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A Greyhound, a Groundhog

3.602,058 votes • 445 reviews
Published 03 Jan 2017
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Format Hardcover
Publisher Schwartz & Wade Books
ISBN 0553498053

From a heavyweight author-and-illustrator duo comes a delicious tongue twister of a picture book that features a little round greyhound and a little round groundhog. With very spare, incredibly lively language, this is an entertaining read-aloud, with two amazing and oh-so-adorable characters at its heart.
When a greyhound meets a groundhog, wordplay and crazy antics ensue. The two animals, much like kids, work themselves into a frenzy as they whirl around and around one another. ("Around, round hound. Around, greyhound.") The pace picks up ("Around and around and astound and astound"), until they ultimately wear themselves out.
Jenkins s masterful text is deceptively simple. NPR on "Toys Meet Snow" by Emily Jenkins
Appelhans, whose career up to now has been in animated films such as "Coraline, " is a revelation. "Booklist, " Starred, on "Sparky!, " illustrated by Chris Appelhans
Appelhans makes an auspicious picture book debut with strikingly beautiful watercolor and pencil illustrations. His style, reminiscent of Jon Klassen s, incorporates a muted color palette, but with a slightly softer, rounder quality, while also weaving in visual deadpan humor. "The Horn Book""

"A Greyhound, a Groundhog" Reviews

Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥
Sat, 02 Dec 2017

This book is super cute, but the pictures below will tell you the real reason I bought and read this book ♥
I love my Greyhound ♥
Happy Reading!
Mel ♥

- The United States
Sat, 14 Jan 2017

Around, round hound.
Around, groundhog!
Around, brown hog.
Around, grey dog!

The point of this book isn't the story (there is no story) but instead to serve as a tongue-twister and make the adult reader and the child laugh.
A groundhog and a greyhound meet and spend the day chasing each other around a field.
The pictures are beautiful. I would recommend this. It's fun.

- Oak Park, IL
Sat, 11 Nov 2017

Each year my family reads all the Goodreads-award-nominated picture books, and we have been doing this for years. Everyone rates each book and adds a comment and it may (or may not) affect my overall rating. This is book #6 of 2017.
Tara: 4.5 stars. Love it! Like the Pear Bear book. And nice watercolors.
Harry (12): 3.5 stars. Didn't get what it was really trying to say, but art.
Hank (11): 2.9 stars. Made me so dizzy! Didn't get the message.
Lyra (10): 3.5 stars. Pretty good! I liked the idea, and the watercolors. Lots of repetition. Good kids book!
Dave: 4.5 stars. 2 odd friends, watercolor art, lots of space, good read-aloud book for younger readers, with a focus on vowels (hound, ground, brown, greyhound, groundhog), with action moving faster and faster, swirling colors and shapes, faster, faster!!
"Around and around! Astound!" Indeed! Zounds! All the sounds! Out of bounds!

Sun, 12 Feb 2017

Oh, my word! Not only is the art simply delicious, but the words are delightful! A poem, a tongue-twister, a darling story all in one, and seriously: THE ART.

- Pompano Beach, FL
Sat, 09 Dec 2017

I picked this book up intending to bring it along with me when I substitute teach but after going through it I see it just won't work. There is no story to keep the kids engaged. The text is rhyming words and adorable illustrations of a greyhound and a groundhog that play together. I would use this book if I was teaching a child to read but it's a tongue twister to read out loud and there is no story to follow. This book makes me realize what a genius Dr. Seuss was. He created simple rhyming stories that taught generations of kids to read and all of those books had a real cohesive story. I am going to take a pass on this.

- Hillsborough, NC
Sat, 21 Nov 2015

Loved the water color art and the feeling of motion Appelhans brought to the illustrations. What can I say? I'd been meaning to read it because I like Jenkins' work consistently, but to spot it on Groundhog Day? It was meant to be. And so pretty and frenetic.
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