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Still Jaded (Jaded, #2)

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Published 20 Nov 2013
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Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan ruled their school until a killer wanted to rule them. A year later and they're all back. Bryce is the local celebrity jock. Corrigan’s running a fraternity and Sheldon's hiding from all drama. However, she's quickly pulled back into their social world and accidents start happening. With the killer killed, who's trying to hurt Sheldon this time? Or maybe it's someone closer than she wants to admit?
Jaded Series:
Still Jaded

"Still Jaded (Jaded, #2)" Reviews

Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
- Norway
Sat, 15 Aug 2015

“If people treat you like shit, you treat them like shit right back. They won't like it, but they'll respect it. It's a lonely road." Although, truth be told, I enjoyed being alone. Life was much clearer.”

Don't get me wrong, this book does have its potential, however it would had have to changed, specially for me. It sucks when a book/or/and series has so much potential to be so damn good, but something is missing, and you know what would have needed to change. I wish I could just change it for her. To the problem...
“I'm sure your body can handle it. Bodies have a way of dealing with things. It's like magic sometimes. That's what I love about human anatomy.”

The problem for me is that I feel like I'm a person watching from the outside-in, however what I see is a damn wall. Sheldon has not only the walls up for her friends and boyfriend, but for herself as well. And that, people, makes it really hard to connect and to be sympathetic with her. I have problems with feeling for her. I understand why she is how she is in a way, but I feel like we're missing a lot. She cold-hearted, closed off, and acts like a complete robot.
"I'm coming after you, Sheldon. I backed off because I saw you loved him, but if he's not treating you right then nothing's going to keep me away. I'm coming after you."

Yes, she is a little more... open now with herself and others, but it's still so damn little. Her parents are fucked up, and left her for herself, but still that doesn't make a person that much fucked up?! I don't understand why she goes around being a robot? I need Sheldon do open up to herself so we, the readers can actually get to know Sheldon on a personal level. She has developed, but not much. Not much at all.
I looked in the mirror. A stranger stared back at me. I no longer recognized her: thin frame, skinny arms, huge eyes, huge mouth, and something in her that no longer made sense. It was like I was looking at myself from out of my body. I felt weird and, yet, comforted at the same time.

Now to the boys... I loved, or at least liked Bryce very much in first book, but in Still Jaded I lost complete respect for him, which sucked because he was a bit possessive and alpha male. I didn't get his deal in this book, but it all got out in the end, but now I feel like everything is broken :/ Denton was, shockingly, freshly. He was funny, cute and supportive and I liked that. Though I don't see him as dating material for Sheldon, but he'd be a great friend. Corrigan was better in this book. I liked his fun side, but I love his serious, strong, hard and tough side a hell of a lot more! I can see him as a possessive, protective and alpha male.. And if you know me, you know how I like my type ;))
"When you do break and get angry, and I know you will, please don't do anything that'll get you killed or put in prison? I lost one best friend yesterday. I can't lose my other one." - Corrigan

To be frankly honest, I'm kinda hoping Sheldon ends up with both Corrigan and Bryce, and I know that is so wrong, but I cannot choose, and I don't want their friendship/relationship to be over. And it will be over with one of them if she choose one of them. They can have a Polyamory relationship. It would be great. They are already a family, so why not share Sheldon? :P Nah, it won't happen. Of that I'm sure. Though I have no idea who I want her to end up with.. Bryce kinda broke our hearts with the way he acted...
"Well, it's out now. They'll figure it out."
"And I'm the quintessential bitch, like always."
"You're just you, Sheldon. Get over it and get home. I've missed you."

The story, again, doesn't make any sense. Nothing really happened. A new stalker is after Sheldon. Someone wants to hurt her badly or kill her. Sheldon is a better person (some), but still cold and in control without doing anything other than being herself. I admire her for that, but I find people who are cold and refuses to lift her walls for her closest friends, not even for herself, weak. I cannot help but to get pissed at Sheldon when she pushes things, thoughts, people like Corrigan away instead of letting them in. It's okay to be strong, but it's also okay to break down sometimes as well...
"And I'm being loyal to Grace by going after the guy that used her for sex. That's one of my rules."
I couldn't look away from the two guys in my life. They'd been my family for so long, my only family, and now I was going against them. A part of my heart fell to the bottom of my stomach.

The ending of course ended in a cliffhanger, and you have to read next book because everything has builded up to that, and that sucks. I hate cliffhangers, specially in a series I don't particularly love. I have considered to quit it and shelf it as 'dnf', but I have giving up, so I'm sticking to this series and I'm gonna finished it. Hopefully.
Rate: 2.5 stars.

Rachel Reads Ravenously
- Los Angeles, CA
Fri, 25 Apr 2014

3.5 stars.
I didn't like it as much as the first book, but still a great Tijan escape from reality read. Will the 3rd book ever get an official release date? BOOK HANGOVER TO THE MAX!

- Ireland
Sun, 21 Aug 2016

This book turned my stomach into knots, and I honestly felt a terrible panicky feeling in my chest while reading it. This series is like a sick addiction, one I just can't get enough of even though half the time I want to scream and yell and throw a few things around the room. These characters infuriate me but I'm obsessing over them. It is like the most extreme car-crash TV multiplied ten-fold with an extra dollop of highly-emotive angsty drama on top. These characters have few redeeming qualities, and they can in no way be described as positive role models, but they are strangely endearing all the same.
I spent the first half of this book feeling sorry for Sheldon, the middle part screaming at Bryce, and the last part scratching my head in utter confusion over the apparent connection between Sheldon and Corrigan. I adore love triangles and this one is frustratingly good. I like that Tijan explores the theme of actually being properly in love with two guys at the same time. And it's not lust or insta-love as these three have been best friends for years. I know some people don't believe it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time, but I think it's credible. Gosh, it cranked the awkwardness level to new heights but I lapped it up. I started to have some sympathy for Bryce toward the end even though he still acted like an ass with that bloody supermodel.
The stalker subplot is good but very much in the background and I'm expecting that to develop in the final book.
I liked seeing a different side to Corrigan and it seems fairly clear that she has already chosen him even if she doesn't realize it. I'm not sure how I feel about that. There was no clue to this connection in the first one so I find it weird that she might love him more than Bryce. If subtle clues had been evident in the first book, it would be more believable. The other issue I had is that all of the time the three of them spent in Barcelona isn't relayed for the reader which is very bizarre because the supposed issues in their relationship arose from that chapter in their lives. We are told bits and pieces but otherwise it was glossed over. It would have made more sense if book two focused on that time and this was book three etc.
Glaring editing errors, some plot holes, and timeline issues grated on my nerves too but there is no way I can rate this less than 5 stars. Any book that ties me into so many knots and has me up half the night thinking about the characters and the plot is worthy of top marks. Dying to see how this series closes out now!
My recommendation comes with a health warning - only for those who enjoy high-stakes drama, despicable characters with little moral compass, and angsty emotional romance.
This review will appear on my blog in due course.

- Muskegon, MI
Sun, 26 Jan 2014

One year after book one, Sheldon, Bryce, and Corrigan are changed, split in ways. Book one ended with Sheldon and Corrigan following Bryce to Barcelona to play soccer and then when it picks back up Sheldon and Corrigan are back home going to college and Bryce is still in Barcelona, but soon he returns and we find that after the events in book one our trio are all suffering in their own ways, but it's easy to see that as long as they have each other they can handle anything.....
When someone stalking Sheldon becomes lethal the group again bands together to protect each other. Secrets and old feelings boil to the surface and turmoil has everyone on edge...
Book two was just as amazing as book one. SO excited for the conclusion in book three.

Alexis *Reality Bites*
Fri, 25 Jul 2014

Review to come!
These three drove me BONKERS. I'm a little backed up on reviews right now but trust me it's coming.
Happy Reading!

- San Diego, CA
Fri, 01 Feb 2013

Ahhh, Sheldon. I don't know whether to buy her a drink, shake some sense into her or give her prickly ass a hug (which would probably earn me a black eye). Frustrating, but that is why I love Tijan's characters. Never one-dimensional.
DO NOT even get me started on the boys. Bryce, what can I say. Right now your an ass. I may have to switch to Team Corrigan now. Even though I have always had a soft spot for Corrigan, it is lucky for you I am a sucker for a boy with a mo-hawk, so I am willing to give you another shot in the third book.
Some editing issues, but I am able to overlook the editing since the story is a fun and interesting read.

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