Stick! Book Pdf ePub


3.70336 votes • 71 reviews
Published 06 Aug 2013
Format Hardcover
Publisher Candlewick Press
ISBN 0763666165

Puppy loves his new stick. He wants to play! Now he just needs someone to play with.
Puppy is thrilled when he discovers a stick just waiting to be tossed and chased. But Cow is more interested in grass, and Chicken is more interested in a worm. In fact, all of Puppy’s friends are busy doing something besides playing with a stick. Poor Puppy! Finally, another equally enthusiastic canine comes along, and the rousing game of fetch that ensues is enough to inspire the entire barnyard to give the stick a chance. In bold, graphic spreads, Andy Pritchett’s adorable animal cast enlivens a six-word story of friendship and play too sweet and simple to ignore.

"Stick!" Reviews

- Hillsborough, NC
Mon, 17 Mar 2014

With deceptively simple illustrations, Pritchett manages to convey a surprising amount of energy and activity. He really nails the idea of a puppy with a stick who wants to play.
Library copy

:Donna Marie
Wed, 28 Aug 2013

STICK Who would've thought a book with so few words could be so "full"! :) Andy Pritchett has perfectly blended words with illustrations in this adorably charming book, clearly from the animals' perspectives. A must-read! And NO one can claim they don't have time to read THIS one! lol

- Australia
Sun, 10 Mar 2019

Puppy has a stick (holding it in his paw instead of carrying it in his mouth like a normal dog) and wants to play. "Stick?" says Puppy to the cow. "Grass," says the cow. He asks a few other farm animals.
Not finding anyone to play with, Puppy throws the stick away... but another puppy throws it back! They start a game and the other animals join in. The puppies become friends.
This is a simple story (told in one-word per page) and the illustrations are very simple cartoons. It was OK.

- The United States
Wed, 11 Oct 2017

Puppy finds a stick and tries to find a playmate who is interested in playing with the stick with him. I really loved this book! It is very spare but conveys the whole story very eloquently.
The Good
The drawings are simple and expressive. Very few words make it accessible to all ages.
Recommended for
Younger children because it really is a picture book! Very sweet illustrations as Puppy tries to find a playmate as interested in the stick as he is.

- Central District, 00, Japan
Mon, 04 Sep 2017

This simple but gorgeous story book manages to convey the hope and power of friendship in just six words. A puppy has found a stick, and wants a friend to play with, but the other animals are more interested in other things. But the puppy keeps going until he finds a like-minded companion, and then the fun begins. Very popular storytime read with our children.

- Worthing, P6, The United Kingdom
Wed, 04 Oct 2017

A book with very little words but very rich meaning. Shows how not everyone is always into the same things as others and explains how people can still learn to get along. Definitely a book about friendship. For very young children.

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