Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated Book Pdf ePub

Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated

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Published 01 Oct 2013
Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated.pdf
Format Hardcover
Publisher Ten Speed Press
ISBN 1607745291

A lush, illustrated cookbook devoted to preparing and cooking ducks and geese, both domestic and wild, from the author of the award-winning blog Hunter Angler Gardener Cook.
Duck is having a renaissance in American restaurants and kitchens as cooks discover that diverse breeds, species, and cuts of meat offer an exciting range of flavors and textures. Many cooks—and even hunters—have a fear of cooking fowl. Duck, Duck, Goose shows you how to cook duck and goose like a pro: perfectly crisp skin crackling with each bite, succulent confit, impeccable prosciutto, and more.
Hank Shaw, an award-winning food writer, hunter, and cook on the forefront of the marsh-to-table revolution, provides all you need to know about obtaining, cleaning, and cooking these flavorful birds. Duck, Duck, Goose includes detailed guides on species and breeds, selecting a duck in the market, and plucking and hanging a wild bird. Shaw’s delicious and doable recipes include basics such as Grilled Duck Breast and Slow-Roasted Duck; international favorites like Duck Pho, Sichuan Fragrant Duck, Mexican Duck with Green Mole, and Cassoulet; and celebration-worthy fare such as Perfect Roast Goose. It also features an array of duck and goose confit and charcuterie, from fresh sausages to dry-cured salami.
The most comprehensive guide to preparing and cooking both domestic and wild ducks and geese, Duck, Duck, Goose will be a treasured companion for anyone who wants to free themselves from the tyranny of chicken and enjoy perfectly cooked waterfowl.

"Duck, Duck, Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated" Reviews

- Heflin, AL
Sun, 29 Sep 2013

Title: Duck, Duck Goose: Recipes and Techniques for Cooking Ducks and Geese, both Wild and Domesticated
Author: Hank Shaw
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Published: 10-1-2013
ISBN: 9781607745297
Pages: 240
First off let me confess I have only had duck twice in my life before getting this cookbook. Once when a family friendly with ours invited us over and my mother told me I had to at least try it, I was eleven at the time. I can not say I was in any way impressed. The next time I was 23 and went on a date to a Chinese restaurant and had duck a l'orange, although it was not as revolting as the duck I remembered at eleven it still tasted more like a mystery meat swimming in orange sauce. The meat was overwhelmed by the other flavors. I gave up and have not tried it since.
I requested to review Duck, Duck Goose because I was hoping to find something about the duck to make it tasty. Goose at least is something we have had in my family from childhood once a year at Christmas. Let me tell you I was pleasantly surprised by the massive information about the different species of ducks and goose this cookbook contains. It will explain the how the breed of bird affects the taste, and amount of meat to expect from the bird itself. The cookbook also shows how to cut up the bird. Something that was interesting, but I have to tell you I got both of mine from the butcher already plucked, dressed and ready to be seasoned, stuffed and cooked. I am not adventurous enough to start with a fresh kill, sorry. Although I think I could use the feathers in my crafts very easily.
Now to the good part, the recipes. I had to make the Peking Duck. Something I have always heard of, but never tried. I was luck in that my neighbor came to help me with this one because I have seen my cousin prepare it and it was labor intensive. I should have trusted the recipe that when reading made it sound so simple. It really was, I understood the instructions and I had fun while we made it. Thanks to my neighbor, Linda, for giving up her afternoon to make me more comfortable in preparing this new dish and yes I will be trying duck again soon, I promise. The other recipe I made, on my own I might add, was Duck Bigarade. I think I am in love. The citrus flavor was delicious. If that duck a l'orange had tasted anything like this I would have been eating duck all along.
Linda has promised to trade me a venison roast for two duck breast so that I can try the Duck Jagerschnitzel recipe after duck season. Lucky me, that I will not have to clean that bird either. I took this book to my heart in that it does not leave any detail out. When you set out to cook one of these recipes they leave no step not covered with detailed instructions. You can be confidant that you will not be left guessing during your meal preparations. Duck, Duck Goose even tells you how to clean livers and gizzards. But more than that I learned some things about the eggs of duck. I have not tried them yet, but I guess I will have to at some point. At least I know more about the duck and goose than I did before.

- Stratford, ON, Canada
Thu, 09 Jun 2016

Duck is expensive. Learn to cook it properly. This is a thorough primer on cooking both domestic and wild game birds that includes techniques and recipe concepts from all over the world. Hank Shaw is one of a handful of cookbook writers that I consider a personal culinary sensei. He is one of those rare food writers, in other words, who doesn't just write great recipes (which he does), but whose recipes will make you a more knowledgeable cook. Looking forward to Buck, Buck, Moose!

- Glenwood City, WI
Thu, 26 Dec 2013

Wow- food snob much? Ok, recipes are good. Techniques, good. Personal opines, king snob of snobville. If u like to imagine yourself better them other people based on your foodie ways- you'll probably love it. I, however, found it kinda insulting. And I have raised and prepared at least half the breeds of ducks listed in this book. Let alone my experience with geese. I think a regular person just getting started in ducks and geese might not appreciate the tone.

- Houston, TX
Tue, 22 Jul 2014

All duck, all day. Looks delicious!

- Bend, OR
Fri, 26 Feb 2016

- Santa Monica, CA
Sun, 18 Sep 2016