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City of the Lost: Part Three

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Published 14 Jul 2015
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Format ebook
Publisher Random House Canada
ISBN 034581617X

In City of the Lost, a thrilling new eBook in six parts, New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author Kelley Armstrong delivers us to Rockton, a secret little town in the far north where the hunted go to hide. And where a hunter has now come to play.
Talented detective Casey Butler had counted on Rockton being the hiding place she and her best friend Diana desperately needed. But all is not well in the town—a string of suspicious deaths has set the small community reeling, and Casey’s been tasked with finding the killer. And soon she realizes all is not well with Diana, either. As tensions rise between the two friends, Casey find herself drawn to the brooding sheriff, Eric Dalton, as well as his handsome deputy, Will Anders. Then Casey makes a chillingly gruesome discovery…

"City of the Lost: Part Three" Reviews

- The United Kingdom
Thu, 26 Oct 2017

The following is a review of the entire City of the Lost collection, as I waited for it to be released in its entirety before reading…
Kelley Armstrong is one of those authors to have quickly worked her way onto my favourite authors list, doing so after just a couple of books. As it stands, I’ve been working my way through her Women of the Otherworld books at a snail’s pace. I adore the series, but it is taking me a while. When I saw City of the Lost on sale, I knew it was time for me to jump into something else, something different. Taking a step away from the paranormal romance I knew and loved, I was eager to dive into a Kelley Armstrong thriller.
Thrillers and mysteries are actually some of my favourite books, even if I haven’t read all that many as of late. I’ve been in one of those moods where I’ve been picking up contemporary romance or paranormal romances. There was a time where such a thing would have horrified me, I never imagined I would reach the point where romance was my choice of read, yet such is where I’ve been at recently. However, when I was looking at my bookshelf and trying to decide what I was to pick up next, I knew I would be taking a break from that mood. City of the Lost was calling out to me, begging me to return to my mystery and thriller mindset.
Whilst there is romance within this story, as I’ve come to expect from Kelley Armstrong, it does not take over the entire story. It is there simmering in the background, slowly building, wiggling into your heart at a leisurely pace. You are aware of it, you ship it, you enjoy it, but it does not take over the entire story. There are scenes focusing solely upon the romance factor, but it is not the main element of the story. As I’ve said, this has more of a mystery and thriller kind of vibe.
At first, the story is a bit slow. It takes a few chapters before you’re completely pulled in. At the start, I believe people will fall into one of two categories. They will either be extremely intrigued, or they will be bored of waiting for the story to start. Whatever category you fall into, hold on. It does take a while for things to get moving, but once the story is moving we have quite a few different elements going on. Each time you think you’ve reached the bottom of the secrets to be uncovered, something more is added. There are some predictable elements and some surprising elements, and all work to bring the story together in a wonderful way.
As my first introduction to Kelley Armstrong’s thrillers, it was a wonderful read. I’m so glad there are more Casey Duncan books to come, as I’m going to be grabbing them up. I fell in love with the characters, the story, and the town. Without a doubt, I’ll be returning for more.
The Women of the Otherworld books were enough to cement Kelley Armstrong as a favourite author, but City of the Lost has shown she has more up her sleeve than I’d initially thought.

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Mon, 03 Aug 2015

This section of this serial story had several instances of one of the things I love most about Kelley Armstrong's books - she's Canadian, and Canadian references have a way of subtly appearing in her books. When so much fiction is American and set in US or European locations, having a reference only a Canadian can fully appreciate is just a fun, cool added bonus. This installment had several of those and it made me smile. Which is good, because the story itself is getting pretty intense in this installment.
I'm enjoying this story quite a bit - great characters, a suspenseful plot and a clever, inventive location to set the events in. Another great read from Kelley Armstrong!

Tue, 03 May 2016

Another amazing instalment in this series. I literally finished part three and immediately started part four. I'm going to be so sad when this series is over.

- Toronto, ON, Canada
Wed, 25 Nov 2015

I must say, I didn't get into this part as much as I did Parts I & II. I found it harder to follow at points and it didn't seem to flow quite as well as the first two instalments. I'm sure I'm not alone? I will continue on with the rest of the them (4-6) because I am eager to find out what happens. I see the full story is coming out in book form here in Canada in January but I'll be through with all the bits by then! I kinda wish I had waited but I got sucked in with Part I. Ah, hindsight! Either way, this is my least favourite of the 3 so far. It just seemed to lag without much momentum.

- Canada
Tue, 14 Jul 2015

Quick Thoughts
1. I've decided that I don't like waiting for the next part to come out. I want it now.
2. Starting to love Eric. Not really starting but starting to love him more. I hope he's a potential love interest. Or the bad guy. Could go either way.
3. I'm glad Diana is being distanced a little bit. I don't like her very much.
4. I hope Casey makes some new friends because I'd love to learn some more about these characters.
5. The plot is starting to get intense! Can't wait for the next part!

- Sault Sainte Marie, ON, Canada
Sat, 13 Aug 2016

Part 3 is not bad but it doesn't do a lot to progress the story which makes sense for a middle part. A bit more character interaction and a bit more building. Casey is getting to know the people of the town a little better while her relationship with Diana is falling apart, although I believe at this stage she is realizing it was a very one sided relationship. Like the last part there are more body parts at the end.

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