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Beats of Life (Perception #5)

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Published 01 Jan 1970
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World’s Best Motherf*cking Drummer.
Those are four words that will be etched onto my headstone when I reach my final destination. But for now, we’ll dim it down to two.
Pure adrenaline.
That is what surges through my veins the instant I sit behind my Tama Starphonic drum kit. Then, not long later, exhaustion kicks in.
Despite the rumors circulated by the swarm of paparazzi that follow my every move, I wouldn't change one thing about my life—not one single goddamn thing.
My bandmates are my brothers, and music is my passion. It is the reason I wake up every day. Sex, groupies, and rock and roll. That is what I live for. It is my life.
But what happens when the one thing I loved even more than music crashes back in the picture two years after she vanished without a trace?
Will I finally discover why Kylie left without saying goodbye?
Will my heart be returned to its rightful owner?
And will I ever find the strength to forgive her for ripping my heart out of my chest and stomping on it?
From the Author who brought you the Perception and Enigma series comes the next heart-stuttering instalment. An emotionally charged story that proves no obstacles are too great when it comes to love. Follow alongside Slater and Kylie as they undertake a journey of forgiveness and regret.
Author Warning: This novel contains graphic material such as sex scenes, swearing, and a few tear jerking moments as well.
Although this book is number five in the Perception series, it can be read as a complete standalone!

"Beats of Life (Perception #5)" Reviews

- The United Kingdom
Tue, 20 Dec 2016

Slater is your typically rock star he's the drummer of rise up and living his life one party and groupie at a time but it wasn't always like that for him two years ago he gave his heart away again and was blissfully happy but what he didn't expect is one day everything completely changed at he was left not the same angry and heartbroken that’s when he decided no more he would never kiss again and just have one night stands with endless groupies. Slater isn't a bad guy he's actually really decent he was left in the dark so you can't blame him for the way he reacts when he sets eyes on his past again and the one thing he didn't expect is for his body to react the way it does towards her still even with all the built up anger. Can he get answers or is it to late ….
Kylie she loves slater so much she never ment to hurt him two years ago but she did what she had to do she didn't want to drag him through the hell she was about to go through again plus she knew at the time his career was now about to start so she made the decision for them both to walk away so he could live his dream but not a day when by that she didn't think about him and stop loving him. When Kylie sees slater again she sees in his eyes the hurt and anger then and it guts her that she done that to him she was wishfully thinking that when he saw again he would forget the pain and let her explain but it just doesn't go like that. After witnessing his player ways when she goes to a after party with the band it destroys her so she sets out to try and make him jealous and also ignores him which do drive him absolutely crazy. Kylie is scared to tell slater why she left shes hoping they can be together again but is it to late? How will slater react? Will her forgive her? Can love conquer everything?
Wow I loved slater’s and Kylies story it was a touching story there was so much depth and I just couldn't stop reading right till the last word. Beautifully written another great job from Shandi this isn't your typical rock star book there so much more to it you will not be disappointed. Pick up a copy and enjoy it’s a wonderful read!!!

- Miami, FL
Sat, 24 Dec 2016

Beats of Life by Shandi Boyes is the fifth book in the Perception series. This book can be read as a standalone, although I do suggest you read the first two books in the series so you can read about all the other characters in the series and understand more about how they meet. Beats of Life is a second chance romance between Slater and Kylie.
Slater is the drummer for “Rise Up” and the bad boy that every groupie wants. Two years ago, his heart was broke by Kylie when she left him without a trace and no goodbye. Will seeing Kylie again rekindle his love for her after so many years?
Kylie loves Slater and his hurt that she left him two years ago without explanation. After she found out about his sister and how she passed away, her own fears regarding her health caused her to run. Is Kylie ready to tell Slater her secret and try to get back the man she loves?
Shandi Boyes really grasped my heart with this story. This story is by far my favorite of the Perception Series. The story is written in an alternating POV. The love and passion between Slater and Kylie is inevitable and regardless of the obstacle that they endure, their love is above all. Shandi you really got me with this story, very heartfelt and emotional. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Perception Series. I highly recommend this book to all that like to read about second chance romances.

- Morganton, NC
Thu, 04 Jan 2018

So freaking HOTT!!
Wow!! I got this book free and was worried that since it was free it wouldn't be that good. Boy was I wrong!! I read this out of order (again because it was free and a rock star book) not to sound cheap but I'm tired of buying rock star books and they end up sucking, but man was I wrong this was FANTASTIC!! The book was so smooth and easy to read. I haven't read but 100 books or so that were rock star books and this one ranks at the top right along Thoughtless and The Mighty Storm! I can't wait to read the rest!

- New Zealand
Thu, 10 Jan 2019

This is the fifth installment of the Perception series. This is the story of Slater and Kylie. I suggest you read this series in order, although the story is strong enough to stand by itself.
This book gives you an in depth look at Slater and clarifies some of his actions in the previous books. This story had me smiling and crying as it took me on a heart-rending journey of love, regret and strength and sexual tension. It is a beautiful story not to be missed, I loved every minute of it.
If you like strong characters and enjoy a book with sex scenes, I highly recommend this series.

- Bronx, NY
Sun, 23 Jul 2017

Everlasting Love
Even though someone runs out of your life and you love them with all our heart you will never stop loving them. When by chance you see them again but your are angry for leaving you and got no reason you leash out to them. You make a fool of yourself or try to replace them...But guess what you can't, you still remember your kiss, their taste and the sigh they make when you kiss. You're still madly in love with each other but too pig headed to do something about it. But together they will be until death do they part

- Westbury, NY
Thu, 16 Aug 2018

Love love love these stories.
I started reading these books because I had read everything. But these books had me hooked. From the first one to the last. Now I am ready to read Ryan's story. Try these books you will not be disappointed.