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The Mysterious Miss Flint (Lost Ladies of London, #1)

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Published 29 Jul 2017
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The earl’s goal was to find his missing sister. The last thing he expected to find was love.
Having spent two years abroad to avoid his father’s schemes to see him wed, Oliver Darby returns to England to claim his inheritance. As Earl of Stanton, and confirmed bachelor, he expects to settle into a comfortable life. But when he discovers his sister, Rose, is missing and has not been seen for six months, it’s evident his father is capable of manipulating events from beyond the grave.
When Nicole Flint accepted the role of paid companion to Lady Rose Darby, nothing was as it seemed. Whisked away from London to a haunted manor that once housed the insane, the two ladies are kept prisoner with no hope of reprieve. But when an opportunity arises for one of them to escape, Nicole knows she must be the one to stay. After all, her purpose for working has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with the need to hide from her controlling brother.
Thrown together in a wild adventure full of lies and deceit, guilt forces Oliver and Nicole to search for the lost Lady Rose. The overwhelming attraction that exists between them only complicates matters. He’s a man driven by passion and lust. She’s a lady looking for true love. But on their journey of discovery, both must learn that the two are inexplicably entwined.
A Regency historical romance with an emphasis on mystery.
This novel contains some descriptive sex scenes.

"The Mysterious Miss Flint (Lost Ladies of London, #1)" Reviews

- London, H9, The United Kingdom
Mon, 16 Oct 2017

The Mysterious Miss Flint starts a new series for Adele Clee and it is certainly a fantastic start.
Oliver Darby, the new Earl of Stanton arrives home after the death of his estranged father to find that his sister Rose is missing and has not been seen for 6 months. He learns of a former asylum that his father recently acquired but willed to an unknown lady called Miss Flint and sets off there in the hope he will find Rose.
Once he gets there he finds Rose gone aided by her companion Miss Flint who is still at the manor.
Instantly attracted to Miss Flint, he insists she accompany him on his search for Rose and also finalise the paperwork in regards to her inheritance.
Miss Nicole Flint has her own secrets and is in desperate need of help. She sees in Oliver and his revelation of her inheritance a chance to secure an uncertain future
So begins their journey. I can’t really go too much into the story as it is full of twists and turns and there are many surprises along the way. The reader is kept guessing the whole of the way through the book.
Oliver and Nicole are a great couple. Oliver is initially cynical about love and Nicole is a great believer despite her difficulties.
I loved Oliver’s character. Despite being a bit of a rake, he is loyal, honourable and honest. There are occasions when he is confronted with some of Nicole’s secrets he could have been angry but he sees her reasons and readily understands her deception. He never doubts her which is refreshing.
Nicole is also such a strong character. She is intrepid and courageous but never loses her sweetness. The banter and honest conversation between the two is wonderful.
I loved this first book in Adele’s Lost Ladies series and can’t wait to find out what happened to Rose. Really looking forward to ‘The Deceptive Lady Darby’
I received and ARC copy for my honest opinion.

- Littleton, CO
Mon, 01 Jan 2018

Another Winner From Clee
I enjoyed the gothic mystery and I really didn't think it was too predictable there were definitely some gut-wrenching twists. I liked both Nicole and Oliver and thought they were well developed characters with good dynamics. It was very much an adventure and kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved the drama at the end. I think sometimes Clee is afraid of going too dark with her mysteries and that sometimes leaves them feeling superficial but with this one she did go a little darker and more dramatic and I appreciated it. I have read everything published by Adele Clee and one of my favorite things about her is her consistency. I think of her 18 works I've only given two 3-star ratings. The rest are 4s or 5s. So, if you liked this book I would recommend more of her books. “A Simple Case of Seduction” is my personal favorite. WARNING: there is sex in this book, it is not erotica, but enough to be a steamy & hot adult romance. Please do not read if you are looking for something PG.
Romance-5/5 Steaminess-3/5 Explicitness-3/5

- The United States
Sat, 03 Mar 2018

Oliver Darby left London to escape his father's manipulating ways. When the old Earl passed away and Oliver returned to London as the new Earl of Stanton, he discovered his father was capable of controlling events from beyond the grave. Oliver's sister, Rose, was missing, and he knew his father was behind her disappearance.
When Oliver arrived at the place where his sister was held prisoner, he found Rose gone and a companion, Nicole, in her place. Oliver and Nicole set out to search for Rose, but matters were complicated by a stolen identity, spurned lovers, a savage relative, and their undeniable attraction to each other.
This was a great mix of romance and mystery! It's the first in the series, and was all about Oliver and Nicole. Rose's story is continued in the sequel. It's a steamy read with a set of main characters that can't keep their hands off each other. It had a suspenseful plot and kept me hooked through the entire listen.
I love a strong willed and intelligent heroine, and Nicole was both. She kept a level head and usually came up with the plans. I loved that Oliver recognized her intelligence and never argued with her for the sake of having his way. He respected her and it showed in their every interaction. I loved their dialogue and the way they teased each other. They really had great chemistry.
The narration was done well, she performed different voices for each character and read dramatically. It was a great performance, especially her voices for Oliver and Nicole. I requested a copy of the audiobook, and I'm voluntarily leaving a review.

- Québec, QC, Canada
Sat, 22 Jul 2017

Oliver Darby is the new Earl of Stanton and he's furious with his late father, his sister is missing with no word for six months and he needs to find her! It's just like his father to have the last word even beyond the grave!
Nicole Flint never expected that her role as companion she'd be a prisoner with her charge Lady Rose Darby, in a haunted manor that once housed the insane. Orchestrating Lady Roses escape comes first, she will deal with the guards later. She has her own secrets that she hides, that keep her from venturing out in public.
What Nicole never anticipated was Rose's brother Oliver
to make an appearance. And demanding for his sister, Nicole feels the attraction between them from the start and also the guilt, She offers to help find Rose . Oliver has kept away from matters of the heart but there's just something about Nicole that has him wanting more of her.
A wild adventure of lust and passion drive them over the edge realizing that they can never be separated. Where Oliver ran from emotional attachments he now found that
She's worth fighting every foe in her past to make her his.
A wild adventure full of lies and deceit, secrets exposed
have you turning the pages till you read the last page.
A lady looking for love finds the answer to her dreams.
I received a complimentary copy from the author for my honest unbiased opinion.

- Derby, D2, The United Kingdom
Tue, 04 Sep 2018

An absorbing and enticing start to a new series.
Great plot packed with intrigue, conspiracy, passion and love.
Loved the connection between the hero and heroine as they band together to seek missing sister and friend Lady Rose. Nicole and Oliver's compassionate and strong willed natures lead to some spicy musings and witty banter that keeps you eager to read and dissect each clue disclosed to help unravel the many mysteries surrounding the cruel and manipulative intent of the late Lord Stanton. The addition of Nicole's abusive past and her desperation to run from her brother and sister-in-law's selfish plans for her, only thickens the sinister shadow that cloaks this tale, making you even more emotionally invested in the outcome. Overall an enjoyable read that captures and holds your interest, leaving you eager to read the next book whilst being left satisfied with the much desired happy ever after at it's conclusion. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a light read crammed with mystery, passion, lustful musings and a happy ever after.

- Johannesburg, 06, South Africa
Sun, 06 May 2018

This is a romantic mystery historical novel that rolls off the pages and off the tongue of the narrator beautifully.
Oliver has very set ideas on love and lust and believes only in lust. Nicole on the other hand truly believes that love (and trust) is an essential part of any good relationship between a man and a woman. She also is very honest and isn't shy to voice her beliefs. So whose ideals will win out? Guess you will have to read/listen to this story to find out.
Be prepared for many twists and turns that will will keep you guessing about what is to happen next. You might also find yourself first routing for one of the characters and later for the other.
I loved everything about this story and hope you do too.
Note: Although this is a complete story, it continues with another adventure in book 2.
I requested and received a free copy of the audiobook and this is my voluntary and unbiased review.

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