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Before You Leap

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Published 01 Nov 2016
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Thomas & Mercer

Peace of mind is all Greg Cole has wanted since the murder of his twin sister, Scarlett.
In his new sun-soaked Florida life, he thought he had found it. But when Scarlett’s killer is released early from prison with a cast-iron alibi, Greg realizes that his past is about to explode into his present, with terrifying consequences.
To expose the truth he must open up old wounds. As a talk therapist, Greg knows all about dark secrets, but when a childhood friendship comes to the fore and the police turn their spotlight on him, the thought of analyzing his own psyche is a disturbing prospect. How far can he trust his own memories?
With his life coming apart at the seams, and his grip on reality beginning to unravel, Greg must face the ghosts of his past if he hopes to prove his innocence and live to see another day.

"Before You Leap" Reviews

- The United States
Sun, 02 Oct 2016

Okay, if you are in the mood for a can't put down, can't turn the page quick enough story-ride look no further because this book is it!! This is the first work I've read of Houghton's but it won't be the last....and that's a promise. This is a great book all the way through from start to finish and you won't be sorry for investing the time it takes you to read it....just plan on doing it in one sitting....once you start it you will not want to put it down. Thanks for the most awesome entertainment Mr. Keith Houghton, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Thu, 02 Feb 2017

I didn't hate this book the way I did most of the books I 1-star, but I did not like it.
1. The benevolent sexism annoyed me, what with the whole men can't cry thing, and men are territorial, and men can't lie because women have a sixth sense. Ugh. Spare me.
2. Scarlett is this huge, looming presence in Greg's life, yet she remained a shadow by the book's end. Everything revealed about her was a little anecdote or a pat tidbit that gave me no feel for who she was.
3. The whole ending made very little sense and just did not feel like it hung together.
4. Greg annoyed me. He's given to long bouts of boring navel-gazing, and he struck me as falsely self-effacing, since there's a fair whiff of superiority about him. His long digressions bled the novel of all suspense.
5. I fell for one red herring, but I figured out the big secret less than halfway through the book. I only kept reading because I wanted to know if I was right. I should have skipped to the end and checked instead of dragging myself through the tedious remains of the book. Lesson learned.

- Edmond, OK
Thu, 01 Dec 2016

I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.
Wowww. I seriously couldn't put this down. I love how this author writes and hooks you in with just a few sentences from the very beginning.
Though I thought I knew the big twist within the first few pages, by the end I was satisfied I was right, only for it to turn around and be to shocked with a very different conclusion.
What a fun and exciting read!

Kevin Dowson
- The United Kingdom
Thu, 28 Dec 2017

An enjoyable read, decent storyline and well written. My major gripe is only that I saw the twists coming from a mile away. Not a disaster, but it does tend to leave me thinking "okay, then, get on with it" from quite early on in the book.
Overall, a good and worthwhile read, perfect for a holiday book. I will probably give the author another go. 3.5 out of 5.

- Cornwall, The United Kingdom
Sun, 24 Jun 2018

Before You Leap was an okay mystery thriller. However, I didn't really bond with the characters, so was unable to fall in love with the rest of the story. I'd still recommend it to those who enjoy thrillers though, as I'm sure many will enjoy it more than me.
I borrowed this in audiobook format through Kindle Unlimited.

Tue, 04 Oct 2016

I'm not sure what can be done with an author that can't even avoid basic cliches. When I attempted to search for this book by title, I found that there's over a page of books with either this exact title, or minor variations of it.
Authors. Please. Google your titles before you land on anything. I'm not expecting a unique turn of phrase, but if there's a complete page of books with a similar titles, one of which is a book of wisdom by Kermit the Frog, maybe brainstorm a few extra minutes.
As this was a Kindle First book, which Prime members get a free pick of each month, I did not feel obligated to finish this. If I had, for some strange reason, paid for this book, I would have hate-read it to completion. It's not incompetent prose, but there's a limit to how many issues I can stomach from a story I'm not financially invested in.
For starters, there's a preface that's essentially bragging about how challenging it is to write a book. No, Mr. Houghton, no it's not. It's challenging to write a good book. Most people with functional writing skills, a bit of free time, and a word processor can write a book. There's an entire website dedicated to writing mediocre books in a month, and it has many members who are apparently successful. All the mountain climbing metaphors in the world aren't going to make the reader feels impressed by the fact that you finished a book.
Then there's a prologue. I barely tolerate prologues, mostly because I feel a story should start where it actually begins, at the point where it's most interesting to begin. I do not need you to prepare me for the story to begin. And having the prologue be an in media res scene from much later in the story does not help this feeling, as I have also grown sick of artists thinking this is an interesting move. These days it would be more daring to tell a story sequentially, without flashbacks.
The prologue also introduces an issue that persisted through the entire reading. There's a sort of clumsiness in the arrangement of elements and choreography that just kept hurting my suspension of disbelief. The way events are sequenced felt like someone had planned it out with their action figures without considering practical plausibility.
And I could still get past all this, up to the second chapter, but then a bit of prose just completely kicked me in the head:

The day had started out innocently enough, with no hint of the tragic events that would unfold and brand themselves indelibly into my brain. I’d gone about my business on that fateful day as usual, with no knowledge that my universe was on the brink of imploding.

Please do not tell me that something interesting is going to happen, especially if it's not going to happen in the next few paragraphs. The universe implosion is not in the next paragraph, it's not even on the next page. I gave up before the implosion even occurred.
There's a limit to how much machismo I will tolerate in my prose. Thrillers in particular seem to have this issue, where the author seems to think that their metaphors and dialogue will be so edgy that it'll kick my ass and leave me breathless with how bad ass my experience is. It's tiresome posturing, and I gave up not longer after.
I give almost any book about 10% of its run to start pulling me in, and I barely reached that in this case. This book is clumsy.

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