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Game Theory

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Published 29 Aug 1991
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Mit Press
ISBN 0262061414

"Both broad and deep, this book belongs on the shelf of every serious student of game theory."
-- David Kreps, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University "Fudenberg and Tirole's text will have an immediate and important impact on the way game theory is taught at the graduate level. Not only does it cover most of the central topics in noncooperative game theory, it is as up-to-date and complete as a book in this area could hope to be."
-- Charles Wilson, Professor of Economics, New York University
This text introduces the principles of noncooperative game theory -- including strategic form games, Nash equilibria, extensive-form games, subgame perfection, repeated games, and games of incomplete information -- in a direct and uncomplicated style that will acquaint students with the broad spectrum of the field while highlighting and explaining what they need to know at any given point. The analytic material is accompanied by many applications, examples, and exercises. Although game theory has been applied to many fields, Fudenberg and Tirole focus on the kinds of game theory that have been most useful in the study of economic problems. They also include some applications to political science.
"Game Theory" can be used for a first or second course. It presents subgame perfection and Bayesian games with a minimum of detail with technical subtleties included in the advanced sections and uses markers to indicate the suitability of various sections to different audiences. The book is divided into five parts: static games of complete information, dynamic games of complete information, static games of incompleteinformation, dynamic games of incomplete information, and advanced topics.

"Game Theory" Reviews

- Los Angeles, CA
Wed, 27 Feb 2008

This is the book to own if you want to be a theorist.

- Calcutta, India
Thu, 05 Jul 2012

tough a bit

- France
Sat, 12 Nov 2016

- New York, NY
Mon, 13 Jun 2011

Not bad. It goes through the basics of Game theory with each chapter adding onto the prior. It goes through tons of examples. It is quite applicable to finance related topics, not sure for those that are not into that whether it would be as helpful. Then again, I think the most aggressive use of this type of mathematics would be finance at this point in time.
I would recommend it as a text book. There is also an e-book version, but I suspect that it is better to have the hard copy for something of this nature.

- Arlington, TX
Sat, 02 Apr 2016

- The United States
Mon, 25 May 2015

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