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The Problem of Susan

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Published 12 Oct 2018
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She has the dream again that night.
In the dream, she is standing, with her brothers and her sister, on the edge of the battlefield. It is summer, and the grass is a peculiarly vivid shade of green: a wholesome green, like a cricket pitch or the welcoming slope of the South Downs as you make your way north from the coast.

"The Problem of Susan" Reviews

Fri, 13 May 2016

WHAT did I just read?! o.O
It made a good point, and was well written... but it's weird and kinky, so it gets two stars.

- Spruce Grove, AB, Canada
Fri, 04 May 2018

This is bad fanfiction. It takes a concept that was left unfinished in the original story (Susan not being a friend of Narnia) and tries to fill it in. The problem is that Neil Gaiman obviously dislikes the way this entire character arc was handled and this bleeds through into this story, which is little more than a collection of choppy scenes that are glued together by the flimsiest of pretenses.
Susan's identity is never revealed, which is slightly clever, but the pronoun confusion in the last paragraph robs much of the punch from it - not to mention the sex scene is absolutely disgusting and feels like something added to make the story "more adult". It's completely out of place and destroys any semblance of Aslan and the Witch's true character in this story.
The only part of this story I find at all enjoyable is the idea that Susan lost her faith when the train crash happened at the end of The Last Battle and now she blames Aslan, and subsequently, God. However, this idea is punted to the side in favour of way too much sexual and violent content and just plain unlikable writing. I admire some of Gaiman's work, but this is decidedly not one of them.

- Crescent City, CA
Tue, 30 Jan 2018


Wed, 23 May 2018

Exactly what I thought of Aslan

- Gambier, OH
Sat, 26 Sep 2015

If I could rate a story with negative stars, I would. This is one of the worst stories I have ever read. Bitter and, frankly, childish in its anger, this story would have been in better form as a ranty essay than the slightly hallucinogenic, self-indulgent fan-fiction it currently is.

Miss Abernathy
- Spain
Wed, 07 Oct 2015

Básicamente Neil utiliza este relato para quejarse sobre aquello que no le gustó del destino de Susan Pevensie. Comparto muchos de sus puntos de vista, también creo que su destino fue más cruel de lo que se piensa.