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Cloud Country

4.09222 votes • 41 reviews
Published 03 Nov 2015
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Disney Press
ISBN 142315732X

Sitting there, among the clouds, looking down and day dreaming is... a little cloudlet. Gale would like nothing more than to make one real cloud shape. But instead, she creates something different. Wait until all of Cloud Country finds out!

"Cloud Country" Reviews

- Silver Spring, MD
Fri, 04 Dec 2015

A whimsical story of a young cloud girl that likes looking at the land below. She's looked so often that her clouds take on shapes of what she has seen. However, it is Formation School Graduation Day and she is unable to make the usual cloud shapes. Her cumulus cloud takes on a tugboat, then dog shape. Happy ending.

- Coldwater, MI
Fri, 24 Aug 2018

What a FANTASTIC book!!!!!! Great introduction and explanation of the types of clouds as well as a brilliant read about uniqueness, individuality, and purpose for kids!!!! Every teacher should have this book in their arsenals!!!!!

- Newport News, VA
Tue, 21 Feb 2017

I liked the pictures in this book. Not so much the story, in which the little cloud was trying to make shapes. I could never look at the clouds and see the shapes others saw. It's a cute book and kids will like it.

- The United States
Thu, 05 Jul 2018

2.5 stars. Meh.

- Fairfax, VA
Mon, 02 May 2016

I picked this up because the art caught my eye. And then I found out that it was a book Pixar/Disney Press created. It definitely shows both in the storytelling and in the art. It's the story of a little cloudlet named Gale. She's up for her cloud test, and is so scared. She can't seem to make any of the cloud shapes/types expected of her. When she stands for her test, she tries her hardest, but just can't do it. Instead, all the clouds she creates look like real shapes. that could be spotted down on the earth below like dogs or tugboats. It turns out she is a dream cloud maker, extremely rare and special. She is encouraged to create what she is good at and bring inspiration to those of us down on the land below.
I found myself crying by the end of the book. I thought it was beautiful the way her disappointment transformed her into something so cherished who could bring happiness to us all, just as this book did. Very sweet and beautifully illustrated!

- Mesquite, TX
Sun, 10 Apr 2016

Gale is a cloudlet in love with everything Earth. Instead of creating the usual nimbus, stratus, cumulus, and other known cloud formations, Gale created clouds that looked like the things she loved on Earth. This story is about learning to accept what you love, who you are, and not to shy away from this, no matter what the expectation seems to be. After all the nerve-wracking Gale and her family go through because of her inability to produce a “normal” cloud formation, she learns that being a “dream” cloud maker is something rare, sought after, and encouraged by the “Guardians” who decide who graduates from Cloud Formation School. Readers can find inspiration and courage from Gale to pursue their uniqueness as a gift to the world.

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