Bogart and Vinnie: A Completely Made-up Story of True Friendship Book Pdf ePub

Bogart and Vinnie: A Completely Made-up Story of True Friendship

3.71172 votes • 37 reviews
Published 18 6 2013
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Walker Childrens
ISBN 0802728227

When Vinnie, a crazy-happy dog, gets lost while visiting a nature preserve with his family, he finds comfort in the company of Bogart, a big, lazy rhinoceros. Vinnie loves his new friend, but Bogart would rather just take a nap. A friendship soon blossoms-even if Vinnie's definition of "friendship" is very different from Bogart's-and when word of their unique situation spreads, Bogart and Vinnie are a worldwide sensation! But as soon as their fifteen seconds of fame ends, what's left is a bond even Bogart can't ignore.
Pairing picture-book veteran, Henry Cole, with up-and-coming author, Audrey Vernick, this clever spoof of the unendingly popular interspecies animal-friendship story is full of heart and humor.

"Bogart and Vinnie: A Completely Made-up Story of True Friendship" Reviews

- Ann Arbor, MI
Thu, 03 Jan 2013

When Vinnie, a hyperactive, overly-enthusiastic dog finds himself lost one day, he stumbles into a wild animal preserve and befriends a curmudgeonly rhino named Bogart. Well, at least Vinnie thinks they're friends. To say Bogart is dubious (and maybe a tad bit bored) of Vinnie might be an understatement. But soon the media gets wind of this interspecies friendship and reporters flock to the animal preserve, making Bogart and Vinnie famous. Will their friendship last the test of fame? And what about Vinnie's home? Will his family find Vinnie and take him away from Bogart?
In my eyes Audrey Vernick can do no wrong. I continue to marvel at the humor in her fictional picture books and her sincerity in her nonfiction picture books. Everything she writes has such a cleverness about it, right down to the zebras in this book whose names are Polka and Dot. I wish I were that clever.
Vinnie's enthusiasm comes off as both annoying and endearing at the same time, a trait I know many a dog owner can relate to, and Henry Cole's illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to showing the reader the striking variance of personalities between Bogart the curmudgeon and Vinnie eager optimist.

- Bangkok, Thailand
Thu, 01 Sep 2016

Vinnie, a hyper-active dog who loves everyone gets lost and wanders into a wildlife park. There, he befriends Bogart, the grumpy rhino. What will happen to their friendship when Vinnie's family finds him?
This had me laughing quite a bit. Vinnie reminded me a bit of a family dog (and also the dog from Up). Cole worked comedic magic with his illustrations in this. And Vernick's twist in the way the story ended was unexpected and more humorous. Lots of fun. A must for animal lovers. Do a fiction/nonfiction reading pair by combining this with a real life interspecies relationship story. There's lots out there. You can also check out kids' observation skills and have them debate whether Bogart is happy with the way things turned out or not; see if they can find clues in the text and illustrations to back up their opinion.

- Cherry Hill, NJ
Fri, 10 Feb 2017

Very cute story. Fun to read. Love the illustrations

- Saint John, NB, Canada
Tue, 22 Oct 2013

Surprisingly, this 3-5 storybook is a satire on those amazing animal friendship stories you always hear about on the news.
Vinnie the dog wanders into the zoo, and tries to befriend Bogart the Rhino. Despite the fact that Bogart clearly dislikes Vinny's company, the media falls all over themselves, artificially constructing this touching narrative about interspecies bonding.
It was actually pretty funny, but not funny in a way that a 4 year old would get, so this only gets 3 stars.

- Salt Lake City, UT
Mon, 07 Oct 2013

The dog is reminiscent of those in the movie Up, loving everything he sees, and finally latching onto an uninterested rhino. It just seems a little strange in a story about friendship to see it so lopsided, where one side is just barely tolerating the other. And even though it's a farce, the ending is too fanciful for me to accept it as a satisfactory resolution to their situation.

- Twin Falls, ID
Wed, 09 Jul 2014

I picked this off the library shelves because of the cover illustration, which I thought was way cute. I enjoyed the rest of the story, too (although the ending is very improbable). I absolutely love the dog, Vinnie, because he acts in the way I think all dogs act. He actually made me smile quite a bit.

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