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The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet Book 2)

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Published 01 Feb 2017
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Johnson Ink, Inc.

THE SOMEDAY GIRL is the 95,000 word follow up to THE MONDAY GIRL. It concludes the angsty, addictive storyline of THE GIRL duet.
I fell in love with a man who could not love me back.
A man I will never deserve fell in love with me.

Katherine Firestone has finally made it in Hollywood.
New house. New car. New closet full of designer clothes.
She's got it all.
And yet... without him.... she has absolutely nothing.
THE SOMEDAY GIRL arrives February 1, 2017. It is recommended for readers ages 17+ due to mature content.

"The Someday Girl (The Girl Duet Book 2)" Reviews

- Athens, 35, Greece
Tue, 06 Dec 2016

“An already-broken girl who let a boy break her a bit more, just for the hell of it.”

When you start reading The Someday Girl, you think it is simply about a damaged girl divided between two men; a blond Viking she broke, and a charming man-child who broke her. But since it is Julie Johnson we're talking about, a woman whose lyrical and soulful stories leave a mark upon you, you soon realize the story is not about Wyatt or Grayson. It's about Kat Firestone, a walking disaster, the queen of bad decisions, chaos and destruction. At least that's what she thinks. Between the promotion of her upcoming movie that skyrockets her career, fancy parties and interviews and ruthless paparazzis, Kat is collecting her pieces and faces a future that terrifies her, and comes to the conclusion that life is messy, and cruel and ugly, and the only person responsible for changing it is herself.
“You can't wait for a man to come around and put you back together. You have to put yourself back together first, and become the kind of woman who deserves a good man.”

I hate Julie Johnson.
She has a gift for words and characters and pain. She can peel off the layers of your soul, discover the ugliness, the darkness, the guilt and the self-loathing, and make a piece of art out of them. She has the ability to expose this darkness, make you shiver and drown in shame just because you see yourself in Kat Firestone, in her parade of mistakes and crappy choices. Her writing is raw, personal, and too real for your own good. Instead of forgetting your demons, thanks to her you confront them.
“My broken soul mirrors his. A kindred mess in the making.”

I think we are programmed by birth with the tendency to fall for the bad boy. Because despite the multiple times he's going to break us, we delude ourselves with dreams of turning someday into today. We fancy ourselves as saviors, as the salve to his wounds, without realizing that we don't deserve the heartbreak and the humiliation for someone who is not willing to make an effort. But this boy is useful, after all. At least he was for Kat, who had the sense and the strength to learn from this experience. When you have reached bottom, sometimes you are able to find yourself. And that was Kat's destination after all. Self-descovery, self-esteem, self-respect and a genuine belief that light is a choice, not a predetermined course or a privilege reserved only for the good ones. And I failed to see that while reading The Someday Girl, and I was angry and sad at the turn of the events, furious that the character I secretly loved and the idea of him deflated like a balloon but when I finished it, when I let everything sink in, I understood what Julie's purpose was. To love yourself. Accept yourself. And choose sunshine.
“Is it possible you discover yourself in words penned by a stranger? Can you find your soulmate in the pages of a book?”

I love Julie Johnson.
She has a gift for words and characters and beauty. While The Monday Girl was about damage and destruction, The Someday Girl was about healing. It was an inspirational, heart-breaking and heart-mending experience laden with tears (many, many tears), laughter, bitter and sweet surprises and in the end, you can't help but feel empowered, ready to conquer the world.
We don't deserve only a Monday. We don't deserve an untangible, fleeting Someday.
We deserve Forever.

Thank you, Julie, for this lesson.
“I am a girl of ashes and embers. And now...I will rise.”

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

- Toronto, Canada
Sun, 04 Dec 2016

I'm in tears.
This duet has a new home on my all time favourites shelf. I didn't think it would be possible to love The Someday Girl more than I loved the first book, The Monday Girl, but I'm blown away.
I'm speechless.
I'm in awe.
I'm heartbroken and I'm filled with hope.
Julie Johnson is the most underrated author I have ever read. She so masterfully crafts stories that are rich with intricate detail. Stories that live and breathe the emotion of an average female. Stories that teach us not only how to love but how to be loved as well. A story that teaches us that we're worth so much more than just one day of the week.
We're worth all of the days.
We're worth an eternity.
A someday.
A forever.
If anyone out there sees, reads, or listens to any of my recommendations, throw them all out. If I could only give you one story to read from everything I'm gone through over the past year, it'll be the one of Katharine Firestone.

“When did you get so wise, Katharine Firestone?”
“Not wise. Just marginally less stupid.”

Why, might you ask? Because Katharine Firestone is relatable. She's you, she's me, she lives in all of us. She embodies our hopes and lives our fears. She's damaged, hurt, but she perseveres and rises to become stronger, better, brighter and she teaches the reader how to do the same as well. Katharine Firestone is more than just a character in a book, she's a part of my soul.
"Allowing yourself to be weak is the hardest thing in the world. But maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe, when it’s damn near impossible, it means you have something to lose. Something that matters."

I'm going to try really, REALLY hard to write this review without spoilers. And then I'll proceed to reread it somewhere between three and seven times to try and confirm this fact. That also means I'll have to take out at least 50% of quotes I want to use... Oh well. It'll be hard to talk about what I want to say in some areas because of this, so if you don't mind some no holds barred, 100% honest thoughts, send me a message! ;)
Okay, now let's get down to all the nitty gritty, shall we?
Jumping into The Someday Girl is like diving into bed after a long day at work. It's comfortable, familiar, cozy. You think about it all day while struggling through a 9-5 and then you just want to go home. But in this case, I'm talking about a home within the pages of a book. There was almost two months between the two books in this duet but the second I started reading the first page, it felt like I was coming home. Comfortable. Familiar. Cozy. I knew (in theory!) what to expect from these characters but there's no way I could've prepared myself for this wild ride.
“You can tease, but my point is, we aren’t meant to be happy all the time. I think we need sadness and pain and horror, otherwise all the joy we experience means nothing. If you never feel fear, you can’t be courageous enough to overcome it. If you never have your heart broken, you have no barometer to measure the biggest love of your life. Without the dark, there’s no light.”

I couldn't possibly start this review with anything other then #TeamGrayson vs #TeamWyatt, because, um, hello! Two potential heroes is better than one! Kidding. But this really was the great debate. I know I for one have had a few conversations about these two and while I'll keep my side quiet (I'm trying to avoid spoilers at all possible costs so not saying who I was routing for makes sense to me), it was quite interesting to see how these two acted at the beginning of the story. I didn't know how it would play out after the ending of The Monday Girl, but I was definitely surprised by both of them. Then I was continued to be surprised throughout. On one hand, a certain gentleman turned out and acted much differently than I had expected. I felt like there was a different light shed on him in the first book, and thus began my confused love affair with this character. The other gentleman then acted completely out of character - but justly so. I even spoke with Julie part way through (when I suspected what was happening) and told her that I was 1. Not only all for it but 2. I respected the hell out of the direction and honesty she used in this story.
Even from the beginning, I think there were some vague little clues about which direction this story would go. Would Kat end up with Grayson? With Wyatt? Like little chocolate eggs on Easter morning, the reader gets to hunt and search the nooks and crannies for clues and try to piece together the bigger picture.
Was that vague enough for you? This no spoilers nonsense is a little harder than I thought.
So after the first book, I had my heart set on one of the guys. I KNEW it was going to be him, I could just feel it. Everything within me pointed to this one guy. But then when I started reading the second book, I became more unsure. I was starting to get a better feel for the other character and all of a sudden was confused. You know how people say to just trust the author? Julie, take the wheel! I gave it all up, threw in the towel and tried to forget all of my previous ideas. I trusted JJ and let her take me along for the ride. I let her show me why my ideas may have been different from hers or why they might not have worked in the current situation. And man did I buy into it! It's like I finally saw the light, LOL! It's like the heavens opened up, the chorus sang and I decided to look towards the sunshine.
“I grew up watching all these movies of epic love stories on the big screen. They were inescapable. Men and women who are destined to cross paths, fated to fall in love, predetermined to be together forever because it’s supposedly written in the stars or steered by invisible winds or sparked by the prick of cupid’s arrow. Soulmates. One, single person in the universe who is meant just for you.” His eyes hold mine and I feel the temperature in the room kick up by several degrees. When he continues, his voice is fraught with tension. “But that’s not real. It’s fiction. It’s the Hollywood spin. It’s the fairy tale that never really comes true. Because while the idea that we all have a single soulmate is lovely… It’s also bullshit. [...] Love isn’t some unavoidable destiny, some fate you can’t sidestep. It’s a choice you make —and keep making —every day of your life.”

What I thought I needed after reading The Monday Girl turned out to be bogus. What I actually needed was for Kat to find herself. While still being true to herself, there was such a fundamental change in the heroine between books, it shook me. And yes, of course I know what this change was! But can I tell you? Noooooo. :)
It began in small moments but Kat was finally starting to stand her ground. To demand respect. To throw away the self hatred. To believe that a better life, with a better man, was possible. She picked up all of the pieces of her tarnished existence, rotating and jamming them all together to try to make a pretty picture. Then, an image finally started to become clear. An image of her. She did all of this (on her own --- not really, she had help but I can't mention from who AHHHH --- but like 90% on her own and then some support) and I had to give this girl mad props. She grew tremendously between the beginning of the duet and the end. She really did rise from the ashes and start again. Reading the entire journey, my heart clenched for Kat and I was overwhelmingly proud of her. To see the strength and confidence that she found? To witness her turmoil again and again while she continued to pick herself up? It's inspiring and let's you feel hope for her ending.
“You treat people like pawns on your chessboard, always calculating how to bend the pieces to your will, always seeking to overthrow the balance of power so you’re in control of the game. But you’ve never seemed to realize that, when you win at chess, you end up all alone on the battlefield. A sad, crooked king, with nothing to show for his victory except a crown no one is even left to admire.”

This book is simply so much more than an romance. It's built on a foundation of being able to learn who you are and redefine yourself. How to see yourself without the criticism of others. How to love yourself despite your 'flaws'. How to forgive yourself and how to move past the disappointment of others. This book is more than a romance because instead it should be described as a lifestyle.
But more than that, I loved how it was Kat putting her life back together. It was Kat who took the initiative and responsibility. It was Kat who was determined to change her ways. It was Kat proving that she could be better, love better. It wasn't Kat and Grayson nor was it Kat and Wyatt. SHE did this. She didn't rely on a hero to save her, she saved herself. Isn't that a message that we want to teach to our girls? You don't need a man to save you. Sometimes, a hero wears heels. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and save yourself instead. If you're waiting for a man to do it, you could be waiting a while. Who knows? He could be stuck in a tree somewhere because he didn't read the directions on how to get to you.
“One inch lower, and slightly to the right.”
-A girl giving her boyfriend very explicit directions… about where to hang her new painting.

You know the Ke$ha song, Love is My Drug? I have to politely disagree. Love is my not drug. Angst is my drug! I could mainline that stuff and it would be fantastic. I love angst. Like a lot. The more times I have to put my hand over my heart because I can feel my chest constricting while reading a book, the better! Don't worry, I know I'm weird, I'm don't mind. Julie not only provides angst, but she provides the good kind of angst. The kind that's backed up with solid emotion and aforementioned detail. The kind that's believable and transferable. The kind that the reader feels right along side of the characters. The Someday Girl is saturated with good angst and that makes me a happy, happy camper. I guess on the flip side I also need to address that it's not all angst, so if you're not into that sort of thing, don't worry! There's also a lightness and an ease all the while being filled with hopeful undertones.
"It sounds, to the unknowing ear, like a fairy tale: two childhood co-stars, reunited after a decade of distance, starring in the most epic romance of the year. A love tailor-made for movie screens.
Unless, of course, you know the truth.
That the hero wouldn’t stay.
That the heroine couldn’t change his mind.
That it wasn’t really love at all —just the potential for something wonderful, wasted on two people who were never meant to be."

This book is like a big bowl of chicken noodle soup for the soul.
Soundtrack: Rise by Katy Perry
I don't even need to go into detail here, it's pretty self explanatory. Now go listen to the song on repeat!
Can I just give a shout out to my favourite secondary character? Kent Masters, my main man!! Wow, I loved this guy. His personality really started to shine in this book and I couldn't get enough of him. Definitely one of my favourite secondary characters ever, the bits and pieces we got of his story were phenomenal. Not a guy I'll soon forget! <3
Harper scoffs. “Kent, did we or did we not have a discussion about you being an overbearing caveman?”
“We did.”
“And?” Harper plants her hands on her hips. “Do you recall the conclusion of said discussion?”
He shrugs. “You huffed and puffed about me taking care of you. I heard you out, because I think you’re kinda cute when you’re yelling your head off. Then, I decided to keep doing exactly what I’m paid to do, which is protect Miss Firestone and you, by proxy, whenever you’re with her, which is most days because the two of you are a package deal. Though, since you and me are sleeping together every night and I’m practically living at your apartment, from now on I’ll be protecting you wherever you go, regardless of your friends.” He looks at me briefly. “No offense.”
“None taken.”
He swivels his head back to Harper. “Point is, you’re my girl, and I protect what’s mine.”

Julie writes this duet for every girl out there. Everyone who deserves to be worshipped. Respected. Loved.
I don't have my own Prince Charming yet, and at this point I feel like that's almost a good thing. But after reading these books, I feel a lot closer to being ready in my own heart than I was before. This duet is a part of me now.
"People are always waiting around for that magical person who’ll walk into their life and fix them, who’ll offer up some vital piece they’ve been missing and make them complete. They spend years trying to fit their broken edges against another person’s and call themselves whole and healed. The only problem with this, of course, is that expecting anyone else to fix you is an unequivocal disaster.
You can’t wait for a man to come around and put you back together. You have to put yourself back together first, and become the kind of woman who deserves a good man.
You can’t settle for someone; you have to strive for them —strive to be better, to do better, to love better."

In my review of The Monday Girl, I called it "Real, honest and heartbreaking. An incredible read." I don't even know how to top that except by saying this book is more. It's more real. It's more honest. It's more incredible. The best duet I have ever read.
Sure, this duet is the story of Katharine Firestone, but more than that, it's also the story of us. You, me, Marie from San Fransisco, every girl and every woman who has had to deal with a manchild, a commitment phobe, a playboy. It hurts but it's real. And as Kat grew, I felt like I did as well. It feels like I learned how to love right along side our heroine and that's a pretty special feeling.
We deserve so much more than a Monday, and that's something that Julie proves to the reader. We deserve a guy who will treat us as his someday, who will look at us like his every day, and will love us like his always.
Written with unbridled passion and striking honesty, Johnson delivers a dynamic story that will deliver long past it's release date. Emotionally captivating and bursting with intensity, The Girl duet feels timeless in its makeup. This will be a story that will pass through generations as we hand it to our daughters, our sisters and our friends. The Someday Girl is a far cry from your average romance novels. Five stars just seems so common these days so you know what? Screw a five star rating system, I'm giving The Someday Girl six stars!
"Is it possible to discover yourself in words penned by a stranger? Can you find your soulmate in the pages of a book?"

It's possible because I can and I did. From this day forward, I pledge to always choose sunshine and I challenge my friends, fellow readers and bloggers to do the same.
"Every day, you have a choice about how you’re going to live your life.
Choose sunshine, baby. Always choose sunshine.
You look so much prettier with light in your eyes."

Word on the street is that all the cool kids are one clicking this, so don't miss your chance to be too cool for school! Oh no, I think I just aged myself. And sounded really lame. So... Just buy the book instead and I'll stop making corny jokes. Sound like a deal? Want to make another deal? If you haven't read The Monday Girl yet and want to, send me a message. The first five people that do will go the ebook sent to them from Amazon! <3
*An ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.>

- The United States
Tue, 15 Nov 2016


- The United States
Sun, 04 Dec 2016

OHHH MYYY FUCKING GOOOOD. I thought The Monday Girl was amazing but THE Someday Girl blows it out of the fucking water. I'm still trying to sort out all my emotions from this duet. I don't have the words to even explain all my thoughts and reactions. But you NEED to read it! Such a wild ride! Seriously!!!

Sarah - Musings of the Modern Belle
- The United States
Sun, 29 Jan 2017

“Is it possible to discover yourself in words penned by a stranger? Can you find your soulmate in the pages of a book?
This book!!!! This book killed me! Ripped my soul to pieces, and yet, strangely, gave me hope. Hope that we can survive, hope that we can reinvent ourselves, hope that we can learn to love ourselves and let others love us in return. At the end I was emotionally catatonic, feeling nothing, because it was just that good!
Kat hands down is one of my favorite heroines of all time, like ever in the history of all female heroines, this woman just spoke to me. Her downfall, her rise from the ashes, and her quest to love herself in order to better love others and her life enthralled me. My heart broke for her, I cheered for her, and I became elated for her final HEA. Kat’s road to healing and self-discovery, however, makes this story so much more than a romance between a guy and woman. It has such a huge focus on self-love, making yourself whole so that you can be better for yourself and the person you are meant to be with that becomes a tale of self-reflection, causing readers to evaluate their own understanding of love and relationships, often hitting them right in the heart. Every single step of her journey is emotional, and when she finally comes full circle it is so amazing. My heart soared for her. Julie Johnson put me in her shoes, feeling every single emotion, and although it hurt so much at times, it is one of the most memorable and life-altering journeys I have ever been on as a reader.
Because there will be no spoilers here, I am going to address both guys. Wyatt is light and sunshine, always having a positive look on the world. He is honest, kind, and so incredibly loyal. When he hurts, it is torturous. My heart breaks for him, but he is such a force of good in the story, bringing so much peace and contentment to the chaotic world of Hollywood that he can’t be held down. The one thing that shocked me a little about his character is how harsh he could be at times. It is clear that this is a defense mechanism, but I think it really showcases how circumstances and our choices can alter how we choose to behave. Grayson, GAH!!! I have so much love for this character. I wanted so much from him this book, and while the character development I so desperately longed for didn’t completely happen, the road Julie Johnson took him on made me so okay with his storyline. He is lost, he feels unworthy, and he feels unsettled. Just like Wyatt, my heart aches so much for him, so much so that when he acts in some atrocious ways, I can’t help but see the underlying motivation, which just creates tiny little fissures in my heart. Both of these men, equally, have an everlasting place in my heart, and while I it is very clear who Kat should be with as the book progresses, and I love them so much I longed for each one to get their HEA.
#TeamGrayson or #TeamWyatt? All I will say is that Julie Johnson gets it right. The man Kat ends up with is who she belongs with, and not because it is fated or some sign showed her the way, but because she makes a choice to be with him. She reevaluated her life, made appropriate changes, and healed herself before she even considered attempting a relationship again, but when she makes the decision there is no faltering on her part. She goes after what she wants with gusto, and I love that she became the aggressor. She went after what she wanted with no qualms, and I love every single minute of the reconciliation that occurred between Kat and her man.
The plot of this story has so many levels. There is the obvious romantic love triangle between Kat, Wyatt, and Grayson and the completion of the cliff hanger from The Monday Girl, but there is so much more to this story than these two plots. What really stood out to me as I read this book is that there is so much about loving yourself, about being able to let yourself accept good in life, about taking care of you so you can be the best version of yourself for the person you choose to be with. It is a story that is more than loving someone else, but also loving yourself. All good relationships start with self-love, and what better message is there than this!
Side note: I am not done with this world. While Kat’s story is completely finished and wrapped up with The Someday Girl, there are so many unanswered questions and broken characters at the end that it can’t be over. I just refuse to believe it! I need more, more stories, more redemption, and more of Ms. Johnson’s beautiful words!
The Monday Girl and The Someday Girl are going down as one of my favorite books of not only 2017, but as one my favorite romances EVER! Each word is beautiful, each story line emotional, and each theme expressed in this story speaks to living a full life filled with love. This is going to sound dramatic, but my soul has been altered by Kat’s journey and the emotional and beautifully raw story. I may never recover, and I don’t think I want to. And to answer the question posed at the beginning of the review, the answer is YES! That is what makes this book so much more than your average romance. It is what sets it apart from the rest, and it is what makes it an ABSOLUTE MUST READ! Julie Johnson has truly outdone herself, and I am in awe of this woman’s talent.
ARC received in exchange for an honest review.
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Veronika's ReaderFeeder
- Budapest, 05, Hungary
Sat, 10 Dec 2016

5 - Every Day of the Calendar - Stars
*ARC generously provided by the Author in exchange for an honest review*
I try to find the right words for this review, but I feel like nothing I write can do this amazing book justice. When I closed this book, I felt a kind of emptiness that only the most outstanding stories leave behind. This book...this duet is maybe Julie Johnson's best so far. It was incredibly captivating and outstandingly well written.
Maybe The Monday Girl was a little bit bitter, a little sad and cynical. Maybe sometimes I was really mad at the characters who had flaws and maybe many times I found myself fighting with fictional characters (which probably made me look like I was a little nuts :)) but it made the perfect foundation for this amazing second part, and it gave a beautiful arc to the story. The Monday Girl broke my heart, and The Someday Girl healed it. And while there were parts of this book that were very hard and heartbreaking to read, this story is also about hope, and rebirth. It's about rising from the ashes and turning into the person who you were meant to be.
As I already told in my review of The Monday Girl, the story takes place in Hollywood, and it's about a girl who by chance gets a role in a movie that changes her life forever. At the end of the first book Kat finds herself in an impossible situation, and she only can find her way out, if she stands up and takes the control of her life. And she does. And yes, it was important that if at the end of the book #TeamWyatt or #TeamGrayson would be the winner, but I feel like the biggest winner of the story at the end was still #TeamKat.
There were so many emotions and important thoughts in this book and the writing was amazingly gripping! I hate Julie Johnson and I love her so much at the same time. At one point my tears just didn’t want to stop, but after a few pages I found myself smiling again.
I think the most brilliant thing about this book is that although the story takes place in Hollywood and because of this - like expected - it’s not short of movie-kind-of-scenes and drama, but still there were so much deepness and massage between the pages! It’s amazing! I was so proud of Kat that she stood up and found that certain sunshine. She didn’t let the darkness to win, she stood up for herself and she proved that she is not just a “Monday girl” but she deserves all the damn days of the calendar. I think so many girls will find themselves in Kat, and the deep-drawn honesty of the book is exactly what makes this story truly brilliant. The character development was simply amazing and it gave a beautiful arc to the story. Every word and every character in this book took my breath away, and Kent Masters stole my heart forever.
I already told so many times, but Julie Johnson is truly gifted and with this book an other favorite found a place on my shelf. I am so sad that this amazing journey ended and I need to let these characters go, because this story is a devastating, captivating, crying-smiling, sunshine-searching perfection.
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