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Billionaire Unloved~ Jett (The Billionaire's Obsession, #12)

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Published 27 Feb 2018
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Format Kindle Edition
Publisher Golden Unicorn Enterprises Inc

My name is Ruby Kent, and I'm homeless, a virgin, and terrified when I'm kidnapped by human traffickers and put up for sale on the auction block. I'm for sale to the highest bidder, and I have no idea what my future will be, but I know it's not going to be good.
I'm waiting for a chance to escape, and that opportunity finally comes after I'm bought and paid for.
Unfortunately, I have no idea that Jett Lawson has been sent to rescue me, not hurt me, and even after we're both injured during my desperate attempt to run away, he still wants to take care of me.
Problem is, I have no idea how to trust anyone, or let anybody help me. I've always been alone. It's safer that way.
Jett Lawson is a mystery to me, an enigma that just gets more complicated with every nice thing he does for me.
Is it possible for a woman like me to find happiness with a billionaire?
Probably not, but the more I get to know Jett, the harder is is to resist the lure of having a safe place to be, and a man like no other.
Jett is scarred just like me, but his wounds are all on the outside.
Mine are carved all over my soul.
Can two wounded people help each other heal, or will our profound differences tear us apart?
Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of sexual assault and child abuse. Although there are no first-hand accounts of these topics in the story, they are discussed openly in this novel.

"Billionaire Unloved~ Jett (The Billionaire's Obsession, #12)" Reviews

Sun, 18 Feb 2018

Iam a huge fan of J.SScott books, they are always amazing! so when I got the chance to read Billionaire Unloved I was so excited I dived into this book as soon as I could and I was hooked almost immediately omg this book was fantasic . We follow Jett and Ruby and I just loved these two together. They have been through so much in there lives .When we hear Ruby story , about her hardships its hard to not want to shed a tear, she is such a strong person and with Jett it was just awe inspiring to see the many ways he always puts other before him self even after what happened to him he still continue to do so . The romance between them was excellent but again this is a J.S.Scott book we are talking about so of course the romance is excellent, she always writes the type of romance that I dream about . However besides the swoonworthy sexy romance there was so much more to this story that will have you glued to every world your read and when I reached the end as always I was desparately anticipated the next book , I have so many favourate moments in this book ! I loved the romance , I loved that J.S.Scott always seems to add current issues into her book and Iam just amazed at how fast I blew through this book!!! It was fantastic. I need the next book right now!! lol seriously J,S,Scott if you are reading this . can we work something out lol ? .If your wonderfing if you should pick up this book the answer is yes!!! If you want to read a sexy , addicting ,story that give you all those happily ever after feelings and remind you just how amazing romance can be then you should get this book as soon as you can !!

- Florence, MS
Tue, 30 Jan 2018

Jett and Ruby two people who’ve been through so much pain and turmoil it breaks your heart.
Jett has been wounded physically and mentally after being hurt in the Middle East, his family is loving and supportive but don’t understand what he’s been through. When his sister asked him to help find her friend Ruby he can’t say no.
Ruby, god my heart broke for her, she’s been through so much suffering and painful past. Jett finds her and together they try to repair each other and put each other back together.
A beautiful, emotional story ❤️

- The United States
Tue, 27 Feb 2018

Billionaire Unloved is another great story by J. S. Scott. I have read this series and Jett's story doesn't disappoint. In fact it it one if my favorites.
Ruby is a young homeless girl that was kidnapped by human traffickers and was set to be sold at auction to the highest bidder. She fell on hard times and got hooked up with the wrong people and found herself in this horrible situation.
Jett Lawson, brother to Dani, who once met Ruby is heading to the auction to bid on a Ruby to save her but she only knows Dani is going to help her but not how. So when Jett is the winning bidder she starts to plan her escape as he is paying for her.
Jett has a bad leg and Ruby notices that and thinks that will be her chance to make her get away. Both Jett and Ruby end up injured when her escape fails.
As time progresses they find out they are very similar and have some of the same obstacles and trust issues. Jett wants to help Ruby live and give her the world and Ruby still is unsure if she can trust him. This was very hard to put down. I read in a day and loved it. Kudos J. S. Scott!

- Harper Woods, MI
Mon, 19 Feb 2018

Count on J.S. Scott to take readers out of their comfort zone. Billionaire Unloved delivers chills, thrills and heals. Ruby is a fighter. Her courage brings her through the danger that follows her, the despair that lives within her and the hope that saves her. At the worst of times, she finds a dark angel to bring her home. Jett is no white knight. More like a tainted soul. He may be her savior, but can she be his redemption? Even in the darkest moments, Ms. Scott knows how to inspire. Her stories find hope in hopelessness. I had too many feelings to count, so I'll sum it up in one word. Breathless.

Tue, 27 Feb 2018

Wow‼️‼️ My heart bled for Jett and Ruby story. It was full of love, compassion, heartbreak, passion, healing and love. J.S. Scott writes another fantastic book with a billionaire who is so humble and giving that you can’t help but love him.
Jett was injured while saving lives in the Middle East, he was broken physically and emotionally. His sister Dani asked him to help rescue Ruby, a victim of human trafficking, but what he didn’t expect was a physical attraction to her.
Ruby has been on the streets from the age of 18 and her trust in people is broken. I loved her survival spirit and her determination to make something of herself.
J.S. Scott took me on a journey of reading about these two strong characters learning to love again and trust each other. Both Jett and Ruby are scarred from the past and must learn to heal from these wounds.
A tearjerker for me as this book is full of emotions, but I loved the HEA.
Series: The Billionaire's Obsession #12 - The Billionaire Unloved ~ Jett.
Characters: Alpha male and strong, feisty female.
Writing: Smooth, developed and keeps the reader’s emotions engaged.
Storyline: Two broken people learning to love and finding their HEA.
Heat: Sizzling
5 Koala Paws

- Tampa, FL
Fri, 10 Nov 2017

Billionaire Unloved was the twelfth book in the Billionaire’s Obsession series by JS Scott.
Jett Lawson and Ruby Kent were introduced in the previous book, Billionaire Unveiled. Jett was Dani’s brother that assisted Dani and Marcus in bringing down the sex trafficking ring that Dani unveiled. In the process, Jett rescued Ruby by being the highest bidder. Ruby was young and homeless when she was captured and had learned to trust no one. Although Jett rescued Ruby, it was a long process for Ruby to learn to trust him. I appreciated that Scott acknowledged the counseling and therapy needed in order to be able to function successfully in society again after such a horrific ordeal.
In addition to the expected relationship development, the storyline was purely a journey of healing, recovery and exploration. The drama and abuse occurred prior to the beginning of the book so the book itself was without drama. It’s more about the meeting of two troubled souls that have experienced a tremendous amount of loss and pain and are struggling to live with it’s impact.
Billionaire Unloved was not necessarily my favorite so far, but aside from a few editing errors, it was well written and well developed. I didn’t dislike Ruby but I didn’t fall in love with her right away either. However by the end, I admired her strength and the person she was becoming. As for Jett, I admired him immediately and appreciated his sexy alpha tendencies.
I enjoyed that Scott took the time within the storyline to re-introduce the Lawson siblings. We’ve already experienced Dani and Harper’s forever love stories (books ten and eleven) and there are now only two left, Mason and Carter. Carter is up next in Billionaire Unchallenged.