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Tempted by a Rogue

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Published 21 Sep 2015
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The rogue’s temptation would be her undoing…
Gemma Haverford knows exactly who she will marry: James Randolph, the man she’s had a secret understanding with for the last eleven years. With every letter written between them while he's been off at sea, their love has grown. Now they will be reunited with his return to England.
There’s just one problem. The man whose words she'd fallen in love with isn’t James at all…
Jasper Holland, a gentleman rogue of the first order, is trapped. Talked into a scheme by his best friend, he pretended to be James for eleven years as he wrote to Gemma, even though he'd promised James he’d break it off. But now with his return to England, his secret will come out—and he’ll lose the one woman he can’t live without.
What began as a game of words, now becomes a game of hearts, and Jasper will pay any price to call Gemma his.

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- Addlestone, UK, The United Kingdom
Wed, 26 Aug 2015

4 - "I never used to get faint until you showed up." Stars!
There is one thing that I can whole heartedly say about Lauren Smith and the books that she writes, that no matter what the genre or tropes used they are always entertaining. I am not a massive historical fiction reader nowadays (although I had a sizeable Harlequin collection in my younger years) but the way the author tells the story, just pulls you in and keeps you invested in the characters and the adventures they go on.
I loved Gemma and Jasper together, and as usual Lauren has given her heroine a bit of back-bone underneath her corset! Not the shy retiring type, she stands up to him, and when she discovers just how mislead she has been by him and James, and doesn’t give him an easy out in his courtship of her.
”I can’t concentrate when you are touching me.”
Although only a novella, the author has also managed to give a full and detailed backstory to both of our lead characters, and Jasper’s was particularly poignant in light of his experiences at sea over the intervening eleven years.
”I’m not good at being respectable. I say things I shouldn’t.”
Plenty of sizzle and sexy-times, make this novella another absolutely stellar addition to Lauren Smiths Historical titles.
ARC generously provided by the author, and it was my pleasure to provide the above honest review.

Mon, 05 Oct 2015

3.5 "Pen Pal Love" for the Story and 4.5 Stars for the Narration!
If you are looking for a short and sweet historical romance to listen to, then Tempted by a Rogue may just be the right temptation for your next listen. As is frequently the case in a novella length romance, the plot is quick and to the point, but lovers of best friend love triangles, will enjoy getting to root for the underdog and the ultimate resolution. Moreover, Carolyn Morris' talented performance makes this audiobook a pleasure to listen to.
Gemma Haverford has been pining, and waiting for, James Randolph's return for 11 years. Over all those years she has refused to even consider marrying anyone else, resolute in their shared promise that James would marry her upon his return (even if that return is taking years longer than expected). Further solidifying her resolve were the countless letters that she believed they exchanged over the years which further reinforced her love for her pen pal lover.
Little did Gemma know, that for the greater part of that more than a decade, it was actually James' best friend, Jasper Holland--a mutual childhood friend who took great pleasure in taunting her--that actually took on the "chore" of writing those letters. Try though he might, and even after he promised James that he would, Jasper never could find the words to let Gemma know that James had long tired of their long-distance relationship. In fact, quite to the contrary, he found himself longing for each and every shared letter.
However, the time of reckoning has finally come, as James and Jasper are returning to England. After pretending to be James for 11 years how will Jasper explain this deception? Will his deception cause him to lose everything that he has begun to hope and pray for?
Carolyn Morris did a superb job of bringing this story to life. Not only did Ms. Morris render a believable, male voice for Jasper (a feat that many female narrators struggle with); but she also managed to conjure an equally appropriate and personality specific one for James. Ms. Morris' rendition made it seamless to determine who the listener should root for to win Gemma's heart in the end.
Ms. Morris' characterization of Gemma was also very well done. Her naive and somewhat idealistic nature was easily discernible from Ms. Morris' expert intonation. Additionally, Ms. Morris did a great job of communicating her conflicted feelings and ultimately the romantic connection between Gemma and the hero.
All in all, Tempted by a Rogue is the perfect listen if you are looking for a well-performed quick and short historical romance that you can experience in one or two sittings. However, as is typical with novellas, you may have to suspend belief at a few of the conflict resolution points as is frequently necessarily the case when the resolution must occur with brevity. I will say that I previously read and adored Lauren Smith's debut full-length novel, Wicked Intentions, so I will definitely be up for experiencing more of her works in the future. And Carolyn Morris' enjoyable performance will definitely keep me searching for more of her works as well.
Source: Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.

Tracy T.
- Jacksonville, FL
Tue, 13 Oct 2015

Short and Sweet! Outstanding Narration by Carolyn Morris! (audible review)
This was a really good little novella. I enjoyed it. I really liked Jasper, he was pretty awesome. He was handsome, strong, and sweet. He really fell hard for Gemma. I liked Gemma too. She was a strong female heroine, not a whiny simpering one. The chemistry between these two was great, it felt real and genuine. There was a couple of nicely written hot and steamy sexual scenes.
The story line and plot was good. The story flowed very well and it was easy to follow along. There was not very much dialogue. I did miss that for sure, but what little dialogue there was, was good.
As for the narration. It was fantastic. I am a huge fan of Carolyn Morris. She does such a great job. The men sound like men, the hero sounded sexy. All the characters have their own distinct voice. She reads with emotion as called for in the story. Her reading voice is wonderful and she is a pleasure to listen to. I would be happy if she narrated all Historical Romance books! She is perfect for them.

- Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, Canada
Mon, 21 Sep 2015

A charming and romantic story!
As soon as I started reading the first chapter of Tempted by a Rogue, it got me hooked till the very end; I could not put it down and I read it late into the night to finish it. Lauren Smith didn’t disappoint me with this beautiful love story! It's a real page turner!
It tells the story of Gemma, who's been in love, for eleven years, with James, the man she was corresponding with. But her hero James, isn't the man he pretends to be! Will his secret identity be revealed? Will he lose the woman he loves dearly? Will she feel betrayed? Can their love survive under these new conditions?
Again, their story is filled with passion, seduction and romance! I really love Lauren Smith's books and I strongly recommend her novella Tempted by a Rogue, you will love it and won't be disappointed!

- Ghaziabad, 07, India
Tue, 22 Sep 2015

Tempted by a Rogue by Lauren Smith is the story of Gemma who has waited for eleven years to reunite with her childhood sweetheart, James. They have been communicating through letters all these years that she is sure now that he is here, they will me married soon. But things are not quite as simple as they look. James is not interested in Gemma and the person writing to her is not him but his friend, Jasper who likes Gemma and hopes to marry her someday.
With everything so confusing, will Gemma ever have her happily-ever-after?
I enjoyed reading Lauren's book, The Duelist's Seduction and when she offered me this one, her upcoming book, I was more than happy to read and review it!
The cover is sensual and promises a sensual story. The blurb is interesting and it succeeds in intriguing the readers about the book.
It was the plot idea that intrigued me in the first place. The idea of writing love letters to each other without meeting for over a decade is romantic and add the identity swap to it and the book had me eager to read it. I hoped for a conflict filled story with headstrong characters and an intense romance.
While I got a headstrong hero and a sensual romance, the story didn't match my expectations but nevertheless, it is a good story, is light, short, enjoyable and a quick read.
Lauren's writing style is engaging and despite her simple construction of sentences, she manages to prove her prowess of writing and yet again establishes that expression and narration is not hampered by simplicity!
She creates the Regency era well and overall, I was transported to a different time through the book. It is only in certain situations that I felt like the characters seemed too progressive and open for a time when propriety and manners were everything. Like for example, when Gemma's father hints at knowing of his daughter's "gallivanting in the garden" escapades and yet tells his wife that it's okay etc. (I don't want to disclose too much about the story.)
The characters are likable and realistic people and I could visualize them easily. Gemma is a simple country girl happy in her simple surroundings and in love with a boy she hasn't met in over a decade. Her honest hopes, expressions and emotions had me connecting with her and then feeling sorry and angry on her behalf. I rooted for a happily-ever-after for her and was all smiles when she got one!
James is portrayed as a reckless, unlikable character and I felt like slapping him for his blatant disregard to Gemma's emotions and his crude and impersonal talks about her virtue and life, as if she meant nothing and was not even a human let alone a girl he had been friends with in his childhood! I am eager to read James' story too and hope he gets a taste of his own medicine in it.
Jasper is a strong character and I liked him but initially, his talks with James about Gemma had me feeling like I wanted a another hero for my honest heroine. LOL
Later on, he becomes the likable hero we all adore who in turn, adores the heroine and is willing to do anything to win her affection. He is flirty, intense, naughty with Gemma and their attraction is scorching hot!
"I never used to get faint until you showed up." -Gemma
Gemma's parents are lovely people and I especially liked her father who knows everything and yet is willing to give his daughter freedom.
Lady Greenley is funny, strict and totally adorable with her knowing and mischievous eyes. I loved her interactions with the protagonists and hope to meet her again!
The story is fast paced with intense intimate scenes and a quick read that you'll be able to finish within an hour if you are a fast reader like me. :)
All in all, Tempted by a Rogue by Lauren Smith is an enjoyable, naughty, sultry and quick read that takes us on a journey to the Regency era to witness a mischievous seduction of a heroine by a rogue with a heartwarming happily-ever-after! 4 out of 5 to it and recommended to all romance lovers above the age of eighteen.
I enjoy Lauren's writing and look forward to reading more from her in the future.
I received an ARC from the author and I am very thankful to her. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

Mon, 24 Aug 2015

Long distance relationships are difficult at best, but the relationship between Gemma Haverford and James Randolph only seems to get better and better. He has been off sailing the world and sending letters to his secret love for years. The letters back and forth between the two have kept Gemma company in the lonely hours and kept her dreaming of the day he would come home!
Finally, that day has arrived! She is so excited when she gets a strange message to meet him in the garden with a blindfold on. She thinks it odd, but does as he wishes anyway.
The outcome of this meeting changes the entire relationship she thought she had!
This was a wonderfully written story! I felt for both Gemma and Jasper. They knew each other like no other, but Gemma thought it was James the whole time. the scenery descriptions were lush and wonderful, bringing the reader into the garden or wherever the setting was. I was hooked from the start of this book and did not want to put it down!
Highly recommend this author! All of the books by her that I've read were fantastic!

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