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Tigerland (Tigers and Devils, #2)

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Published 15 Oct 2012
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Format ebook
Publisher Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1623800293

After an eventful and sometimes uncomfortably public courtship, Simon Murray and Declan Tyler settled into a comfortable life together. Now retired from the AFL, Declan works as a football commentator; Simon develops programs with queer content for a community television station.
Despite their public professional lives, Simon and Declan manage to keep their private life out of the spotlight. Their major concerns revolve around supporting their friends through infertility and relationship problems—until Greg Heyward, Declan’s ex-partner, outs himself in a transparent bid for attention.
Though Simon and Declan are furious with Greg and his media antics, they can’t agree on what to do about it. Declan insists they should maintain a dignified silence, but both he and Simon keep getting drawn into Heyward’s games. Simon and Declan will once again have to ride out the media storm before they can return their attention to what really matters: each other.

"Tigerland (Tigers and Devils, #2)" Reviews

Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
- The United States
Wed, 05 Jun 2013

**3.5 stars**
I liked this book much more than the first but I still had some major issues with this one. On a positive note, I ADORED Simon here. Snarky, hilarious, and oozing with pop culture references: Just how I like my main characters! However, this book was brought way down in the ratings for a few reasons.
1) Very little romance or intimacy. I just can't get behind Dec and Simon as a couple because I rarely feel like they act like one. Even in the privacy of their own home, I feel like their relationship feels more like a friendship than a romance. And the lack of sex scenes don't help this perception...
2) The Greg-centric plot. I felt like the entire book was just one big "Greg is evil" flashing sign. Greg was a totally one-sided character and it just felt cartoonish and odd to me. I wanted more... something... and less focus on Greg. It seemed like Sean Kennedy dragged out the evil things that Greg did so he would have enough pages to fill out a sequel.
Also, what happened between Lisa and Abe that caused them to split up in the beginning? I want the dirty details! Did that bother anyone else??
Overall, I'm very glad I gave this one a chance. Again, I loved the voice of Simon and I think Sean Kennedy has some serious talent. This book just didn't resonate with me.

- The United States
Thu, 23 Aug 2012

I think the thing I love most about Simon and Declan is how real they feel. They make mistakes, occasionally significant ones, and they sometimes argue and they let the small stuff get to them, but the love between Simon and Dec is clear and strong throughout. This series also has great secondary characters and it was fun to revisit them all.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
- Croatia
Mon, 07 Jan 2013

I'm not sure whether Sean Kennedy intends to publish a third book, but I would pre-order it, read it on the release date and then probably rave about it just as I plan to rave about the first two books.
In fact, it doesn't even need to have a plot for all I care: I would happily read about Simon and Declan getting groceries, spending lazy Sundays together, visiting friends and weird family members and so on. They are such fantastic characters that quickly become your friends, it's impossible to resist them.
Anyway, this is not a review and I'll probably never write one, but I just wanted to share how much I loved both these books and the lovely, tender, and above all, realistic romance in them. This is not some implausible, exaggerated m/m romance written to satisfy a growing market, it is a warm story about a solid relationship that occasionally suffers a bit from being in the spotlight.
I'd bow to Sean Kennedy if he wasn't on the other side of the world. But even now, my hat's off to him.
If you like stories about love, friendship and family with a lot of good humor and quirky characters, this one fits the description perfectly.

MsMiz (Tina)
- Homewood, IL
Thu, 23 Aug 2012

Still absolutely in love with Dec, Simon and the cast of friends/family. Some big changes in this book, some hard to read, some characters missing....yet it is still the same feel. Simon is still Simon, yet more mature and has spectacular moments. Dec is the same caring, sensible guy who loves with his whole heart.
I will probably re-read this gem.

Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
- Norway
Tue, 22 Aug 2017

⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Might contain spoilers* ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

We are now three years forward after the previous book. Simon Murray (30) and now retired from the AFL Declan ‘Dec’ Tyler (30? 31?). Simon is now a development of programs with queer content for a community television station ( QueerSports ) and Declan is a football commentator. They are in love, in peace and just wants to be left alone with their family. However, universe has other plans. Greg Heyward, Declan’s ex-partner has decided to out himself (and retiring) and drag Declan and Simon back in the spotlight to gain more attention. Unfortunately, he's telling lies and puts Simon in a bad light. Will Declan do anything about it? Or will he let the world believe the lies?
“It’s great to be the good guy. But sometimes good guys get really fucked over, and they need to be heard.” I cradled his cheek in my hand, my thumb rasping against his stubble. “But I don’t need you to defend me. Sure, I hate what’s being said. But a lot of shit was said about you and me both when you were outed, and we survived that. This is nothing in comparison.”

Truth be told, I wasn't sure if I were going to continuing the series, however I struggle so damn much lately with finding books to read, so I just thought why the hell not finish this series before I start the struggle of finding something else to read. ‘Tigerland’ was as I expected; predictable, boring at times and little action. Book #1 was pretty much the same, so it wasn't a surprise. It's nice to see Declan and Simon more out but it still feels like they are holding back, or at least Simon, because he's afraid to show too much PDA because of peoples view of gay couples. It's getting a bit on my nerves. I mean, everyone knows they're a couple, partners, and still they hide? I'd say go all the way, once you have started. Not much has changed, though, from first book to this one. The characters have grown a bit, their relationship is stronger, but other than that, they are the same. Overall, it was worth reading sure, but not something I'd read again or whatever. On to the last one.
This is for those times when I want to take his hand, or he wants to take mine, but we don’t feel safe enough. This is for those times other couples get to take for granted, but we have to snatch in limited amounts when they become available to us. This is for those times when I can’t do such a simple thing as hold the hand of Dec as the tiniest gesture of affection and to show him how much I love him.

Quick basic facts:
Genre: - (A) Contemporary Romance (M/M)
Series: - Series, Book Two
Love triangle? - [spoilers removed]
Cheating? - [spoilers removed]
HEA? - [spoilers removed]
Favorite character? - Declan ‘Dec’ Tyler.
Would I read more by this author/or of series? - Unsure.
Would I recommend this book/series? - Unsure.
Will I read this again in the future? - No.
Rating - 2.5/2 stars.

- Melbourne, Australia, Australia
Sun, 21 Dec 2014

Really great second installment
more Melbourne
more AFL
more Love

Very enjoyable. Love it even more than the first book.
Again lots of Melbourne and its life and people and culture. Again I really enjoyed the author's descriptions of life in Melbourne, the love for the sport of Australian Rules football the people have and the expressions they use.
I live in Melbourne and I love Melbourne and everything in the book is very true.
I loved Dec and Simon and further development of their relationship and teaming up when it gets tough. Similar to the first book the sex in this book is not explicit. While the guys do have sex, it is subtle and the emphasis is on their relationship. And Dec and Simon's relationship is worth begin in awe of.
Overall really great. Humor, angst, friends, love and absolute feel good. Recommended.

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