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Published 17 6 2014
Format Hardcover
Publisher Marvel
ISBN 0785190333

After the fall of Attilan and the Terrigen Bomb explosion, thousands of people across the globe have transformed into Inhumans! Their new powers are dangerous and terrifying, making them targets. With Black Bolt believed dead, who can these new Inhumans turn to? As the Avengers face Karnak, who has discovered the Inhumans' secret, Medusa struggles to rule her vastly increased population, and Marvel's heroes - including the Hulk, Spider-Girl, the X-Men, the new Illuminati, Iron Man, the Jean Grey School, Avengers Academy, Luke Cage and the Superior Spider-Man - must cope with the fallout!
COLLECTING: Avengers Assemble 21.INH-23.INH, 24-25; Inhumanity 1-2; Uncanny X-Men 15.INH; Indestructible Hulk 17.INH-18.INH, 19; New Avengers 13.INH; Iron Man 20.

"Inhumanity" Reviews

- Wilmington, DE
Tue, 27 Oct 2015

Inhumanity deals with the aftermath of Black Bolt setting off the terrigen mist cloud and transforming people who have no clue about their inhuman heritage. It mostly involves cocoons being taken in order to experiment on and to learn the secret of inhuman terrigenesis. A bunch of new inhumans appeared and here are pictures of some of them.
I don't know if any of these characters will appear in later editions of Inhumans or other comics, but some interesting things are happening.

- Ottawa, ON, Canada
Wed, 11 Mar 2015's a mixed bag. A big damn mixed bag at that. And I've already read some of the stories like all th Indestructible Hulk and the Iron Man and New Avengers.
Do you know what the biggest problem is? The art. It's all over the place and the majority of it is sub-par. Takes away from some of the fairly well written stories.
I also feel like this was very light on actual Inhumans, and anything about what it's doing to's more about the way it affects the human populace.
The collection starts off with possibly the best issue...inhumanity #1 by Matt Fraction, and great art by Oliver Coipel. It also contains a great Hawkeyes joke about him not getting his ass kicked for once... #2 is decent, but the art lets it down and it doesn't have the same power as 1.
Then it's hulk time, and I've read all that before, but it's good stuff, Mark Waid is boom on. But we still get no answer to the cliffhanger at the end!
Bendis has the funniest one of the bunch, but it feels out of place after the tone of everything else...the X-Men girls go shopping...ya. Kitty, Emma, Ilyana, Jean and the into a new Inhuman who's taken by AIM.
We then get 4 issues of Avengers Assemble, some by Kelly Sue DeConnick, some by Warren Ellis. This mostly covers Spider Girl fitting in with the Avengers, and teaming with various members. It's funny and solid at the same time. Spider Girl is a female Peter Parker if he were a millennial. That's a good thing.
June Covington, evil scientist takes a cocoon and steals powers for herself, the cocoon is of Spider Girl's teacher...she cares and the caring leads Avengers to look into it, and for her to get field time with everyone. Logan and Tony give her the best advice, but she bonds with Spider Woman, and is in awe of Cap, who gives good speech to her. I could read more on this kid...
Then we have the iron man tie in, which I already saw in vol 4 or 5 of iron man...
Mighty Avengers follows, and this is a weak one...Luke Cage runs this team as some sorta Matlock help people for free agency of rejects...somehow Superior Spider Man is on this team? His ego wants to run it, but Luke Cage and She Hulk kick his ass...She Hulk is only their lawyer, not on the actual team. Some ransoms, and someone dressed as Ronin...not sure who he is...but they play up the mystery part.
Avengers AI follows Hank Pym, Vision, Daredevil as they clean up debris from the destruction of Attilan, and keep tech out of the hands of baddies. I liked that this picked up on Hank and Matt and the bond from Daredevil when Hank did brain surgery and gained Matt's memories....decent story about humans impacted by events. Art is like someone drew all the characters as fat.
Inhumanity Awakening is about a sister and brother who transform, and social media the girl live tweets her experiences on...X-kids and Avenger Academy kids play save the day and learn lessons about everyone being a beautiful snowflake....also super annoying Twitter feed and emails exchanging the whole time, too busy for the page....but we get Quentin Quire, which is a bonus...a lot cliche but oh well I suppose this is for teens...
We now get a sepia Superior Spider Man where Otto is helping clean debris and taking most of the Inhuman tech for himself...but it runs into a story about humanity in the face of disaster, and a very nice love letter to the FDNY that turns Otto from dick to nearly Parker level misty eyed hero. The stuff we loved so much about this series...even if it was Christos Gage and not Dan Slott writing...good job. One of the best in the book. Artwork is solid too.
Finally it ends with New Avengers, which only slightly relates to this event, on a parallel Earth...but I'd already read this in New Avengers....
So for a story/event about the Inhumans and the aftermath of Black Bolt destroying Attilan to save the race, and triggering all the Inhuman changes, you sure get a lot of stuff not about Medusa and the Gang at all...I would have loved to see more, but I suppose this is how you tie things together to sell more copies, if I'm being pessimistic.
It's good, but not great, and let down by bad art more often than good, and a real flow problem, like writers were forced to put this into their books even if they didn't want didn't work in some all...
So take it or leave it, I would say if you haven't already read the Hulk and New Avengers, that along with the Superior, and the Avengers Assemble, and Inhumanity 1, are the crucial books to read here.

- Osseo, MN
Wed, 20 Aug 2014

This is one of those rare crossover events that's actually pretty good. There's hardly a bad story in this volume (I can think of one) and the artwork and writing are consistently done at a high level. Basically, the stories all follow in the wake of Thanos' attempt at hunting down and killing his Inhuman son, Thane, and the subsequent release of terrigen gas into the general human population, which results in the creation of hundreds (if not thousands) of new Inhumans (since one of their tribes left in prehistoric times and melded with humanity). So we've got stories of new Inhumans coming to grips with their power, nefarious types hoping to gain control of new Inhumans, bad guys trying to get ahold of Inhuman technology, what have you. And for once, it's not that bad. I have to say I was kind of surprised, since Marvel doesn't exactly have an unblemished track record with these kinds of things lately.

- Canada
Sat, 27 Sep 2014

Kelly sue is the best part of this book. The rest is kinda meh.

Tue, 17 Jun 2014

There's some 5 star material in this collection but it's in the minority. Partly annoyed the book didn't feature the Inhuman royal family much, they're minor player here. A few chapters are new material but most is pulled from on-going titles like Hulk, Mighty Avengers, etc.
It's all about the Terrigen Bomb that destroyed the Inhuman floating city and the aftermath. Now the Marvel universe is dealing with hundreds of thousands new Inhumans, all of whom never even knew that they were not regular humans.
So basically, the Inhumans have been made to be a carbon copy of Mutants. Is Marvel doing this because another company owns the rights to the X-men film universe? I suspect that is so.
Marvel's mutant population, once on the brink of extinction, is also back to growing in huge numbers. Not sure I like either event. What's Marvel going to do with millions of super-powered people?

- Lewes, The United Kingdom
Tue, 13 Oct 2015

Some good stuff in here, but as with so many of these trade paperbacks of comics from Marvel events, the collection doesn't form a coherent whole. You can't pick it up, read it through and expect it all to make sense. IMHO it's a major flaw in this kind of publishing. I don't really read monthly comics any more and would rather read collections, but when the collections are such a shambles, it's disappointing.
I'd love to read these events, but the chronology and narrative threads are hard to follow in this format. This one for example, starts with the Inhuman Karnak jumping out of a window (Inhumanity #1) then ends with the Illuminati involved in the multiversal war (New Avengers #13), without returning to Karnak. It's really unsatisfying.

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