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A Piece of Cake

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Published 27 May 2014
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Balzer + Bray
ISBN 006199264X

Reminiscent of the best of Peter Brown with the charming retro feel of classic Golden Books, A Piece of Cake is a delightful story about generosity, creativity, and improvisation from bestselling illustrator LeUyen Pham.
Mouse has baked a special treat for Little Bird's birthday! But delivering it to his friend isn't easy—not when everyone he meets along the way offers to trade something for a piece of cake. . . . In A Piece of Cake, LeUyen Pham puts a unique spin on a classic tale. Kids will love the unexpected and hilarious turn the story takes. Its strong picture support; story elements, including setting, character, and plot development; and identification of a problem and solution make this a strong Common Core title.
Supports the Common Core State Standards

"A Piece of Cake" Reviews

- The United States
Sun, 12 Feb 2017

First sentence: It was Little Bird's birthday. Mouse, who was a very kind mouse, made her a cake. He worked the whole morning through and used up everything in his pantry.
Premise/plot: On the way to Little Bird's house, Mouse meets a handful of animals. Each one he meets--a chicken, a squirrel, a bear, a cow--wants a piece of cake. Each one is willing to trade for it. So by the time he gets to his friend's house, Mouse has no cake and a 'random' assortment of junk: a cork, a wire, a net, a flyswatter. But Little Bird is CLEVER and knows how to get another cake--even though Little Bird's pantry is empty!
My thoughts: I love the unexpectedness of the second swaps. Little Bird has a unique way of problem-solving. And it may not be the adult-reader's way of problem solving! Overall, I enjoyed this one!
Text: 5 out of 5
Illustrations: 4 out of 5
Total: 9 out of 10

Mary Ann
- Berkeley, CA
Mon, 19 May 2014

Kind little Mouse has made a birthday cake for his friend Little Bird. He sets off to deliver the cake, but meets other friends who ask for a piece. Pham sets up readers to expect that Mouse will gather the expected ingredients along the way: eggs, milk, honey. But with each page turn, Mouse's friends offer something completely unexpected in return.
A Piece of Cake was honored as a finalist in the Northern California Book Awards this year. I was honored to be part of the children's award committee. Here is part of their description of this delightful story:

Piece by piece, Mouse trades away the cake until he has none left, arriving at Little Bird’s house only with an odd assortment of things... As they walk back to Mouse’s house to make another cake, they find each friend surrounded by trouble. Once again, Pham expertly manages page turns to surprise readers with the solutions that Little Bird cleverly suggests.

I adore the retro feel of Pham's artwork and the story is so much fun to read aloud. Little kids will love the patterned surprises, and older kids will have fun with the clever twists and enjoy the message about teamwork and creative thinking.

- The United States
Thu, 28 Aug 2014

This was a cute story for my 7-year-old. Mouse baked Bird a cake for her birthday but as she went to deliver it she was stopped by other animals. Each one gave Mouse something in exchange for a slice of cake. When Mouse arrived at Bird's house, the cake was gone. Mouse couldn't make another one because he'd used all his baking supplies but Bird had a plan. As they walked back to Mouse's house, they traded different supplies to each animal in exchange for something to put in the cake. My child was surprised and delighted to see the trades weren't what he expected.

Susan Dove
Thu, 13 Nov 2014

What a fun book to use in storytime with 4-6 year-olds! The story goes along in a sweetly predictable way and then gets very interesting as it goes in reverse. That age group loves to predict and find it hilarious when their predictions turn out not to be true, thanks to the author's inventive storyline.

- Arlington, VA
Tue, 07 Feb 2017

A cute story about making a cake for a friend, giving away all the cake to other friends in exchange for other objects, which are then traded back in surprising ways for the ingredients to make another cake. It would be easy to find all the objects to show in storytime: a cork, piece of wire, flyswatter, and net. And from a play food set: a bottle of milk, honey jar, eggs, nuts (walnuts in shell maybe?)... or for the food you could make flannel pieces. For my storytime group 0-5 years it might be too long and complex, but a 4-5 year old group I think it would be perfect. Something to think about reading when a kindergarten visits. I also like the idea that we may have objects which we could trade to help each other without exchanging money, a sort of preschool version of the sharing economy.

- Omaha, NE
Thu, 29 Mar 2018

This book was about a mouse who wanted to bake a cake for his friends birthday. He used up all of his ingredients to make this cake. Along the way to his friend bird, some friends stopped him along the way to trade items for a piece of his cake. Eventually mouse ran out of cake and did not know what to do when he got to birds house. Then Bird came up with a great idea and thought to find use for the things mouse got. They ended up trading other items for more ingredients to make another cake and invited all of the friends the traded with to make another one so everybody could have a piece.
For this book I think it would be cool for the kids to make a comic strip of their own animal giving away something that they made. It would give them a chance to be creative and change some things they want to change.
Pham, L. (2014). A piece of cake. New York, NY: Balzer Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins

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