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My Boyfriend Is a Bear

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Published 24 Apr 2018
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Format Paperback
Publisher Oni Press
ISBN 1620104873

A story of girl meets bear.
Nora has bad luck with men. When she meets an (actual) bear on a hike in the Los Angeles hills, he turns out to be the best romantic partner she’s ever had! He’s considerate, he’s sweet, he takes care of her. But he’s a bear, and winning over her friends and family is difficult. Not to mention he has to hibernate all winter. Can true love conquer all?

"My Boyfriend Is a Bear" Reviews

- Woodside, NY
Wed, 18 Apr 2018

this is just a sweet breezy romance story of a girl who loves a bear.
it’s not played for provocative lady/bear taboo like Bear, nor is it going full bore to smuttown like The Maiden and the Bear Gods or Mounted by a Monster: Poking the Werebear nor is it intentionally blending humor and smut like Sex Bear: The Legend Continues/Sex Bear: The Choad Warrior. and while i'm in the midst of being shocked at the number of books i have read that involve humans and bears in intimate entanglements, it is not about a stuffed bear like Taming My Teddy Bear nor a shapeshifting bear like Bearly a Lady and it is indeed about a real fuzzy wuzzy bear and not a bear in its "i really shoulda known better" slang usage like The Bear and the Scout Master.
i did not realize i had such an interest.
like Bearly a Lady, it has a romantic comedy vibe, but it's not relying wholly on the situational laffs of the mixed-species kissin' - you can read it, if you please, as a metaphorical bear, filled as it is with the generalized free-floating anxieties that infect all relationships.
but it’s equally true that there are certain conflicts that will only arise when your lover is a bear, like “how to deal with the strain hibernation puts on a budding relationship.”and, of course, dealing with the reactions of friends, family, and ex-lovers, to the announcement that you are dating a bear.
but, really, what good would your friends be if they didn’t instantly disapprove of anyone with whom you chose to share your heart, beast or no beast? so that one works as metaphor, too, BOOM!
dating a bear is very much like any relationship - getting to know all about each other
the learning curves
the pros
and cons
working out how to sleep comfortably alongside a new body
and, most importantly, making sure the cat’s on board with your new love.
it’s a frothy little bonbon of a book, an escapist smile that is not at all pervy, even if, unlike me, this is your first human/bear romantic rodeo.
come to my blog!

- Argyle, TX
Wed, 14 Feb 2018

I received an ARC of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
I was waiting for this to be some kind of metaphor about dating, but it was literally just about a girl who dates a bear??? I hesitate calling this cute and funny because it literally references them having sex and stuff too so i'm just like uhhhhh...... ok......... I read it in one sitting and the art and dialogue was funny, but I just really don't understand. If they would have kept it platonic, it would have sat so much better with me, but it's just freaky how this girl was sexually attracted to an animal. So.

destiny ♡⚔♡
- Atlanta, GA
Wed, 14 Nov 2018

Yes, her boyfriend is literally a bear. No, this isn't "normal".

I was so confused by the premise of this book before reading it. I wondered, Is her boyfriend a shape-shifter? Is he cursed? Do people frequently date animals in this world? and the answers to those questions are no, no, and no. Honestly, though, this is one of the funniest and CUTEST graphic novels I've ever read in my life. I laughed out loud a few times at just how off-the-wall and blunt some panels were. There are some incredibly sad moments as well, so don't expect 100% rainbows and sunshine, but truly, it's a delightful graphic novel I'd recommend anyone to pick up.

- Oak Park, IL
Fri, 19 Oct 2018

So, when I first see the title I think it is an m/m romance featuring a big hairy guy, but no! It's the story of a young woman in her twenties who has had no luck with men. We get two facing pages of cartooned exes who are painfully familiar losers she has dated. Girl then meets a nice bear in the woods. The odds are against this working, with all the obvious obstacles, but hey, love conquers all, apparently. Or maybe. Anyway, I thought it was all refreshingly funny.
Her friends and parents are, let's say, concerned. He's a bear, honey!!! Can't you see there's no future in this for you? While he cleans up very well and rocks a sharp suit when they go out for dinner, but well, he is 500 pounds, and getting bigger. It's a small apartment! Some friends like it that he juggles. And seems nice. He can be a good cuddle if you're VERY careful. But no, they can't really have kids, no, you realize that.
A couple interesting details I like:
*While he understands her, he can only say GRAH. This is funny throughout.
*He is not good for her cat; so one thing he does is build a series of shelves for it so it won't get crushed.
*The bear gets sloshed one time and does some property damage; they fight. Hey lovers fight sometimes! But this is an indication that this might not be a wise life direction for them. . .
*And of course the bear has to take several months to hibernate! Can love last when they are apart
that long?
Sweet, funny, sweetly illustrated by Cat Farris!

- Valley Village, CA
Thu, 19 Apr 2018

This was... really odd lol. The art was ADORABLE but I feel like the plot of this was lacking the charm that I assumed it was going to have. Mehhhhhh.

- Bristol, The United Kingdom
Thu, 28 Mar 2019

Tail as old as time,
Furry as can be,
Bearly even friends…
Disney has a lot to answer for. Like their monopolising of the entertainment market? Their meddling of the copyright laws to ensure Mickey Mouse never becomes public domain? Nah. I think it’s seriously screwed up an entire generation who grew up watching talking animals and that’s partly why we’ve now got this anti-meat/vegan thing going on, the plain bizarre furry scene and this book!
My Boyfriend is a Bear is not about a hairy gay guy, it’s not a metaphor for some slob this chick’s dating - it’s about an honest-to-goodness bear and his girlfriend. Nevertheless this is a fantasy bear in that it understands the subtleties of human behaviour and culture, knows to wear clothes and stand upright, behave in society, does DIY around the house, and even gets a fucking job where it wears a suit and consults for companies AND NO ONE BATS AN EYE ARE YOU KIDDING ME!>?
And this girl Nora is dating him because… I can only imagine that she’s mentally ill. Or, as I believe, movies like Brother Bear twisted this woman’s brain when she was a nipper!
Oh yeah - so what did I think? I liked it! Haha… oh god I’m one of them aren’t I…
It’s a very unusual love story to say the least which is part of what kept me reading as I was wondering “Where is this thing going?” but also, fair’s fair to Pamela Ribon, it’s well-written too. Nora’s a call-centre worker who hates her job and has only dated a string of losers who treated her poorly. I’m not sure that this book has any underlying message to it except maybe we should take that rarest of things - happiness - where we can find it, regardless of what other people think?
I liked that Nora was clearly longing to make a living off of her tailoring but it never became this overt goal that was artlessly mentioned throughout but something we saw in wordless panels here and there. Cat Farris’ cartoony art style suits the daffy tone well too.
I don’t know why the Bear has to hibernate in the winter given that he doesn’t behave like a normal bear so why would he need to do this specific normal bear thing (besides giving the story a contrived final act)? And the cat subplot was kinda manipulative and irrelevant.
My Boyfriend is a Bear is a very silly story but surprisingly touching and sweet too. Grah - what can I say, it won me over! Listen you, I do has a heart! It’s in a jar on one of these shelves…

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