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Spot the Difference

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Published 03 Mar 2016
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Publisher Hot Key Books

An exclusive World Book Day story from UK Queen of Teen Juno Dawson.
Avery has always suffered at the hands of the bullies, so when she’s given a seemingly-miraculous opportunity to join the ‘A-list’ she grabs at it with both hands. But appearances can be deceiving, and soon Avery’s not so sure she likes this new version of herself. And it’s only by overcoming her fears that she can learn the true meaning of being comfortable in your own skin.

"Spot the Difference" Reviews

- The United Kingdom
Mon, 15 Feb 2016

Avery has always suffered from severe acne and everyone seems to hate her for it, except her close family and best friend, who have always been supportive. But when Avery manages to persuade her parents to let her try a miracle cure, it changes more than her skin. Suddenly part of the A-List, the most popular teenagers in school, she's not sure whether is the best place for her. Spot the Difference is another fun contemporary story from Juno Dawson, full of teenagers with attitude, amazing best friends, and messages about being yourself.
I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books.

- Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
Tue, 14 Mar 2017

O livro tem uma clássica história adolescente da menina que olha torto pra galera da "A-list", mas sempre quis ser um deles. Imaginem Meninas Malvadas sem o constante alívio cômico e ótimo elenco. Apesar de não passar nem perto de fugir do clichê, conversa muito bem com o ~os jovens de hoje em dia~ e tem mensagens diretas e claras (e boas!) É uma história adolescente realmente pra adolescentes

Sun, 15 May 2016

Okay, so this book is book is a World Book Day Book, it cost me a grand total of 20p and is not even 90 pages long, so, on balance, I really don't feel like i can complain about it too much. But I did feel it had some pretty huge flaws.
I'll start with the good.
The subject of bullying is always going to be a tough and sensitive one to tackle and I am so glad that Juno took this opportunity to highlight it during World Book Day. I hope this leads to the subject matter being discussed in schools and hopefully helping someone. Anyone. One person and it will be worth it.
Those early pages, describing the bullying felt very real and hit very close to home. Really painful for me to read even a decade after leaving school. So Kudos are clearly due there.
The openness of the otherwise predictable ending is also a good point.
What I disliked.
This is a huge, painful, life destroying subject. And I'm not a hundred percent sure that a less than 90 page book could ever do it justice. Maybe this will act as an introduction to it, a way to get the conversation going. But as just a book, I felt it fell kind of flat and made the whole subject seem a little blasé. Which it isn't.
The reaction of Avery's 'friend' was pretty diabolical. But, speaking as a former teenage girl, teenage girls can be rather petty. But this just felt really unnecessary. As was Avery's choice of words while campaigning of course. It made the moral of the story feel more like "it's okay to be a two faced abilist bitch as long as you learn a lesson in two pages or less".
It all just felt like a poor man's Mean Girls - less funny, less enjoyable, more stereotypical and underdeveloped. but at less than 90 pages, maybe I am asking for a little too much.

Fri, 27 May 2016

I don't even know how to properly review this novella. It's not bad but it's not very good, really.
It's kinda like Mean Girls in UK.
The characters are not developed enough for my liking. And I have a very big problem that this book shows that you can be a total bitch to your friend if you learn a lesson out of in a page or two. That's not cool.
I liked the ending, [spoilers removed].
I don't usually like open endings, but this one served its purpose.
I would recommend it, but it's not like you'll miss awfully lot if you won't read it.
Yeah, go and watch Mean Girls instead!
You go, Glen Coco!

- New Forest, The United Kingdom
Sun, 28 Feb 2016

Spot the Difference is about an important subject for teens that often gets overlooked in fiction; acne. It’s something that so many of us go through yet characters in books have great skin, the most they get seems to be an odd spot. Avery has severe acne, so much so that she’s been seeing a specialist about it for years. Her mum’s been holding out putting her on medication due to side effects, but there’s a new drug trial on the horizon. What happens when Avery is freed from her skin?
It’s not as shallow as it seems because, of course, Avery learns an important lesson. But your appearance is something that affects you a whole lot, even if deep down we know it shouldn’t. Plus Juno gives you a great World Book Day costume for future years in the finale!

Lauren ✨
- The United Kingdom
Sun, 31 Jan 2016

RATING - 3.5: Avery suffers from severe acne and constant bullying because of it. Now, as she undergoes a new treatment, she finds herself hanging out with the A-listers. A nice, fun, quick easy read about finding confidence in yourself.

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