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Dreamfall (Dreamfall #1)

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Published 02 May 2017
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Format Hardcover
Publisher HarperTeen
ISBN 0062429876

Cata Cordova suffers from such debilitating insomnia that she agreed to take part in an experimental new procedure. She thought things couldn’t get any worse...but she was terribly wrong.
Soon after the experiment begins, there’s a malfunction with the lab equipment, and Cata and six other teen patients are plunged into a shared dreamworld with no memory of how they got there. Even worse, they come to the chilling realization that they are trapped in a place where their worst nightmares have come to life. Hunted by creatures from their darkest imaginations and tormented by secrets they’d rather keep buried, Cata and the others will be forced to band together to face their biggest fears. And if they can’t find a way to defeat their dreams, they will never wake up.

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Thu, 08 Oct 2015

And what, exactly, will they be doing? Well, in a few short days, they’ll be laying us out in a lab, fitting our heads with electrodes, and running electrical currents through our brains until our insomnia is fried into extinction. They’ll be shocking us into normalcy.
Yes, I’m scared. But if this is what I have to do to be able to sleep again, I’m ready to sign my life away.

I had to push myself to keep reading. This one almost ended up on the dreaded "DNF" list that I try to avoid if possible. I am happy I decided to keep reading if only for the twist at the end that becomes semi-predictable at a point, though I admit the dream sequences started to get skimmed because it was just so wtf and even bordered on repetitive as they'd fight to survive/escape. It felt like the same questions asked over and over as the characters would reiterate what we already knew. And as we get in a new dream, it starts all over.
What was refreshing was Jaime's POV (one of only three). Jaime is a premed student observing the experiment. There is also Cata and Fergus, both subjects in the experimental procedure to cure sleep disorders. Jaime's perspective gives us the opportunity to see what is going on in the lab, while the seven subjects are all comatose. While Cata and Fergus allow us to see two different perspectives within the dreamworld. The only problem with these two is their voices don't feel distinct from one another. We don't know a lot about the characters to start - only that the seven subjects have sleep disorders and fall between the ages 13-19. Through their experiences in the dreamworld and Jaime's in the lab where Jaime has access to each subject's file, we slowly learn about the characters.
There is a diverse cast. And Jaime's gender is not mentioned at all. I applaud the author on this decision. I actually hope it never gets brought up because gender shouldn't hold that importance. It is who you are as a person, not what appendage you have between your legs.
Here is the thing...I am a huge horror buff. So maybe I'm desensitized to certain horror scenes. But I didn't find myself scared one bit in this book and that's the main thing I was hoping for. It probably doesn't help that I've had some terrifying nightmares that these just don't measure up to. Younger readers may find scenes in the dream sequences to be frightening, but I wouldn't recommend going into this hoping for some scares. It might not happen for you.
While this book offers a few very wonderful things, it wasn't exactly for me up until that twist at the end making me interested in the sequel. Jaime's chapters were the most interesting for me. This wasn't quite as Nightmare on Elm Street as I was expecting.

Sabrina The Trash Queen
Fri, 19 May 2017

They wanted dreams.
What they got were nightmares.

This book has been in my shelf for over a year now.
I guess is time to read it.
It sound incredible.

The Girl Murdered by Her TBR
- Philippines
Wed, 05 Jul 2017

5 mind blowing stars!!!!
This book was a total mindfuck!!!
From the beginning till the end, it will make you guess who is who and what is what...
There are so many things I loved about this book! Like really loved!!!
1. The plot because its so freaking awesome!!!
2. The different psychological illnesses and conditions used by the author to make the different characters' personality.
3. How the author combined realism and fantasy. Trust me only few can managed to create a novel and this book managed to combine the two and ends up to being great
4. The freaking plot twist people! It was very unexpected and jaw dropping!
5. Its creepy, weird and surrealistic. But sooo sooo good!!!
I honestly adored this book. It was very informative, imaginative and just... brilliant. Honestly, I'm great in guessing about what's gonna happen next or what plot twist will happen. But this book... I don't really know what will happen. I didn't have a single clue about what will happen in every chapter, its like I'm totally blindsided; and that people, is the reason I absolutely loved this book!
Every scene will take you by surprise, it will make you guess what will happen next then once you've think of a possible explanation, it will shock you because it'll turn out to be wrong and you'll realize that there is more than meets the eye. OMG!!!
Reading this thrilled, shocked, intrigued, and left me wondering what the fuck is going to happen next. It was a cliffhanger but it still worth the wait...
For the readers who loves horror, mystery, psychological, and twisted books, this one is for you... TRUST ME!!!!!

Saania Zee
- Hogwarts, Qatar, Canada
Tue, 23 Aug 2016

And I am loving every trippy bit of it.
Color me very intrigued.
Now dear book,

Mogsy (MMOGC)
- The United States
Tue, 25 Oct 2016

2.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum https://bibliosanctum.com/2017/08/19/...
In Dreamfall, a group of teenagers are signed up for an experimental study that is supposed to help treat their individual sleep disorders, which range from chronic insomnia to debilitating night terrors. However, the equipment hooked up to the teens ends up malfunctioning during the trial and the seven of them fall into comas—or at least, that’s what it looks like to the researchers overseeing the project. In reality though, they’re all dreaming, trapped in one nightmare together. Worse, they’re being hunted by their deepest fears come to life, and in this dream you’ll never wake up if you die.
Unfortunately, books like this one remind me of why most YA horror doesn’t work for me these days. As much as I wanted to like it because of its compelling blurb, Dreamfall reads like a made-for-TV movie complete with all the thriller clichés and teen drama archetypes. What makes this even more of a shame is that I sense a sincere attempt from the author to make her cast diverse, but none of it really matters in the end because most of the characters are so easily forgotten and expendable. The multi-narrator format that was intended to give us a well-rounded picture of everyone also meant the focus was diluted and no one stood out, and from there things went downhill. After all, I can’t bring myself to enjoy a story unless I first care about the people involved; without that as a basic foundation, everything else just becomes an empty experience.
Still, I don’t want to make it sound like I hated the book, because at the very least the plot was fast-paced and fun. However, apart from maybe that twist ending, Dreamfall was entirely unmemorable. It’s only been a day since I finished the book and I’ve already forgotten half the characters’ names, so I very much doubt I’ll be continuing with this series despite things finally getting interesting in the last couple chapters. There are plenty more other books I need to get to on my YA shelf.

Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
- Carbondale, PA
Sat, 26 Sep 2015

You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight
This was interesting. I went from "hmm I am not sure about this" to "need book two NOW, please and thank you" pretty quickly. It was a slow start- and kind of weird, if I am being honest. I also wasn't sure about the likelihood that parents would sign their kids up for this with it being so unknown, but I guess if you're desperate... I certainly can't judge. The science part of it I didn't fully get- nor do I know if I was supposed to, but it didn't really matter. All that matters is that the author made clear that the stakes are very, very high. This could result in death, this was no joke.
The characters were great too, and we got to see inside their minds so much while they were "dreaming". And I don't want to say a ton, because I am afraid that I'd spoil stuff, but it was a very unique way to get to know characters. There was some unbelivibility, especially when it came to letting the random med student stay in the room when stuff started going haywire. But, even though it was a little "off", her POV was essential, so it didn't bother me.
There were some amazing twists too that I definitely hadn't seen coming, and the book kept me guessing the whole time. I am seriously excited for the second book, because I have no idea what the endgame is and I love that!
Bottom Line: After a slightly shaky start, I got really, really hooked on this book. It was very unique and wholly consuming, and I am eager to read the sequel!
*Copy provided for review

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