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Published 05 Jun 2014
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“I walked away from him… but I left my heart behind.”
At eighteen, Lux shatters Sebastian’s heart – and breaks her own in the process.
When their paths cross again unexpectedly in New York City, Lux does her best to feign indifference toward her first love. But the harder she tries to hold Sebastian at arm’s length, the more determined he becomes to uncover the secrets she’s been keeping about their past… and the true reason she broke his heart seven years earlier.
She’s as much in love with him as ever; he’s just as furious at her for leaving. But beneath the anger, forbidden attraction still simmers… and it’s only a matter of time before it boils over.
When the past is finally unearthed, the monsters Lux spent seven years running from will finally catch up to her. And nothing – not even her love for Sebastian – will be enough to save her…
**SAY THE WORD is a steamy, suspenseful standalone contemporary romance for fans of action and angst. Due to sexual situations, adult language, violence, and thematic elements, it is intended for readers ages 16 and up.**

"Say the Word" Reviews

- Newport News, VA
Sun, 08 Jun 2014

2.5 stars
I needed a little less internal dialogue
A little less "suspense"
And a LOT more of this:
I was bored and skimmed a lot.

- Athens, 35, Greece
Mon, 01 Jun 2015


“I think that if two people are meant to be together, nothing can ever truly separate them. Time, distance, other people — it doesn’t matter. They’ll circle back around to each other eventually.”

Lux broke her heart among with Sebastian's. She shattered her heart into thousands little pieces, and since then there was a constant hole in her chest. Until seven years later, when she met him again and he was not the sweet boy she fell in love with any more. He was cold, distant, lifeless and angry, so angry with her. She destroyed him. Lux wanted desperately to tell him the truth, the reason she threw away their future together but there were higher powers that prevented her. So, she suffered in silence. She had her amazing friends, Fae and Simon, to distract her, and her investigation on the disappearances of young immigrant girls. But her present and her past were tangled together in a terrible, smothering embrace, and Bash was always in the middle of it.
“Say the word and I’ll go. Say the word and I’ll fade away, and this, right here, will be the last time you see me.”

Lux's story is a heartbreaking one. I don't think I will ever find the proper words to praise Julie Johnson's hauntingly beautiful writing. Before Say the Word, even though I wanted, I couldn't believe in soulmates. I couldn't afford to, because if I did I would have to spend the rest of my life alone, looking for the epic and tragic love, the kind of love that devastates you. The kind that rips your insides open and leaves you gutted, out in the cold. But Bash's strong belief, no matter how naive it sounded at first, is imprinted in my soul. Soulmates are a reward, not a certainty. I think you have to earn them. And I believe, if you’re one of the bastards lucky enough to stumble across yours, that you have to fight for them with everything you have. I don't know if I will ever be lucky enough, but I do know that I loved with Lux and Bash and Jamie, that I had this gutwrenching experience, even though it was through someone else's eyes, and that alone makes me blessed.
“I shall either find a way, or make one.”

- Birmingham, The United Kingdom
Mon, 09 Jun 2014

There are no words to describe how devastated I am that this book came to an end so damn quickly. It was the perfect disaster.
Loved every second.
Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam
I shall either find a way or make one.

- The United States
Sat, 15 Feb 2014

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Soooo..... I am so happy/nervous/excited/thrilled/anxious/emotional/crazy/angsty/ecstatic about the release of SAY THE WORD! But, above all, I'm grateful! Grateful to have such wonderful, supportive readers who leave such kick-ass reviews. I seriously love you all! xoxo

- The United Kingdom
Fri, 06 Jun 2014

It wasn't bad, but I wish the author had taken a different route. I thought it was going to be a story about second chance love and with some suspenseful elements. However, that wasn't the case. There was a story where she meets the love of her life after 7 years, the-second-chance-romance, and then there was a separate story where she investigates where young immigrant girls disappear, her Veronica-Mars activities. And with the flashbacks from the past it simply appeared that there was too much happening in this one book. Later, I wasn't even concerned about her 'investigation', I just kept skimming to the parts where she meets Sebastian. Those parts seemed far between and really small with not enough dialogues between the two. Also, her internal dialogs seemed really long and very descriptive, thus I felt bored for the most part.
I think it could have been a good book if it included Sebastian's and Lux's story only, the present and the past, I believe that the subplot - suspenseful mystery - wasn't necessary.

- Malaysia
Mon, 09 Jun 2014

This one had a very strong prologue and the first chapter itself really gutted me. I hardly know the characters yet, but the break up scene was just too much to take in. It make me rooting for them to reconcile again seven years later.
Told entirely in the form of 'now' and 'then', we got some glimpses into their lives seven years ago, how they met in Latin class, the friendship with Lux's twin brother, Jamie and the reason behind the break up. Lux is the poor girl that came from the trailer park, while Sebastian is the senator's kid. They were obviously from an opposite life, yet their love was so pure and strong.
People say love isn't supposed to be painful. But maybe the best things in life are the ones that hurt the most after they're gone."
Going into this book, I thought it was a second chance romance with the suspense in regards to the reason behind Lux's leaving Sebastian. However, this is not quite the case. The reason behind it was too predictable. It was in fact the first reason that came to my mind. [spoilers removed]
Now, Lux is working for a women's magazine, while Sebastian is a renowned photographer and their path crossed again. There was a lot of hatred going on with Sebastian and obviously he never forget the girl who betrayed him all those years ago.
I find that there are too many unnecessary long description of things that's not pertaining to the plot. For example, Lux's interaction with Mrs. Patel and the design of her boss' office that went on for few pages. I don't mind having some extra information in regards to her life, but it is just too long. I find myself skimming those part and only focus on Sebastian's name when he pops up.
When the story veered towards the missing immigrant girl and Lux turning into an amateur sleuth, I felt that the story loses it focus. Is this a romance or a suspense or a romantic suspense? I like a plot that surprises me, but this one just felt a little off.
I think the reason I wanted to finish this book is because I felt invested in Lux and Sebastian when they were a teenager and wanted to see them getting their HEA. Overall, I still like the romance part of the story even though the way they get back together feel a bit anti climatic [spoilers removed], the rest of it, not so much.
"You might think you're the villain in my story, Lux, but what you don't seem to realize is that I don't care. Princess or Evil Queen, I want you standing by my side when the tale comes to an end."

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