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Once Upon a Memory

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Published 03 Dec 2013
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 0316208167

From bestselling author Nina Laden and bestselling illustrator Renata Liwska comes an enchanting, imaginative story for fans of They All Saw a Cat.

Does a feather remember it once was a bird? Does a book remember it once was a word?
A boy is swept away to a world where fantasy and reality come together in surprising and playful ways. From the cake that once was grain to the ocean that once was rain, whimsical before and after scenes offer readers a peek at the world as seen through the eyes of a curious child.
Nina Laden's poetic and cleverly woven text is perfectly paired with artist Renata Liwska's captivating illustrations.

"Once Upon a Memory" Reviews

Fri, 17 Jan 2014

Ever-adorable illustrations by Renata Liwska. A lovely book whose simplicity means its deep questions may catch you off-guard.
"Does work remember it once was play?"
"Does love remember it once was new?"
"Does family remember it once was two?"

- Lincoln, NE
Sun, 26 Jan 2014

Have you ever wondered how you started life? What about story, or a song? Everything has a beginning, but does everything remember what that beginning was? In "Once Upon A Memory" by Nena Laden we will talk about memories. We all have them. Some good and some bad, but we are reminded that we should always remember where we came from and who we once were.
Opening Moves: Lay groundwork of to understand theme, activate background knowledge, personal connections, prompt to notice details, raise questions, prompt predictions based on title, provide background information
I chose this book because of how important memories are. We should always try to remember what we were to see how far we've come. It is also a very sweet story with wonderful illustrations that I believe will help young readers to be more introspective.
Review: 2013, October 14. Publisher's Weekly. http://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0...

- The United States
Mon, 06 Jan 2014

I thought I would be reviewing a children's picture book. After all, both Nina Laden and Renata Liwska produce children's books.
As I read it I saw myself reading in the circle of light cast by a low-watt lamp, a child snuggling under the covers as the words and pictures created a soft, comforting rhythm.
I was seduced by Ms. Liwska's dreamy illustrations and Ms. Laden's deceptively simple lines. But look closer and you will see those drawings are underpinned by some dramatic pencil work and the words lead you through very grown-up concepts.
So go ahead, read this to your child. They will enjoy the silly things happening in the pictures and will be saying the lines along with you. Just be ready for that child to ask you "Why are you crying?" as you read the last line (which I won't reveal).
I received a review copy from the publisher and I know Nina Laden.

Anna Louise
- Cary, NC
Wed, 05 Feb 2014

Once Upon a Memory” written by Nina Laden and illustrated by Renata Liwska is the warm story for children that talks about need to remember our past, of memories what was once and not forgetting all that has led us to today.
The story starts when a feather will drift through one boy window starting his journey while he will follow magical feather to the fantasy world. On the way that is put in front of him, boy will meet cute animals while his story will be intertwined with motives of our memories, asking our young hero and reader questions such as “Does a book remember it once was a word?”, “Does a chair remember it was once was a tree?”, "Does love remember it once was new?", …
“Once Upon a Memory” is a story that awakens longing, warmth of heart, book full of lyrical motifs that compels the reader to recall some nice memories of what was once. And although this book contains small of text it should be enjoyed slowly, page by page, because every sentence however brief raises many questions and awakens many memories.
Not often is the case that in a picture book adults can enjoy equally as, if not more, than the kids whom we are reading, but “Once Upon a Memory” is such an example. This beautiful book can be fully recommended both for text and illustrations, but also due to the feelings that evokes.

- New York, NY
Fri, 20 Dec 2013

Opening Lines: Does a feather remember it once was … … a bird?
The first double-paged spread is wordless. It is a a tender bedroom scene of a young boy surrounded by his stuffed animals when a gust of wind wafts a feather into the room. The pages continue with a series of questions about the nature of change and memory in nature and life. The real is transformed into fantasy as the animals participate in the before and after moments on the pages, where the reader takes a whimsical look at a chair which was once a tree or a more abstract look at an island that was once alone.
Why I like this book:
Poetic musings/questions about the transitions in life, both in nature and in the abstract. It is a lyrical pot-pourri of philosophy, biology and memory. The text and Liwska’s pencil and mixed media illustrations have a dreamy quality that draw the reader into the experience. The rhyme is gentle and wonderfully unexpected, though children will naturally want to leap in and try and predict the answers. This is a quiet but utterly captivating book on memory – a delight to eye, ear and heart! It concludes by asking the child if she/he will remember their childhood. I think this is the sort of book a child will treasure for years.

- Edmonds, WA
Tue, 31 Dec 2013

Lyrical and sweet, this lovely, gentle book invites the reader to pause and reflect. One could blow through it, feel only the surface of each sentiment. But this is one to savor, slowly, page by page.
Between Laden’s lilting questions and Liwska’s soft images, alive with gesture and heart, the reader has been handed a complete experience in looking back.
The preschool teacher at our school read it with her students. Young children are born storytellers and delighted in a book full of questions to set them off on their own journey of sharing. The teacher told me she wished she could spend a week in this book, letting her little ones delve into art activities planned around each and every page. She’s cool like that.
This is a beautiful book to share in a small group or with a one in a lap. Prepare to be inspired to share your own reminiscences, as I was. Reading the creators’ favorite memories shared in the back of the book, I traveled with delight down my own memory lane.
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