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Cooks Overboard (Angie Amalfi, #6)

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Published 04 Nov 1998
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Format Paperback
Publisher Avon
ISBN 0061044539

In this 6th delightful culinary mystery from Joanne Pence, dilettante chef Angie Amalfi plans a romantic cruise with her hunky boyfriend, but hits rough water when murder becomes part of the itinerary.
Food writer and culinary entrepreneur Angie Amalfi imagined a high seas cruise aboard a ship bound for Acapulco with her homicide detective boyfriend Paavo Smith would be heaven. With no crowds or pending police business, it might even provide Paavo the perfect opportunity to propose.
But Angie's "Love Boat" fantasy starts springing leaks almost immediately, beginning with the cook's bizarre attempt to jump the middle of the ocean! Add an oddball collection of fellow passengers, yawningly unimaginative onboard meals, Paavo's increasingly bizarre behavior, and the fact that someone's been rifling through her luggage, and Angie's soon ready to leap overboard herself. But it's not until she offers to help out in the galley and murder is abruptly added to the menu that Angie finds herself heading into very dangerous waters indeed.

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- The United States
Fri, 10 Jun 2016

This was a quick, cute read. Ms. Angie Amalfi has had her sights on hard boiled San Franciso homicide detective Paavo Smith for quite a long time. She keeps hoping he'll pop the question. In this romp, Angie finally gets him to go on a cruise to Acapulco with her. The twist? The cruise is on a freighter with a motley international crew and some industrial spies! Not a single luxury in sight and very little romance. Along the way some of the spies believe Angie is a spy herself and will stop at nothing to retrieve the stolen microfilm. Madness ensues!

- Brookfield, IL
Thu, 22 Nov 2012

This is such a cliche from end to end. It was almost an embarrassment to read. Really!!!; Angie Amalfi, the well off daughter of successful Italian immigrants, is confused with and suspected as being a vicious and ruthless industrial spy? This "airhead"? While Angie is very intelligent, perceptive and self-driven than the description "airhead" would imply; she, unfortunately, too often portrays traits that would lead you to this conclusion. They rear their ugly head in this book.
Paavo Smith, her beloved and a homicide detective in San Francisco, does't come off much better in this book. Usually he is the voice of reason and logic; though a bit too condescending and over protective toward his beloved, Angie. Due to disastrous circumstances in his latest case, he is a shell of himself in the beginning part of this book.
Then, we are really expected to believe that these two normally intelligent people are so totally unsuspecting and blind to the fact that they have become embroiled in an international intrigue? They are mistakenly perceived as being participants in an international spy ring (Industrial spy ring, but still a spy ring). I'm sorry, I found this just too ludicrous as a plot line. It was only my fondness of the lead two characters, from the previous books, that got me through this. It was just too cliche ridden and trite.

Sat, 20 Jun 2009

A delightful read. "Cooks Overboard" is entertaining and really brings the reader on an adventure along with its main characters. Never a dull moment.
Angie Amalfi is charming and so is her boyfriend, Paavo. The brief moments where the perspective changes to Paavo's may be slightly confusing (it's difficult to tell when they suddenly switch halfway through the chapter), but it also offers a bit of an insight into his thoughts on Angie and what's going on around them, something which really helps the reader like and understand Paavo, usually silent and difficult to read.
Fans who're looking for some romance with their mystery/adventure will enjoy this one, although I'd call this more of an adventure novel than a mystery. There's really not all that much mystery in it; it's pretty heavily focused on the main characters and their actions.

- Santa Fe, NM
Fri, 01 Mar 2013

Angie and Paavo (homicide investigator) are taking a cruise to Acapulco. Well, it is on a freighter. Not very luxurious but all is going well until they start thinking she is the infamous Hydra. The ship docks in Mazatlan and more action and adventure begins. A fun book, looking forward to the next book in the series.

- Allentown, PA
Thu, 10 May 2012

Considering that I usually like the cozy cooking mysteries, I found this one pretty boring. May try this author again, but since most of the characters were just plain silly, I will probably skip her unless I find her on the bargain table at a book sale.

- Cincinnati, OH
Fri, 05 Jun 2009

Another good entry in the series with Paavo and Angie going on vacation and of course getting involved in a mystery. I found this to be an easy read and was definitely kept guessing until the very end about who the Hydra actually was.

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