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The Case Of The Fabulous Fake

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Published 01 Jan 1970
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Format Mass Market Paperback
Publisher Pocket Books
ISBN 0671755811

The client was young blond and beautiful and she wanted to disappear. The trouble was she wouldn’t say why, and she wouldn’t give her name. So Perry Mason agreed to a code of identification based on her measurements: 36-24-36. But according to Della Street, the figures were padded, and as it turned out, so was everything the client said. Certainly the bag full of cash she carries isn’t shopping money. All the mystery-woman asks is that Perry Mason make himself available for a few days in case she needs him-for what purpose, she remains silent as a grave. In fact, his headstrong client is headed for disaster –not only into a blackmailer’s clutches but into a lethal trap from which not even Perry Mason’s brilliant courtroom sorcery may be able to extricate her. Alive anyway…….

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- Chadds Ford, PA
Wed, 04 Jul 2018

THE CASE OF THE FABULOUS FAKE. (1969). Erle Stanley Gardner. **1/2.
This was a thin approach to a Perry Mason case that lacked the usual cleverness of his plots. It basically revolved around an attempted blackmail caper that ultimately led to the death of the blackmailer – but only after the young woman involved in the case was dragged through the legal system. Most of the dragging was caused by her refusal to honor the advice of her attorney – Perry Mason. This is another case where Mason gets into deep water by his client going off on their own to develop their defense. We know where that gets them! Light reading compared with most Gardner books, this novel seems to have been tossed off rather quickly by the author. The courtroom scene is short and contrived compared to our usual expectations of Mason’s trial efforts.

- Lima, Peru
Tue, 31 May 2016

De niña veía la serie de televisión y siempre lo consideré un gran Abogado, que podía defender los casos más raros y difíciles. Es por eso que me animé a leer sus libros y me compre una colección de segunda mano. Este es el primero que leo.
Realmente lo disfruté. Te cautiva desde el comienzo porque sabes que su cliente le está ocultando algo grande. Conociendo lo curioso que es Perry Mason, eso llamará mucho más su atención.
Me gustó que no pudieras imaginarte el final hasta que el mismo Perry Mason te lo explica, considerando que te fue dando las piezas para resolver el caso durante todo el libro.

- Mumbai, India
Mon, 13 Aug 2018

Until about page 115, I was beginning to think that this wasn't such a great book by the great Erle Stanley Gardner. But, there's a reason why he is awesome and the last 65 pages prove it. I was blown away, as usual. :)

- The United States
Sat, 27 Jan 2018

A slow starter, but things picked up as it went along.

- Elk Grove, CA
Thu, 05 Oct 2017

Read back in the 70s

- Winsted, CT
Wed, 11 Apr 2018

Perry's mind is always fascinating to encounter.

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