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Destined to Love (Destined Novels, #2)

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Published 02 May 2014
Destined to Love (Destined Novels, #2).pdf
Format Paperback
Publisher Jourdyn Kelly
ISBN 0615996418

Anala Geil has finally fulfilled her destiny to become the Leader of the Society of Hunters - 600 years AFTER she thought all Cursed Ones were gone.
So far; she is a Cursed Hunter, has fallen in love with a fellow Hunter, had another Hunter turned, and lost Thomas - the one she had feelings for so long ago. She's doing great. The challenges that Ana and her Hunters must face now will either tear them apart, or bring them closer.
But what will Ana do when she is forced to make the most difficult decisions of her long life? Will she be able to hold on to the humanity she feels is perilously close to shattering?

"Destined to Love (Destined Novels, #2)" Reviews

Mon, 05 May 2014

"Received and ARC for an honest review"
I have to say this book is my favorite so far, Jourdyn Kelly writes in a way that the story flows and you just keep on reading till the end. She has an amazing imagination, and l love how she built her characters.
Anala finally is set as a leader, her love for a fellow hunter is intriguing. The suspense on having to make her ultimate decision has you hanging by the threads.
You are just going to love this and impatiently wait for the next one!

- Bentonville, AR
Mon, 12 May 2014

There's no way I can say everything good there is to say about this book in a limited space. Many of the characters were further developed in this book. I loved the development of Jenna especially and how you began to see many facets to her character. She definitely surprised me! The ride continues with Anala, Sam, and the other hunters as they try to stop Thomas. You will feel every emotion possible reading this book.

- Dayton, OH
Sat, 03 May 2014

Great book! Picked up right where the first one left you hanging and took off! Hard to put down. Jourdyn Kelly does a great job with the imagery in her books, you feel like you are there. Thoroughly enjoyed every page. Can't wait for the next one!

books are love
- Fort Pierce, FL
Tue, 13 May 2014

A fascinating paranormal story about humanity and love. Ana is a vampire and she fights against other vampires particularly thomas an old friend. She has a group of hunters to help and they are human. She also is in love with one of them Sam. Sam is a great guy. In love with Ana and all that she is he accepts her and wants to protect and be with her forever.
One night something happens and fate plays a bad card. Zac one of the hunters must be turned or die. A hard one to accept for his humanity is on the line once turned. Ana does as asked by her hunters and turns him and Zac's battle begins. A battle that is a focus of the book. I think though his battle is because being turned isn't what he wanted and also because he is struggling with those feelings and his feelings for Ana while watching her be in love with Sam. That is tough for a newly turned who wants to be dead and not what he was forced to become. Meanwhile Thomas is seeking revenge but not for the reasons thought. His humanity was taken from him via lies. So sad that someone can do that. Lie to someone for their own selfish desires.
The fight ensues and many internal struggles are taking place particularly for Sam. Ana agreed that if she turned Zac they must kill her once Thomas is killed. Sam loves her and wants to be with her for all eternity even wants to be turned. He struggles with this and Zac being bonded to Ana because she is the one who turned him. Unfortunately for Zac he can feel all that Ana does and this is causing him more harm than good because this struggle for Sam is hurting Ana.
Confrontation does happen and so many emotions come to the forefront. Sam is affected and ultimately gets his wish. Zac is affected by this because now he is lost completely and he gets his wish and I think he purposely does what he does so he can be at peace finally and shocking revelations about hybrids and hunters are found out. The jaw dropper at the end was not expected. Don't know how Ana will confront that one.
a book about love and humanity. one that shows it is what is inside that matters and not who you are. A nice read with a great look at what makes us tick.

- New York, NY
Wed, 18 Jun 2014

I have to admit when I see or think about the word vampire not only do I cringe, sometimes, I roll my eyes. This is in no way related to Twilight. It's just something about people, well sort of people, drinking the blood of some living human being that makes me feel sort of, sick.
So I was a little apprehensive about starting this series initially and I'm so glad that I didn't allow my apprehensions deter me from reading book one. Book one wound up being one of my favorite books last year. Kelly has a way with telling a paranormal story and making it seem perfecting normal.
Anala is a vampire hybrid and she has all the good traits of what a vampire should be, fierce, and determined, but she maintains a strong sense of humanity and that makes this vampire story stand out in the right way.
Book one was a sort of introduction to Anala, and book two gives us more of her background and her introduction into ordinary life, and of course there's some romance. It's written so subtlety that it's easy to forget that it's even apart of the story but I think that's a good thing. No one wants instalove, least of all me.
Sam, and Ana (Anala) relationship made me smile every time they interacted. They are so coy it's darling. The other characters also have strong appearances in the novel even though they are pretty much supporting, in a sense.
I really enjoyed this novel, just as much as I enjoyed the first one. Kelly's writing is subtle, and realistic and it entertains you effortlessly. You just find that you've read 100 or so pages and it doesn't at all feel like work.
I'm so intrigued by what will happen with these characters in the next book especially with the way it ended. I definitely think that Kelly is one of those Indie authors that will make a believer out of anyone who doubts that Indie authors have a place amongst those that are traditionally published.
Loved it, can't wait for book three!
5 books!

- The United States
Wed, 26 Nov 2014

Want another Yummy this Morning?? Well Mousiey has one for you!! This one is called "DESTINED TO LOVE" by JOURDYN KELLY. This is the 2nd book in the series of 'DESTINED' I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest opinion. This is mouiseys opinion of her book. I read her first book, DESTINED TO KILL. And it was truly amazing and I thought the author would not be able to top it. Boy was I wrong. She is able to take the scenes to a whole new level along with her characters.
As the story starts out we find Ana waiting on Zac to wake up from his coma from being turned. Her boyfriend Sam is a homicide detective . She tells her hunters that they need to train so that if an when they are faced with Thomas they will be ready.
Thomas is turning humans into hybrids and not thinking twice about it. Just to get back at Ana. She was suppose to be his. Ana goes out looking searching for them one night and in the park she finds a woman being attack by one. She defends the woman and kills the hybrid. Then for the woman safety she takes her back to her estate. Ana believes that she is actually a hunter. But before she reveals herself to her. She has the group give there opinion of her. They all agree that Sarah is a hunter, they ask her to join them.
Now what happens to Zac, Thomas and Sam?? Does Sam and Ana stay together?? I recommend this book for all especially for paranormal readers!!! I give it a rating of 30 out of 5 stars. GO GET IT NOW ON AMAZON!!! DON'T WAIT RUN !!!

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