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A Great Miracle Happened There

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Published 01 Dec 2012
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Format ebook
Publisher Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1623801966

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2012 Advent Calendar collection Evergreen.
This winter, Jude Bloch can't decide what bothers him more—the crowds of people or the holiday revelry. Even meeting handsome chef Mac Appel fails to cheer him up because Jude knows the most he could hope for is a one-night stand. But one night turns into two and then more. Maybe Mac can bring some warmth into Jude's holiday season.

"A Great Miracle Happened There" Reviews

- Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Sun, 02 Dec 2012

When this started out with Jude and Mac falling into bed together so quickly I wasn't too sure about it but this turned out to be a lovely sweet read.

- Indianapolis, IN
Sat, 22 Dec 2012

I loved this. Definitely a reread for me.
“I think… I’m pretty sure I’d do anything for you. I’d go shopping in a crowded mall for you. I’d delete my entire dissertation and start from scratch for you. I’d go to noisy parties every night for you. I’d stand outside in Iowa in December in my underwear for you. I’d learn to love holidays again for you.”.

- El Paso, TX
Tue, 06 Mar 2018

It ended too soon. I love how they met and how they got to know each other. It was very sweet.

- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sun, 16 Dec 2012

This is mostly a quiet story; I guess because Jude is a quiet man. But then there is Mac, and he definitely brings life into Jude's existence. As the two men get to know each other and end up celebrating Hannukah together, each man contributes something of his unique way of looking at things. Their growing knowledge of the other slowly fills the emptiness each felt when they were alone, and the story gains color and joy. Jude's life is entirely different by the end of the shot book, and much, much richer.
Jude is clever, writing his doctoral theses on a part of Greek history that most people might not even recognize. He isn’t too good around people, and very lonely since he left his (mostly disapproving of him being gay) family in LA for wintry Iowa. But he has his dissertation, right? Running into Mac, an extroverted chef, rattles him a little. He feels the attraction, but can’t believe he'll get more than the usual one-night stand. While he's busy telling himself not to get involved, he misses all the hints and clues Mac is sending…
Mac is a man who goes for what he wants. He loves cooking, and even breaking up with a lover of five years can’t keep him down. He is irrepressible, much like a force of nature, and just what Jude needs. The thing is – he proceeds carefully, quickly having understood that Jude won't trust easily. But he uses everything at his disposal, including the preparation of delicious food, to make his point. The two of them belong together.
If you like stories with lots of quiet charm, if you enjoy reading about a 'nerd' slowly thawing and joining the world of those who have a lover, and if you're looking for a Hannukah-themed story, you will probably like this short book.
NOTE: This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

- The United States
Sun, 16 Dec 2012

this could easily be made into a novel don't you think? :-) I absolutely loved the characters. I would love to see how they get along after the holidays and as a couple. I'd also like to see Jude meeting Mac's parents. I loved this story..you keep impressing me.

- Reutlingen , Germany
Wed, 26 Nov 2014

Sweet! :)