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Hit for Freedom - Anna's Battle (HiT, #2)

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Published 15 Dec 2013
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Anna Brookes also known by her Professional name 15, did what she had never done before.
She didn’t kill her target, HiT 149.
HiT 149 better known as Ben Pearson did something he had never done before.
He fell in love with Anna Brookes.
In Hit for Freedom, the sequel to HiT 149, a nemesis so powerful, terrifying and frightening is threatening the safety of Anna’s love, Ben and his hometown, St Cloud.
15 must deal with a force that may be too dangerous even for her skilled ways. With limited information on her new HiT, she willingly infiltrates his trust to acquire the knowledge she needs to implode the operations of the deadly man.
“What you saw earlier must be playing around in your head. But you didn’t scream or freak out which tells me you are either very strong or very broken. Either way, the information I give you from here on in, you must understand that I will kill you if you choose to repeat it to anyone.” I’ll let him believe that. ~ Anna Brookes
Recommended for 18+

"Hit for Freedom - Anna's Battle (HiT, #2)" Reviews

Crazy about Bookz
- Manila, D9, Philippines
Wed, 17 Jul 2013

Thank you again Ms. Margaret for giving me a chance to read in advance HIT for Freedom the sequel to the HIT Series of Anna Brookes. I'm so excited to start reading this sequel.
The story is the continuation of Anna Brookes' mission to protect St. Cloud and Ben Pearson from an enemy too dangerous for her. With the limited information about her HIT she needs to enter his barrier and earn his trust and to acquire the knowledge she needed how to kill her next target...
Wow 15 is back with the new TARGET! But her next Hit is a very deadly and dangerous man. She used a different strategy to know more about HIM. With the new mission, new adventure, new characters, and new revelations this book is really a must read!
I'm a fan of Ms.Margaret's work, her stories always captured my interest, her genre it is not what I used to read but when I started reading her 1st book I craved for more. It's like I'm watching a TV series, the flow of the story is very smooth, her storyline is always flawless. Every detail is thoroughly describe in every chapter. And lastly, I love the thrill of suspense, the twist and turn and she always show the toughness of her heroine.
An action packed story with a little hot and sexy scene on the side, and with an heroine who can kick some ass, have a very dominant character and can make men fall from their knees, what can you ask for? 15 can be tough bitch but she can be weak, I saw her soft side in this story.
The thrill of reading this book is ALWAYS there. New characters were introduced to spice up more of the story. Every characters holds a secret that you are dying to find out, and NEW SHOCKING revelations that soon will complicate things between Anna and Ben.
I know this is a cliff hanger, but I still read it cause I'm so eager to continue my journey with Anna and Ben. I can't wait for the next installment of this book.
Again congrats!!! Love this Series!
Please add to your TBR list: Hit For Freedom - Anna's Battle
Coming this December 18th 2013

Mon, 15 Jul 2013

Assertive = Check
Arrogant = Check
Deadly = Check
Conniving = Check
Assassin = Check
A Woman = Check
New Target = Check
Anna's back, and in the second installment of The HiT Series, Anna has to take a different approach to get to her new target.
Issues arise, trust will be questioned, and unexpected developments will see our heroine in a position she's never been in before.
Get ready for, Anna's Battle.

Trish -
- Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Sun, 25 May 2014

We are back with a Bang. This story starts where it left off in Book #1.
Margaret McHeyzer does not disappoint – and OMG – the cliffhanger had me reeling….I need the next book ASAP.
This story is full of mystery and suspense, hot sex, secrets to unearth, lies being told, more targets to kill and people to save.
Everyone, and I mean everyone in this book has secrets and is hiding behind a mask. Piecing this puzzle together was a mindfuck for me. I got it wrong so many times, but loved that I got it wrong because it kept shocking me with the unexpected.
We meet Katsu Vang, a powerful, controlling Asian man with many evils. Anna senses Katsu’s evil ways by that all protective serpent bit she feels.
Anna knows he’s dangerous and needs to figure out what he’s involved in. She devises a plan to get involved with him to take him out. But will her plan work? What has Anna gotten herself into? What will she endure to get the answers she is looking for? Is it more than she can handle?
Katsu is one creepy motherf#*#*.
As we know from the beginning of this series, Anna was never supposed to fall in love with Ben, but she has and she senses the need to protect him. After not being in touch for over 15 months she contacts Ben to check in on him as she misses him. But she always has an ulterior motive. She needs to find out what Ben knows.
The passion and lust between them is still there after all this time. Ben really cannot get enough of her. Their love for one another is real – but will secrets get in the way?
“God, Anna, you feel so…” I can’t even finish speaking when her hand slips into my boxers and grabs onto my cock squeezing it with so much force I don’t know if I’m going to come or yell.
“Fuck me…”
“That’s the plan,” she says as she ducks under my arms and is standing in front of me.

I have to say - Ben is really a pussy most of the time in this book. I really wanted to shake him up and slap him across the side of the head and tell him to grow some balls. Anna had him in the palm of her hand all the time. Which wasn’t a bad thing – as the role reversal was refreshing.
I was just totally surprised that Ben was the way he was considering who he is and the secrets he is keeping??? But then again, we are to expect the unexpected from Margaret McHeyzer.
Anna is still a sexy, bad ass, fierce woman, but we see a softer side of her when her feelings for Ben come out. Will this be Anna’s undoing?
As the story progresses Anna gets more involved with Katsu and that relationship is one I despised. The things that Anna puts herself through are awful. But she always has her mask on needing to be as ruthless as she can. She needs to get results and needs to put herself on the line to get them.
The more the story unfolds, Anna realizes that she and Ben need to work together to eliminate a common enemy. But the secrets that unfold will leave you speechless.
I'll need to find my targets and execute this with precision. There isn't any room for error. This hit is personal. This is a Hit for Freedom.
Toward the end of the story, it was beautiful to see Anna’s vulnerability in making a decision that could change her life. She wants to change, she wants to love and be loved, she wants a future with Ben. But can it really happen? Will Anna get her HEA?
I'm getting out Ben. I can't do this anymore. I can't be apart from you anymore. I want it all with you.
I had a hard time predicting what was coming. Margaret McHeyzer had me hanging by a thread every minute I was reading. She never ceases to amaze me with her stories. With so many twists and turns, unexpected moments and when you think you are almost done and the end is near – IT’S NOT – she leaves you strung out with a huge cliffhanger. Totally riveting.
What will happen to Anna? Can Ben grow some balls and save her?
I just can’t say this enough - what an exceptional job Margaret McHeyzer has done with this series. I consumed each one in two days and it left me craving more.
Her characters are edgy, convincing, fascinating and absorbing. It is definitely not for those of you who are easily frightened or disturbed. But if you are looking for something unique, extraordinary and hypnotizing – then this is for you.
I will say this again – Margaret’s stories are a breath of fresh air – so different to what I’ve read before with a sexy, fierce, assertive leading woman and a somewhat hopeless romantic male lead, so love struck and unable to help himself in more ways than one.
I love Margaret McHeyzer’s fresh and in your face writing style and her “outside the square” thinking. She creates her characters with so much depth that we are always given a perfect insight into who they are. It allows you to create picture perfect images in your mind of how she portrays her characters.
Margaret McHeyzer - thank you for bringing me Anna. I loved her and her story. It really blew me away in more ways than one. You really do ROCK it out.
Now bring on HiT to Live – the Finale.

- Canada
Fri, 19 Jan 2018

With lots of twists and turns this interesting tale is getting close to the end. It had a big cliffhanger and I can't wait to see how Anna and Ben's story ends in the last book.

Literati Literature
- The United States
Sun, 17 Nov 2013

Robbie's Review
As a very young girl, Anna Brookes fell in love with guns...as a woman she fell in love with Ben Pearson, a man she was hired to kill. In HiT for Freedom, the second book of author Margaret McHeyzer's HiT series, Anna and Ben must both make sacrifices in pursuit of a mutual enemy.
Katsu didn't push but I could tell that he was a little frustrated with my lack of intimacy that he must so desperately want from me. I knew that it was only a matter of time that I'd have to give myself over to him, and I was dreading that event.
HiT For Freedom, along with HiT 149 and Anna Brookes in Training, are not for the fainthearted. Margaret McHeyzer has written a series with characters who are compelling and chilling. There are no good guys...only bad guys and worse guys (and girls). Now then before you throw up your hands and say "Why in the world would I want to read this book?" let me tell you that you will be captivated by the story line. Although both Anna and Ben, the man she loves, are capable of great tenderness and steamy passion with each other, they are totally ruthless with others in pursuit of their goals.
Toward the end of the book Anna becomes weary with her lifestyle.
I'm getting out Ben. I can't do this anymore. I can't be apart from you anymore. I want it all with you.
But that pronouncement isn't the prelude to a cliffhanger....Margaret McHeyzer delivers more than a cliffhanger and readers will be left clinging to the edge by their finger nails.
The story line alone makes this a series worth following. I think with time, experience and thoughtful editing this author will become a favorite of those who enjoy unconventional plots and edgy characters. I recommend this book to any reader who likes to read outside the box.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book directly from the author. I was not paid to read or review this book. All opinions are my own and I was never influenced by anything or anyone.

- Prairie Grove, AR
Mon, 16 Dec 2013

Oh my goodness, this story is just as amazing as the first! I'm so hooked on this series! I can't describe how I truly feel. It was a great read.
Ben... I knew it! (I wont give it away but I KNEW IT!) That might have been a little predictable on that frunt but other wise I was completely immersed and shocked. I still love Anna's Kick assness... (That so isn't a word.)
I really enjoyed how the story line developed in this book. It was truly unexpected and left me on the edge of my seat. The characters have so much depth to them. It is hard not to get caught up in their lives. And this book had a few shockers for me. Some things I didn't see coming.
I was really left hanging with the ending. I wanted more... More like needed. I need to know what happens next. I loved this story line. I was wondering how this series would continue. I love Anna and Ben and want a future for them. I can't wait to see where this story leads...

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