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The Honorable Thing

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Published 01 Jan 2016
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Format Paperback
Publisher Lien Press
ISBN 0692593896

She's an uptight, 30-something mom, as prim and proper as a nun.
He's an irreverent, 30-something dad, still a mischievous boy at heart.
It's another era, the 1970s, and they're thrown together in a huge puritanical corporation in a St. Louis suburb.
Unlike either her school principal-husband or his writer-wife, both are hopeless romantics who love gorgeous sunsets and goofy pranks.
When he tries to make up for a gruff moment with a goofy suggestion, what follows is hilarious, harrowing, and heart-wrenching.
As author Richard Bach once famously observed, "Real love stories never have endings."
This is a real love story.

"The Honorable Thing" Reviews

Mon, 20 Aug 2018

I wanted to 'sleep on it' before trying to review this book. And I mean 'trying.' Because if you are in a long term relationship, chances are you might have been taken for granted, or maybe you are the one who is taking things for granted. The question is, after two people cross that line of infidelity, what now? Can they do 'The Honorable Thing' and just what the heck does that mean? Is it because of guilt, shame, or rediscovered devotion? Does it matter at that point?
Karl Jacobs will have you asking yourselves all these questions about this book, and more. It's a disturbing emotional roller coaster of a ride/read. I read it on Kindle Unlimited.

- Greenbush, MN
Mon, 20 Jun 2016

The Honorable Thing
Having recently read Karl Jacobs' "The President's Killers," I fully expected at least a bit of political intrigue along with the love story that this book was billed as. It is filled with romantic intrigue, but it is without political intrigue. Still "The Honorable Thing" is a gripping and touching story about love between two married persons - not married to one another. They share an enduring love, but also love their spouses and their children. They must make agonizing decisions and live with family disasters caused by their actions. So very touching. Well-written.

- The United States
Fri, 08 Jul 2016

I was so pleasantly surprised by "The Honorable Thing"! I often read crime thrillers, but took a chance on this love story. I'm so glad that I did - it was a touching, funny and honest story about being married and falling in love with someone else. Do we deserve to pursue our own happiness....or don't we? The story made me think, made me laugh and made me cry. It is a fresh and often very funny view of the complications of love. I highly recommend it!

Kristina Trawick
- The United States
Mon, 23 Apr 2018

What would you do for love?
Bittersweet story of a couple who are married, but not to each other. Tell or not tell their spouses, divorce or not, break up two families? I wanted to dislike them for being cheaters, but they are just two people who fell in love at the wrong time. Not usually my cuppa, but this was a tender and sometimes funny book that appealed to me.

- Sandston, VA
Sat, 18 Mar 2017

Well written
I found this to be well written but difficult to read only because of the time period it's in. It's hard to remember how different the moral fiber was of most people in the 70's. Affairs weren't common and the societal values were extremely against it. What is sad is that by the time he's free of his wife she's not avoiding. Life has changed in many ways since the 70's.
This story is excellent...well written with accurate portrayal of these time period and the working environment.

Mon, 18 Jul 2016

I won this book in a giveaway, and I am so HAPPY that I did!! Here's my honest review on 'The Honorable Thing'...I devoured this awesome story in 4 hours! Author, Karl Jacobs, knows how to tell a story and makes the reader really connect with the characters. I had moments of laughter, sadness and frustration throughout the story, as each character tried to find their happy place in the world. By the end of the book you'll be questioning yourself....what would you have done?
I am truly hoping that Mr. Jacobs book, 'The President's Killers', will be on the giveaways list soon!! hint hint :)

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