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Forget Me Not

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Published 13 Jul 2014
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Publisher Siren-Bookstrand, Inc

Keely James adores his lover more than life itself. They have been together for almost five years despite the fact that Dominic won’t publicly acknowledge their relationship. Lately it seems like Dominic doesn’t have the time to spend with Keely. The tabloids say Dominic is due to get married any day…to someone else. Green with jealousy, Keely tries to hold it together while giving his lover the space he seems to need.
But when tragedy strikes, Keely needs Dominic more than ever. When the man won’t even return his phone calls, Keely knows he’s been forgotten.
Dominic Loudan adores his lover. He just wishes Keely wasn’t quite so clingy. Every second away from the man he loves is spent building a life for the two of them. He’s weeks away from turning his company into a multi-million dollar corporation and he needs just a little more time without Keely asking him to come home.
When he does finally give in and come home, Dominic finds his world crumbling down around his ears and he has to decide what is more important to him—the world he is trying to build or the man that he is building that world for.

"Forget Me Not" Reviews

Cocktails and Books
- Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Sun, 29 Mar 2015

4.5 Cocktails
Keely James loves his partner and can’t imagine a life without him but Dominic has worked so much that Keely rarely sees him. When Keely really needs Dominic, he can’t get a hold of him. Keely makes a life altering decision that in the end is what is best for Keely. It takes a strong person to themselves first and make decisions that are best for them.
Dominic Loudan loves Keely and really thinks he show Keely by working so much, so they have a more comfortable life style. He works a lot and spends more time away from Keely than at home. It comes to the point that he has not spoken to Keely in weeks and when he gets home from a business trip finds out his life has turned upside down and they only person to blame is himself.
The connection between Dominic and Keely is intense. When they are together they fit together very well the biggest issue is how much Dominic works. Dominic is bent on making as much money as he can to make his life with Keely better but seems to miss the bigger picture, that life is not just about money. The sex scenes were scorching. The only issue I had with this story was where did Dominic live when he was away from Keely. To be gone that much meant he had to sleep somewhere and that was never really explained.
I found this book well written with an intense and fascinating plot. The main concept of the story is very simple but the story stays with you long after you finish the story. The main characters and the secondary characters were mesmerizing. The ending was a bit predictable but this book is more about the journey to the end that how the story ends. I had a hard time putting this book down. Overall, this was a very captivating book and I would love to see these characters again in the future.
Reviewed by Victoria for Cocktails and Books

- Bangkok, Thailand
Sun, 27 Jul 2014

I have been wanting to read this one ever since I saw the synopsis on Ms. Glenn's website in the WIP section. I am slightly disappointed that it wasn't much more than what I have read from the synopsis but it was also languid in the WIP list for quite sometime. So perhaps this is Ms. Glenn wanted to finish the book at the very least.
The lack of numerous sex scenes, for me, was a plus. It wasn't by choice I supposed but by the nature of the main plot. Dominic drop major balls here, multiple times. The way he make excuse sounds like a typical workaholic or any kind of addict really...
I am not sure Dominic done enough to redeem himself. He didn't contact Keely, at all, not even checking his voicemails, [spoilers removed]. I am also wonder why emails wasn't a viable option for contacts. Surely with subject like [spoilers removed] Why should Dominic not have a personal email account separate from works...
This is the plot type that Mary Calmes favoured and use often. Here there wasn't enough page count to really redeem Dominic.
I still like the epilogue though.

Mon, 14 Jul 2014

Most M/M books focus on sex. Sure, there's plot but usually you can count on 1 sex scene for every 6k words in every book and many times books suffer for all of those interuptions. This book is different. And in a very good way.
This novella, while short (15k), gives us a really good look at how a relationship can be lost if one doesn't concentrate on what's truly important. Without going into the depths of a longer storyline, Stormy gave us enough details to be fully engaged in the plot, she added tension from outside influences on the relationship, and she resolved everything handily, complete with one make-up scene at the end.
Without all of the sex getting in the way, this novella managed to draw me into the story and made me feel more compassionate towards Dominic and Keely and stressed how important communication and determination must come from both parties in order for a relationship to work.
Even though I'd have loved it if the story was twice as long, I still found this novella a satisfying short read. And the final epilogue was a welcome surprise that is rarely seen in an M/M book and left me with a feeling of heartfelt warmth.
I truly hope Stormy decides to return to this book later and revise it to bring out more details--I'd love to see this is a 40k novel. Perhaps start the book further in the past so we can see how things used to be. Maybe add in a few chapters prior to the epilogue that lets us see the relationship a few months or a year down the road. I just know I'd love to see more of this couple and their interactions.
Right now this story is like a good quality club sandwich - light but satisying and enjoyable. Ultimately, I'd like it to be more like a pot roast dinner - rich and hearty, leaving you completely satiated. Pretty please, Stormy?

- Vallejo, CA
Thu, 23 Apr 2015

This book was quite good but it bothered me that keely forgave Dominic so easily after Dominic had treated him so badly! I mean who forgets to call their live in bf for over a month then waltzes in the front door expecting everything to be fine and dandy? He acted like keely was a bore and a nag when he was putting exactly ZERO time and effort into the relationship. I obviously wanted them to make it work in the end but dang couldn't Dom have had to work for it a little bit harder? !

- New York, NY
Sun, 20 Jul 2014

Great premise, but far too short. Not worth it.

- Brisbane, qld, Australia
Tue, 31 May 2016

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