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Rogue State (Jet #12)

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Published 10 Jul 2017
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From Israel to China to Jakarta to North Korea, Jet tackles her most demanding assignment yet, pitted against a terrorist with a master plan to destroy her country, and hunted by a triad killer bent on revenge.

"Rogue State (Jet #12)" Reviews

- The United States
Tue, 11 Jul 2017

Once again Jet saves the day. Sometimes feels like a female Jack Reacher. I am still a big fan of both.

dennis barron
- The United States
Mon, 17 Jul 2017

Jet-Rogue State. Russell Blake
Jet, a Mossad assassin has been put back to work. Something she doesn't really want to do.. a necessary evil to survive in her world. Israel is being threatened by a bio weapon attack. There willing to start World War III to stop it. This is an extremely exciting read full of action and suspense. Also, a believable scenario. Enjoyed tremendously!

- Birmingham, W Mids, The United Kingdom
Sat, 09 Sep 2017

I tend to have a love/hate relationship with these books, actually that isn’t quite true. I love Jet but often hate the author.
There is a poor start to the book. The author tries to introduce far too many characters and set up too many plotlines, the book jumps all over the place; Israel, Siniai Egypt, Bucharest Romania, Pyongyang North Korea, Islamabad Pakistan, the Indian Ocean, Tianjin China.
I find it annoying not just because that the story has no flow, but also because Jet has only a couple of brief walk-on parts for the first seven chapters of the book. I read these books because of Jet, not to find out how good the author is at geography.
The basic story consists of incidents all over the world involving characters I am not interested in and Jet being sent off at the last minute to complete tasks that are ill prepared and keep going wrong. So many things inexplicably go wrong that Jet is basically a ‘passenger’ through most of this book. The author must have been having a really bad time when he wrote this book, although not quite as bad as I had reading some parts.
There were a few parts of the book that I enjoyed, including the final attack against Zhao, but most of it wasn’t very good. I wonder what happened to the highly proficient agent who meticulously planned her assignments and carried them out with ruthless efficiency.
There is just one last thought about the recent books in this series, when will Jet realise that Mossad are her real enemy and why isn’t she finding ways to compromise her bosses or take them out so it doesn’t appear to be her.

- Adelanto, CA
Sun, 23 Sep 2018

Russell Blake has once again written an exciting, thrilling and a real page turner in JET - Rogue State!
The story continues with Jet, Hannah and Matt. They are in Jerusalem when they hear shots from an assault rifle. She grabs Hannah and they hide in a doorway with Matt following them.
There is a crime lord, Zhao Yaozu, who leads the triad "White Dragons" in China. Jet's assignment is to extract and interrogate him. Jet kidnaps Zhao and he's hurt as he gets in the helicopter. Zhao wants her blood - to kill her slowly and painfully.
What happens next is mind-blowing! Jet is a strong woman - she doesn't take any grief from anyone. She's the best field agent in the Mossad. Drugs, Weapons of Mass Destruction are threatening the region - will Israel launch missiles to Iran? Can Jet put it all together? Will she see Matt and Hannah again? You'll have to read to find out!!
What I love about series books (JET series) is that you follow these complicated characters as the story continues. She travels to places like Indonesia, China, South Korea and North Korea to name a few. It's a race against time - will she be too late?
When an author can create and develop characters that are strong, that you care about - that's a sign of great writing and Russell Blake is that kind of author. As a fan of the JET series - it's like getting together with old friends! Jet, Hannah and Matt are characters you root for!!

- Minneapolis, MN
Sat, 08 Jul 2017

Once again Jet was blackmailed into helping people. I'm waiting for the time when Jet finally says no, when she puts her foot down and says, I've done enough and you can't threaten me any more. I have a feeling it will be a while, because while she reluctantly goes on these missions I think she secretly likes the action.
This time around it seems like each time Jet didn't have much support, that if it could go wrong it did and Jet had to get herself out and safe. It's good thing that she had the resources. I liked how she got a message to Matt, to warn him. Also, nice that at the last minute Jet figured out things and made sure that WWIII didn't happen.

- The United States
Thu, 19 Oct 2017

Israeli secret agent Jet, currently semi retired, living with her long term boyfriend Matt, and her daughter Hannah, gets volunteered for a Mossad op in China. Kidnapping a Chinese triad boss to discover who is importing Heroin to Israel, Jet suddenly finds herself on the run after the op goes sideways. Further developments take her to Jakarta, Pyongyang, Israel, and Cyprus. Another exciting, fast paced chapter in the evolving Jet story. Recommended for action fans, and Jet devotees.