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November Echo (Aleksandr Talanov Thriller #3)

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Published 04 Nov 2013
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Format Paperback
Publisher Regis Books
ISBN 0958666431

Every spy has a beginning, and for Colonel Aleksandr Talanov of the KGB, that moment occurs one summery night in 1985 on the Costa del Sol, at the height of Cold War tensions between the Americans and Soviets.
As a signatory to the Biological Weapons Treaty of 1972, the United States had already destroyed its military stockpiles of weaponized pathogens. The Soviet Union, however, responded differently to the signing of that treaty. They created a network of forty-seven top-secret production facilities spread across Russia. Called Biopreparat, it was the largest biological weapons program in history.
So when a scientist from one of those facilities decides to defect, Talanov has the assigned task of bringing him back. But after tracking the scientist and his family to Spain, Talanov is betrayed and the scientist and his family are murdered.
The only survivor is their teenage daughter, Noya - short for Noyabŕina - in English, "November" - and what happens in an impulsive moment changes the course of Talanov's life by placing him in a desperate race to save Noya from the deadliest and most vicious adversary he will ever encounter: his own people, the KGB.

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Sun, 15 Dec 2013

This is an excellent spy thriller. The descriptions of Russia, the culture, the times, and other parts of Europe paint a clear picture of everything the protagonists encounter while on their mission. Unlike many works nowadays that focus on futuristic events, this takes place during the height of the Cold War when the KGB still reigned supreme and spying wasn't done in some windowless room by computer nerds with video game controllers. The protagonist, Col. Talanov, doesn't always play by the rules, but he definitely gets the job done. And his partner, Sofia, allows for excellent banter and interesting dialog. This makes a great, action-packed read.

- Scottsdale, AZ
Tue, 18 Aug 2015

Spy thriller
A bit windy in places and in need of more editing. It was exciting though and full of action and intrigue. Characters were well developed and their motivations were satisfactorily explained by the time the story ended. Looking forward to more adventures of the KGB Colonel. Give it a try if you like spy stories about the '80s.

- Escondido, CA
Thu, 07 May 2015

Gave up on it. Too boring and unbelievable.

- Atlanta, GA
Tue, 11 Feb 2014

I got this through a Goodreads Giveaway, so thank you to James Houston Turner, Regis Books, and Goodreads for the free signed copy. After an iffy start, I ended up really enjoying this book.
Mechanics first: It needed a serious editorial revision, as I was constantly tripping over comma problems, missing punctuation or articles/conjunctions, typesetting issues (like words still highlighted from a previous revision or misplaced paragraphs breaks), and other issues that should have been caught by an editor (or at least another set of eyes reviewing it before printing). I have some pet peeves, such as the use of temporal words (like "now," "ago," "tomorrow," "tonight," etc.) in narrative in a novel written in past tense -- especially a novel set in the mid-1980s. I also have a particular hatred for the use of "motion" as a verb; whether you agree with me or not, it's simply not great writing to use that word EVERY SINGLE TIME you want to show hand/arm motion (gesture, indicate, wave, point, signal, and many others are all good options).
I understand that this might not be the first book in the series featuring this character, so I admit that I'm coming into it without a full understanding of the backstory. That said, it's a standalone novel in which much of the protagonist's history is explained, so I did not feel out of place catching this midway through the series.
As for the plot, I was initially turned off by the lead character's similarity to a 1980s Soviet clone of James Bond -- the cocksure ladies' man rolling through high-class casinos in Europe driving a Ferrari and accompanied by an exotic beauty. If that had kept up for the rest of the book, I would have been severely disappointed. However, when the action truly begins (Soviet agents attempting to stop a Russian scientist from defecting to the US), the main character is shown to be a regular man capable of being flawed, of being betrayed by those he trusted, and of showing empathy for his original targets. There were good twists featuring compelling characters, and the ending of the book brought a couple of more twists that leave the reader wanting to find out what happens next.
This book, while needing additional editing, is still as good in plot as many of the mass-market bestsellers in the spy thriller genre, so I am happy to recommend this book. I look forward to the next one in the series.

- Holts Summit, MO
Wed, 04 Dec 2013

November Echo takes places at the height of the Cold War. This period of history is full of intrigue, spies, and secret weapons and author James Turner pulls from actual events to set the framework of his novel. The main character, Talanov, is a Russian colonel with the KGB nicknamed “Ice Man”. He is a top agent who does things his own way, but gets away with it because he produces results.
When Talanov is assigned to retrieve a scientist trying to defect to America, he is teamed up unwillingly with the beautiful Sofia Dubinina, a young, seemingly inexperienced agent. Talanov has a very James Bond flair for espionage, flaunting his presence to the American agents assigned to him, while out maneuvering them at every turn.
The action takes a major twist when Talanov and Sofia actually catch up with the scientist, Gorev, his family, and his American handlers. The action is fast and furious with the threat of a major biological weapon secretly created by the Russians falling into the wrong hands.
November Echo is a well written espionage thriller. Well worth the read for fans of spy novels and Cold War enthusiasts. The factual foundation even makes it feel like you are learning something as you read, which is always a bonus.

- The United States
Wed, 19 Mar 2014

Excellent read. Full of unexpected twists and turns with an interesting ending.

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