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Revealed (Starwalkers Serial #4)

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Published 23 Apr 2014
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Guerrilla Wordfare & Valknut Press

Cyena is caught trying to help smuggle elite children away from the Lemurrian capital to safety on the other side of the planet. The Freewalker commander decides to give her task in exchange for leniency in what could be a death sentence. She must locate an Atlantean crystal that will allow Tyana to return from Earth, where she has been detained by members of the elite bent on returning the former regime to power.
The only problem: the crystal is in the hands of Welon, Cyena’s ex-fiancé, a Mindwalker following his father’s path towards madness.

"Revealed (Starwalkers Serial #4)" Reviews

Cassie Leigh
- The United States
Tue, 30 Jun 2015

Page turner
Love the characters in the series, the suspense keeps me wanting more! Love that the perspectives and journeys of each sister is its own story

- Bothell, WA
Thu, 24 Apr 2014

I love these short books. I don't like waiting for the next one to come out. Julia Crane and Lizzy Ford are geniuses to come up with this type of story and the way that they are doing it. I have never read books like this where you only get basically a short blurb about what is happening to one of the sisters.
It was great to see more of Kaydon and Cyena. I do not like how it ends. Seems to be the way these others love to torture us readers into waiting and waiting especially with all these cliff hangers.
I cannot wait to see what happens next and I really hope that they all end up finding each other. Weldon sucks and just needs to go away which I kind of got my wish but not really. Cyena needs to get over this death thing, some people deserve it especially crazy Weldon.
This elite group was messed up. I do not agree with what the freewalkers choose to do and kill some people even though they had no say such as the children. So I am glad to see that Cyena helps the children of the elite and that she has a couple of the others helping her.
I cannot wait till next month to find out what happens next. Very curious to see how this story is going to end.

Tue, 08 Jul 2014

Finally everyone is starting to figure out what the prophecy means. I was beginning to wonder why they hadn't thought of it. I love how it is all unfolding and that we get to see how the sisters are experiencing the changes in their lives. I can't wait for them to be reunited.

- Honolulu, HI
Tue, 06 Oct 2015

I loved that Cyena had hit on some thing constructive to do with her free time rather than just mooning over the absence of her romance interest and that she had made friends with her smuggling circle rather than just be cut off and surrounded by strangers. It shows that she’s really growing as a character rather than just retreating into her shyness, though it was inevitable that she would get caught. And I still love how tentative and insecure she is when thinking or dealing with Kaydon. It really makes me look forward to seeing Cyena and Kaydon getting to know each other and seeing their relationship continue to grow. I can’t believe I only have one more section to go. It makes me sad that I’ll be seeing an end to this series within just another couple of pages.

- Amelia Court House, VA
Wed, 25 Feb 2015

Cyena has been caught smuggling children from their death away from the Lemurrian capital. Will her fate end up causing her death or will she get leniency? If she is allowed to live will she give in to her feelings for Kaydon, her bonded mate? How does her ex fiancé figure in to all that is going on?
I love this series! Just need to say one thing. Weldon needs to die slowly and painfully.

- Glasgow, The United Kingdom
Thu, 24 Apr 2014

They did it again....
I think I love this series. They are really short and really enjoyable to read and keep you so engrossed in the story until the end that it leaves you wanting more. I can't say anything bad about them at all except that they are just over too quickly. Thankfully the two lovely authors have been putting them out monthly so far so not too long to wait for the next installment.
I am not great at the whole review writing as I can never really seem to write down everything I am thinking but I would definitely recommend the series. The characters draw you in and you just know reading that they have so much more personality and strength to come out and I for one will be sticking with them to find out just how much more of their story they have to tell. Keep up the good work ladies. :)

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