I mean). At the moment I must have a rotten luck with my readings…
From the very first chapter the main feeling is “what’s happening?” Of course everything begins at full speed, but we don’t know why or how the heroine is in the past, or why this object she wants to take back at any price is important, or even how she lost it in the first place. It seems like we catch the story partway through.
Sarah works in an organization? society? Of time explorers under the orders of her father, we can assume that visit the London of the 19th century is not her first mission, and yet she employs modern expressions, errors she doesn’t even bother to explain under the pretext she’s from abroad after some days.
Between her and the hero it’s instant attraction, and the author feels the need to make it clear this attraction is physical AND intellectual when they’ve known each other for 5 minutes. But as Sarah and the hero’s cousin are best buddies after less than one minute of conversation, there must be something in the air in this precise period…
The story goes on with Sarah behaving more like a young woman of the 21th century, especially when alone with Eric, than one of the 19th. We also have feelings and a proposal that seem hasty. The final solving with the object from the future about which we don’t know anything until near the end is also quite unsatisfactory but more logical, and nowhere do we have more information about the society of time explorers and it selective abilities (as they can open well-stocked bank accounts and install houses and servants, they could have gone back directly before the object was lost and that would have been all). The solution for the romance was much more moving, finally something positive in this book! Too bad it happens so late…
Frankly, if I hadn’t come across the review on Smart Bitches (see link in the end), I would have wondered if I didn’t read a completely different book from the one all those who put excellent ratings on GR read. And I regret even more this book, as the synopsis was so promising when in fact it’s just a soufflé which in fact didn’t really rise.
Smart Bitches review

- Gladstone, Australia
Wed, 07 Nov 2012

Sarah Baxter will have you spellbound from the first page! An absolutely fantastic read that has passion, intrigue and deceit and keeps you reading into the wee hours! Well written and unpredictable until the end. Tamara Gill has certainly raised the bar with time travel romance.

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