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Bound by Vengeance (SKALS, #2)

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Published 16 May 2013
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~SKALS Book #2~
Revenge is a very personal thing…
After eliminating a hostile SKALS member turned rouge, Sebastian returns home to deal with the aftermath. He no longer trusts his security team, and to make matters worse, he’s got blood on his hands he can’t wash clean. Still, he is determined to try and put an end to the past and start a new life with Taylor.
Everything in him wants to be the man she needs him to be, but that decision won’t come easy. His family is in shambles, his director is breathing down his neck, and worse of all, Steven Laychee is circling, looking for a way to take down the man who killed his brother.
It’s not a matter of if Laychee will strike. It’s a question of when and who will remain standing in the end.
**DISCLAIMER** This is NOT your average romance. It's a dark, gritty, sometimes erotic psychological thriller with a heavy emphasis on plot. It also contains elements of dominance and discipline with dubious consent, psychological conditioning, and mental manipulation. There’s also gunfire and violence. If any of this offends you, this may not be the book for you. Intended for mature audiences only.

"Bound by Vengeance (SKALS, #2)" Reviews

Pearl Reads
- Houston, TX
Sun, 19 May 2013

OMG! Are You kidding me? Please, please, let there be another book. It can't stop now, there has to be more?! Just has to be!!!!
"A tiny voice in the back of her mind protested, insisting it was wrong, possbly even warped to love someone who could hurt her and to crave him the way she did, but it was like a fever- a sickness with no cure." -Taylor
Where do I even begin. So picking up where book 1 left off. Sebastian is still one scary/sexy man. I can't say I always liked him but certainly understand his actions. The one thing I loved the most about him was his fierce love and protection for Taylor.
"Bullets were a last resort-a way to put a swift merciful end to someone's suffering. They were an act of kindness in his mind. One he preferred to do without. He liked time to toy with his targets and make them think about what they had done." -Sebastian
This story just got even better. I loved all the action. So many jaw dropping moments in this book. I was on the edge plenty. Wow!
Still have a major crush on Josh. Can't wait to see what's going to become of Marx. That being said, this last quote has me looking forward to a book 3. (Hopefully, fingers crossed)
"Things would be different. He would do better, be better. He would do whatever it took to keep Taylor safe and be the man she needed him to be. Nothing would ever come between them again." -Sebastian
5 Jaw Dropping, Action Packed, Sexy/Steamy/Scary Stars!!!!! :-)

Sun, 19 Oct 2014

3.5 much better stars!
This is book 2 of the SKALS series so it is a must to read Sinister Kisses first before heading to this one.
Take it from the title itself, this book pretty much focuses on getting their vengeance and it doesn't just involve one person. It's like you made one wrong move against Sebastian, expect a payback. Somehow, that's how this story goes, what's more... the vengeance branches out from one person to another, so imagine the tangle of events.
Sebastian's character remains unpredictable, you can never tell what mood is he in so Taylor sometimes still trembles and can't decide how to answer him. Sadly, for me, this cycle is really starting to get a wee bit annoying.
The interesting part of this book is once I reached the "action scene" it's been awhile since I read anything like it, so I really enjoyed it. Especially when [spoilers removed] it makes me wish I can read faster to know how things would end up. I also love the bad-ass way of how Sebastian told Marx about his feelings for Taylor. If I hate him on some parts when he's trying to discipline Taylor before, well I love him now... Maybe we can change Sebastian's way when he gets angry on Taylor in the future... I mean who knows? Right?
There's this one thing that I can't ignore about this book though, why is it that Sebastian doesn't hire a maid/helper? It just doesn't make sense... I don't think he can maintain the mansion spotless with the kind of job he's having, so it's really a bit unrealistic. He's always tired when he gets home, you think he still got the energy to clean the house, do the laundry, do some cooking and etc? I don't think so. This is probably the only book I read where the hero is rich, lives in a big house with NO helper. Just a mention of a gardener, but still... totally unbelievable.
This book is better than the first one. But I can't say I'm loving it. Nonetheless, I'm still interested to know how things (their vengeance or more like their vendetta) would go, so I guess it's not a bad thing.

- Oshawa, ON, Canada
Wed, 05 Mar 2014

WOW Sab is the most intensive character I have ever read. Never met a character I hated & loved at the same time. I did like bk 2 better then the 1st one. Here you understand his character more. The best part is about 75% when a certain situation happens. You see how his character is trained to do what he needs to do. It was one the best plot! Now Taylor, well I still found her character one dimensional, I just could not connect to her. Again just my opinion.

- Brandon, MS
Sun, 21 Jul 2013

LOVED it just as much the 2nd time around!!!
Damn... Book 2 was just as amazing as book 1 ! I've got a new author to add to my top favorites list and Adriana Noir is it! She has created the perfect anti-hero.. the guy you love to hate at times, hate to love other times, and then just full out love. Arrrrhhhhhhh! I wanted to smack Seb around so bad sometimes. He's just... he's one of a kind. He's uber possessive and very controlling. He's a total wicked bad ass.. he's as tough as they come and he takes no shit and no prisoners. However... this time around we get to get a little deeper and see even more of the compassionate side of Seb this time around.. There's some serious bad dudes out there after him and his SKALS team but mainly Sebastian. The baddies will go after Seb anyway they can..even if it means going after his biggest weak spot.. which happens to be Taylor. Taylor has been a balm to Seb's soul.. she's everything to him. But as much as he loves her.. he's still very controlling and he takes "obey" to a whole other level. Like ... seriously another level. Dude is cray cray sometimes. I would literally get goosebumps when Taylor would do something that I just knew was going make him go all defcon 1 on her ass.
Yea.. he still scares the shit out of me.. but he's so freaking calm.. I imagine him when he gets pissed with these crazy shark eyes.. but of course he's really hot too.. so he's got sexy hot shark eyes. But Seb is the way he is because of the job he has to do. His life demands order and sometimes the really bad shit he has to go through bleeds over into his personal life. His strong demands that Taylor do exactly what he says and how he says it are for a reason.... his on crazy bad ass dude reasons.. but reasons none the less.
This one had a lot more suspense and action than the first one and a lot more suspense. I was dreading turning the pages of my Kindle at the very same time I couldn't turn them fast enough. I am waiting with baited breath for book 3....
can't recommend this series enough... but remember.. this isn't a romance with unicorns and butterflies. There's deep passion and love but there's some serious grit.. when I say Seb is an anti-hero I mean it.. He really pushed my buttons sometimes with the way he treated Taylor and some of the things he did to her. But... damn I love that man. He's the shit.. seriously that man is IT.

- prince george, BC, Canada
Mon, 26 Aug 2013

Another riveting installment in the SKALS series! This series is not for the faint of heart, or for someone expecting a flowery romance. This is dark, gritty, and raw; but somehow it has me in its grasp and won't let go. When Sebastian is with HIS Taylor and everything is going how he expects it to go, he has got to be the most endearing, loving, and intense man there is. He loves Taylor with an intensity that goes far beyond any regular Alpha males love for their woman.
"You are my anchor, Taylor. My heart, my haven- my home. None of this means anything without you. Life means nothing without you."....
"I will always love you and protect you with everything I have. You're my entire world. I could never imagine living without you. I want to start building the rest of my life around you. You make me want to do better, Taylor.."
But when Sebastian's mood is agitated, and Taylor has done something to challenge his authority...look out, his dark side emerges and it isn't pretty in any way. This man is cold, calculated and evil to his core. He is very frightening, and he crosses the line to deliver whatever abuse he deems necessary to correct Taylor's behaviour. He does this with no guilt, as he feels he is doing her a favor, and teaching her how to make sure she never makes the same mistake twice.
What has me boggled with this story, is the fact that Taylor puts up with this. Mind you, when everything is going well, Sebbie is a dream come true for her; but when it is bad, the terror that she has for the man that she loves does nothing but confuse her.
Sebastian is the most contradicting character that I have read about. I am very impressed how Adriana Noir is able to bring out my compassion for a character who is so hard and abusive. I feel I should hate him with all of my being; but instead I am able to understand why Sebastian is the way he is. I have my fingers crossed that as the series progresses, Seb will begin to develop more patience and gentleness. Even if he doesn't, I am caught in his web, and I'm hanging on for dear life!! I can't wait to dive into Book three, to see what is in store for this unconventional series that has me in its grasp!

- Montreal, Canada
Sat, 18 May 2013

review posted here : and here :
Dang it! I hate cliffhangers! Baas is such an ass you either love him or hate him or both!
This story is sure one hell of a ride! I freaking love it!!!! Cannot wait for the next book!!!!

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