Ridgeville Series: Volume One (Ridgeville, #1-3) Book Pdf ePub

Ridgeville Series: Volume One (Ridgeville, #1-3)

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Published 20 5 2013
Ridgeville Series: Volume One (Ridgeville, #1-3).pdf
Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Summerhouse Publishing

This book contains the following novellas in the Ridgeville series: "He Ain't Lion", "You're Lion", and "Ball of Furry". If you already own these books, please do not purchase this title.
The first three books in the Ridgeville series are now bundled together for one great price! (64,000 words).
"He Ain't Lion" - Life sucks... And then you get turned into a werelion... Curvy Maya Josephs is looking for a little fun after a bad break up. When she meets the hotter than hot, super-sexy owner Alex O'Connell, the alpha lion shifter is just the man to fit the bill for a one-night stand.
"You're Lion" - With new pregnancy hormones making her inner kitty extra bitchy, Maya's not sure who she's going to murder first: her gyno for discovering the pregnancy, her guards for following her every move (and annoying the living shit out of her), or the striped beyotch cooing over Alex. Screw it. She'll start with the tigress and work her way back to the other two. Lucky for everyone involved, it's a good thing Alex knows how to tame her inner she-cat...and make her purr.
"Ball of Furry" - Perfectly plump Carly has no need for a gorgeous hunk of werelion. But the hunky man pounces and claims her before she has the chance to say "no." Furry bastard. As if her life isn't crazy enough...it just happens to get that much crazier when someone decides they want her dead. Lovely.

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- San Jose, CA
Thu, 20 Feb 2014

3.5 stars
This is two books plus one novella which I think is great because one story flowed into the next and at about 275 pages, I breezed through it.
The bundle starts with He Ain't Lion. In the town of Ridgeville, Alex O'Connell is prime of the were-lion pride. When a beautiful, curvy blonde walks into his club during the Gaian moon, semi-annual moon that kicks a shifter's libido into high gear, he knows he should send the unfamiliar human on her way but his lion has other plans. After a wild night with the the most delicious man she's ever met, Maya feels a little...off. She had no idea a night of passion would lead to her turning into a shifter and oh boy, is Alex going to answer for that. You're Lion is next and picks up with Maya getting used to what it means to be prima and setting a tiger shifter straight on who is and is not allowed to put their claws on her mate.
Alex and Maya hit the sheets nearly right out of the gate. Alex wants Maya, Maya wants Alex and gets a night full of sweaty fun and a bite that changes her life forever. There's little character development or plot to it but I'm ok with that. I was in the mood for something entertaining, a bit snarky, and hot and that's just what I got.
In the second book, Ball of Fury, Maya's rabbit shifting best friend Carly is up and she's found her mate in the Neal, a hunky Texan lion shifter that has his work cut out for him with Carly. She doesn't believe the big flirt is able to be a one woman man and he's determined to prove her wrong. Too bad his courting is interrupted by someone out to kill his mate.
There's a bit more to the story in this one. Carly wants her HEA and is heartbroken to find Neal, one of Maya's personal bodyguards and renown flirt, is who fate paired her up with. But Neal has a surprise for her. He hasn't touched another female since they first laid eyes on each other six months ago and he's out to change his shameless ways for her. This one is just has hot as the first book plus Neal is cute as he chases after his mate and that makes up for the lack of character development. Plus the assassination attempt opens up doors and widens the Ridgeville series world and the set up for book three has me excited to read more.
These are a great escape for the more emotionally heavy, complex stories I read. There's a lot of sexy entertainment wrapped up in this short collection and I had a lot of fun with it.
- Stephanie

Wed, 30 Apr 2014

Twice a month shifters of Ridgeville gather with their lot to celebrate the Gaian Moon. It's an orgy fest, with one real goal in mind - procreation. This is the Get Out of Jail free card is for those who want kittens, cubs, puppies, or whatever the breed, but haven't met their mate. Even humans, called familiars, are part of the writhing sex fest. But when Maya, a human looking for a hot one-nighter, is bitten by a Prime Lion while getting freaky, she gets more than what she asks for.
Then there's April, the Rabbit shifter, who discovers her mate is a lion ladies man. Things really get interesting when, Maya is confronted with the fruits of his labour.
Kyle's Ridgeville Shifters made me laugh and appreciate the spin on a Rabbit being eaten by a Lion. At times it become a little heavy on the whole 'you're mine, so we'll behave like toddlers if anyone else wants to play' but I endured.
Now, onto Volume 2!

Pam Collins
- The United States
Sun, 03 Jan 2016

Rereading Heaven!
I just tin shed rereading this boxed set, and if possible, I love it even more this time. It is crammed with hilarious dialogue (inner & spoken), romance, HOT SEX scenes, and great characters! Kyle's entertaining & imaginative world comes to vivid life every time I read her books.

- Bakersfield, CA
Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Warning!!!!! What I thought were 3 novels were 3 novellas, not that I minded but I really thought the Prime and Prima deserved a little more in depth study, also since I didn't get the other books separately I would have been a little upset at being left hanging if the stories start and stop like they did in Vol. 1

- Corby, The United Kingdom
Sun, 16 Nov 2014

Ridgeville volume 1
Absolutely love Ridgeville, the characters are funny. The true depth if the characters starts to really show in Ball of Furry and improves from there. Definitely worth a read if you like to have a giggle with you PNR.

- Charleston, ME
Sun, 01 May 2016

I totally loved these books. I love Maya and Carly. Two extremely loveable women who aren't afraid of being who they ate. Strong, intelligent and in touch with themselves. I would recommend these books to anyone who lies BBW and the wonderful mates.

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