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December Rain (August Fog, #2)

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Published 25 Nov 2014
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Format Paperback
Publisher Smashwords
ISBN 1502806878

(Due to explicit sex & language, this book is for readers over 18)
Monica and Alex Waters have spent that last few months working to repair a broken marriage and rekindle their passion. Just as they start finding their spark, Quinn Matthews and his escalating career resurfaces, but this time Alex makes the decision to let Monica go.
The devastation of losing her high school sweetheart, her home, and even her dog twists Monica down a destructive path that alienates her from her closest friends and lands her in the one place she was trying to avoid... Quinn’s couch. Despite her efforts to resist jumping into his arms again, the spark between them reignites and sweeps her away on a whirlwind holiday. She finds that falling in love with Quinn’s family and lifestyle is as easy as falling for his ocean colored eyes. The problem is that it’s all too easy, and when she sees that Quinn’s reinvented life has completely shifted towards her dreams, she starts to question whether he’s too good to be true.
Quinn has a secret that was never meant to be, but will Monica be able to trust another man who’s lied? And now that Quinn’s got his happily ever after in sight, he’s not about to let her go or share her with another man.

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- Los Angeles, CA
Sat, 16 Aug 2014

Faster, HOTTER, and just more fun... December is a great month to be Monica Waters. She's about to take her journey for love and satisfaction all over the map... Make sure to add this to your TBR list. Presales Now Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Smashwords! Grab your copy now!

Spunky N
Tue, 09 Dec 2014

Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics Overall Rating: ★★★★
~~~Zarah's ★★★ Review~~~
A strange love story written in a very different way
This book confused me a little. When I started I struggled with what I though was head-hopping between the all the characters (Main and secondary) but as I progressed through I wondered if this wasn't what the author was to achieve as it is in a diarised type of format. I have never read a book where the secondary characters were written in the first person as well and found it a little off-putting as characters seemed to change between paragraphs.
That said - it doesn't detract from the main basis of the storyline. Married couples, affairs, separations, divorce, angst, heartbreak and re-connecting, even if this all happens within a very short space of time. Throw in some very forgiving friends, weird love triangles, ex's, Voyeurism and a sex club hook up and it makes for an interesting read over all.
The ending leaves a lot of unanswered questions, so I will be really interested to see what happens next.
~~~Nicole's ★★★★ Review~~~
I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.
December Rain is the first book I have read in this series. I give this book 4 stars. It was difficult at times to understand what point of view I was reading. It was one person then it was the thought of another. It felt like I was all over the place for a while. Other than that, I enjoyed this story. It was full of emotion and it shows what happens in a situation of a married couple destroyed by infidelity. I was kept intrigued by this story by how Monica tried to keep her marriage together. Alex her her husband not being able to communicate. This is a about a desperate attempt to keep a broken marriage and a broken couple together. Monica is in love with another man and fights it to save her marriage. When it doesn't work she fights it no longer. This book ends with questions and the story is not finished. Quinn and Monica will continue. As this book leaves you hanging. I look forward to finding out what happens.
~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~
Ms. Goulden has an outstanding talent for using words, especially in describing something whether it's an old Victorian house, a Hawaiian environment, or a characters build and dress. I was most impressed with her work when describing an encounter when Monica and Quinn go to a mysterious, secret club reputed to have great food and entertainment. The scene was painted with words so vividly, I felt like I was watching an X-rated porno movie. Embarrassment is not often experienced in books even with hot sex scenes.
Monica often frustrated me with her habit of speaking without thinking, her jumping to wrong conclusions and her constant swinging from confidence to doubt. Made me want to shake some sense into her. Overall, the plot was interesting and keeps the reader hanging on for the next chapter...and the next one...and the next. The ending has you yearning for book three to see if Monica straightens up, if Quinn gets his HEA, and if Jack & Robin & Alex find new beginnings. Great read, realistic dialogue and smooth storyline. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars.

- The United States
Wed, 03 Dec 2014

Have some Goodies for Everyone this morning!! This one is called " "DECEMBER RAIN by A L GOULDEN" .
I was given an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for honest opinion. This is mousiey's honest opinion opinion of the book.
I want to " Thank the author for allowing me to read the book." It is an amazing read. I found the characters in the book along with the story line to be so true life. The characters are described in such depth and soul in the you are able to picture them. As for the scenes, they have so much detail in them you can actually see them.
Now take a seat , grab a nibble and a drink. Let the story begin ....
As our story starts - we find Alex in a therapy session with his wife Monica. They are attempting to work on their marriage. It seems that Alex was a bad boy - he cheated on her, for over a year.After the session there is a party that they are going to. A costume party. Monica is dressed in something that shows a lot of skin. Hoping to rekindle her marriage. The next day they go back to the therapist working some more . After the session they both agree not to go back until they get back from there trip from Hawaii. While on there trip there they are having a great until they run into Monica's ex's . That's when Alex tell's her he wants to end their marriage. He has had enough. They fly home , tell the therapist. Monica storms out. Now , Monica ends up on the coach of Quinn ( who was at one time an old boyfriend) It takes all she can do from jumping into his arms again. But does she ?? Do they get together?? This story is so titillating and amazing . I recommend it to all. The rating for it is a 25 out of 5 stars. It is available right now on Amazon!! GO GET YOUR COPY TODAY !! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? SHOOO NOW GO !!!
I’m a designer, author, wife and dog-lover living in the South Pasadena area of California. I got my BFA in Film Production from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, but my love of a good story came way before college. I remember writing my first full story in fifth grade on a typewriter. I cut and pasted it into a book, complete with cardboard cover and taped binding. Things have changed a lot since then. With the magnificent digital age I can produce books and give them to the world without a sticky mess.
In college numerous instructors and peers praised my dialogue pushed me to hone my storytelling skills. Of course the need to cut and paste was still there, so I went into the world of Production Design and Art Direction for films and television. It gave me the ability to connect design to storytelling in a way that no other career can. The past 18 years have spun a unique perspective on visually emotional tales of relationships and the thread that ties all things together. Now I’m shifting focus on the driving force that brought me here… stories. I hope that I can share a unique perspective on life, love and the pursuit in all of the above.
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Books Laid
Tue, 02 Dec 2014

Dear lord, there is enough angst and emotion in this book to soften even the blackest of hearts, taking a deep breath is not an option with this it is a necessity because once you hop on this train, you will be spend your time screaming at Monica that both she and you need to take a break!
The woman is a verging on neurotic, she holds herself responsible for every single thing that happens in her life, and be it good, bad or indifferent.
I mean, come on woman, cut yourself some slack!
I got that she and her husband were both still harbouring unresolved feelings after they had both been playing the field but either move on or move out!
But that dilemma is quickly resolved when they are confronted on holiday by the sudden appearance of a major catalyst in their relationship, Quinn.
One look between Monica and Quinn and it is blatantly obvious to Alex that his marriage is over and decides to moves out.
But good intensions and a bucket load of alcohol mean that Monica’s fall from grace is complete when her friends turn their back on her and she wakes up on Quinn’s couch with the mother of all hangovers.
Quinn and Monica have something that is difficult to label, it is basic and completely absorbing. Oh, and did I forget to say smoking hot!!
But Quinn wants his relationship with Monica to go the distance, everything with Quinn is not as Monica believes because he has a secret that he has yet to tell her, and time is not on his side because she discovers it on her own, and is then faced with the dilemma of whether or not she can see past is omission?
Can she learn to let go of her hang up and admit that he is human and made a mistake trying to hide it from her?
Although the book ended with a cliff-hanger, I am looking forward to the next book and the continuation of the story.

- San Francisco, CA
Wed, 29 Oct 2014

A.L. Goulden delivers an extremely sensual story. To start with, the men in the book are drool-worthy – all in their own way. Monica is an emotional wreck. She feels like she messes everything up and she can't hold on to anyone important to her. Definitely a flawed character, torn between two loves and another old boyfriend, she engages in sexual scenarios that threaten the possibility of having a lasting happy relationship. In particular, in this installment of the story, she abuses some friendships and that is one of the most heart wrenching elements of the book. The other is the fact that she and Alex split up, even though she has a deep, life-long connection with him. It isn't enough. Real life is like that sometimes, and it lends an element of tragic truth to the story. December Rain is a tangled web, and all the deceptions are not sorted out when it is finished. It leaves room for another installment to satisfy the readers' need for resolution.
December Rain is the second book in A.L. Goulden's series after August Fog. Monica and Alex have struggled with their share of problems and are fiercely trying to salvage their marriage. Things seem to be progressing in the right direction, and they definitely have sparks in the bedroom. Just when they think they have things in hand, while revisiting the location of their honeymoon, Quinn - the source of Alex's pain and the man Monica can't forget - shows up on the scene. Alex realizes he can't hold on to Monica when he sees the way they look at each other and decides to let her go. Monica can't believe Alex is ending their marriage. Left sad, confused, and angry, she lashes out, wreaking havoc in all the relationships in her life. Quinn wants to figure out how to keep her now that she is back in his life, and Alex has to learn how to let her go.

Fri, 05 Dec 2014

This book is an emotional ride into the inner workings of relationships and how messed up some can be and how when you find a good one it can be beautiful even if bumpy. Monica is struggling to repair a failed marriage that only works between the sheets. She and her husband Alex can't communicate even with the mediation of a shrink. The way the author portrayed this struggle was so heartfelt and painful, it made my own stomach clench when everything went FUBAR. She ended up on the sofa of her once love Quinn, who she never forgot but had to leave behind. He has changed his life and remade himself a little too much and it has her thinking he is too good to be true. So when this passion goes combustible it is singe worthy. This couple is has a passion for each other that rivals anything I have read in a while. It is written so flawlessly. And again Monica questions its reality because it is just too perfect. So when she finds a huge secret Quinn has been keeping from her, after all the secrets she dealt with in her marriage, she doesn't know if she will be able to handle this. But one thing is for sure, now that Quinn has her back he is not letting her go without the fight of his life.
The naughtiness is pretty high in this book so be prepared for either covering your eyes or enjoying yourself thoroughly (wink). I enjoyed this emotional and sometimes painful to read novel. The inside look into Monica's relationships was intriguing. This is book 2 of a series, but is written so it can be a stand alone. I definitely would recommend it.
***I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for my honest and fair review**

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